Covid Omicron variant finally got me, but my shots quickly attacked it to the ground – Susan Morrison


Vaccine tackles Covid like Hamish Watson by shooting down an All Black (Photo: Ian MacNicol / Getty Images)

This time he told us that we were meant to be sealed together. Well, at least for ten days. Or seven, if we have two negative lateral flow tests and a visit from John Swinney.

It seems inevitable. This variant of the virus is a sneaky little mask. Fortunately, it looks like he replaced ferocity with speed. He can go past two jags, but this vital third booster seems to approach him like a Scottish rugby international hammering an All Black.

My dear Yorkshire husband tested positive first, and with the kind of gallantry we saw when Oates left that tent to take a short walk, he insisted on self-isolating in our self-isolation. He retired to the small bedroom. We were only allowed to shout through the door and leave food on trays, then knock and run away.

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It was like living with the Man in the Iron Mask, only with tea. Lots of tea. We are talking about a man from the north of England here.

He coughed. When my husband coughs he shakes the windows. He did a lot of that.

Despite her best efforts, Omicron snuck up and a few days later I started sneezing and blowing my nose more regularly than usual. Yeah, it got me.

There was a huge amount of nasal gunk. It was as if my sinuses were determined to beat a production schedule. I went to the couch and went through boxes of tissues and back-to-back episodes of Come Dine With Me.

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The next day, I could have taken Arthur’s Seat. Of course, I didn’t, as there are some things I keep to myself like PINs and viruses.

Getting stuck doesn’t seem so bad until you are. I’m a girl who likes to walk around Kirkgate or make fun of the Links. Luckily we have a garden, and I’m so grateful for this little green space, but suddenly I was locked in, full of energy and bored.

So these kitchen cabinets got cleaned up. This linen closet was torn up. The decorations fell, the tree was removed and I vacuumed as a finalist for Scotland in the 100 meters Olympic vacuum and dust.

During a tea break after deep cleaning the toilet, I bought a sewing machine online. He arrived the next day. I sat down, read the instructions, watched a Youtube video where a ridiculously happy Australian woman explained how my lower bobbin worked and used it. I made a bag of lavender. No, I’m not sure what to do with it either.

The council was continually updated via email on local fly spills and the state of street lighting. Action has been demanded, and to be fair, has been delivered. I was one step away from becoming The Good Life’s Margo Leadbetter.

I’m considering dropping Jason Leitch to check if anyone else has recorded high levels of domesticity as an Omicron symptom.

Let’s be clear, I’m not criticizing this virus at all, it’s nasty. Other people will suffer a lot more than I do, but I have no doubt that three quick shots went a long, long way to eliminate this bug.

Get this vaccine and get these boosters. They work.

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