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With each passing week, new things are happening in Fortnite. At some point, all arrival rumors like Superman will be added, but every week new additions are made to Fortnite. New alien artifacts, new story-related events, and of course, new challenges. With the non-linear, unscheduled Battle Pass added for Chapter 2 of Season 7, completing challenges quickly gives players the ability to get any items they want from the Battle Pass.

This week’s Fortnite challenges haven’t been dropped yet, but they’ll go live in a few days. The challenges were disclosed earlier this week so players can be prepared when they inevitably go live.

Fortnite week 6 challenges

Like every week, there are free challenges that all players can complete, whether or not they have purchased the battle pass. Then there are those that only those who have the battle pass have access to. Here are the challenges for week 6:

  • Step 1 Part 1: Get Slone’s Order From Payphone – Land and interact with a payphone to receive Doctor Slone’s Order and complete Part 1 of this challenge.
  • Step 1 Part 2: Place Prepper’s Supplies in Hayseed’s Farm – There will be various places to interact and place the supplies
  • Stage 2: Deal damage to players on farms – Deal 25 damage to players in any farm location on Fortnite Island, such as Corny Complex or Hayseed Farm
  • Step 3: Use an Inflate A Bull – Interact with an Inflate A Bull to complete this challenge
Blow up a bull.  Image via Twitter
Blow up a bull. Image via Twitter
  • Step 4: Place Cow Decoys on Farms – Interact in certain places to place 3 fake cows on farms
  • Stage 5: Damage an Alien Driven Saucer – Deal 25 damage to an Alien Driven Ship in Fortnite
  • Collect Gold Bars – Collect a total of 500 Gold Bars
  • Spend Gold Bars – Spend a total of 500 Gold Bars
  • Destroy the equipment above the kidnappers – There will be 3 interactions to complete this challenge
  • Open Chests or Ammo Boxes in Low Gravity Areas – There are low gravity areas on the map and players need to open 3 ammo chests or boxes to complete
  • Deploy alien nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery – Anywhere other than the newest POI is a good place to deploy 3 alien nanites
Alien nanites.  Image via Fortnite Insider
Alien nanites. Image via Fortnite Insider
  • Destroy Alien Trees – There are multiple Alien Trees (pictured below) all over the map and players need to destroy 5 of them
  • Plant saplings at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, or Fortnite Radio – All 3 locations must be planted at

These challenges will go live in a few days, so Fortnite players should prepare for them.

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