Cockroach crawls into sleeping S’pore woman’s ear, she gets removed from hospital

Singapore woman gets cockroach shot from ear in A&E after crawling inside

For those who suffer from entomophobia, AKA the fear of insects, just laying eyes on an insect can be quite terrifying.

It escalates into an infinitely more hellish experience when she approaches and touches us, but a TikToker recently experienced this nightmare on a whole new terrifying level.

As she was sleeping in her bed, she woke up suddenly when she felt a cockroach crawling near her ear. She tried to kick it out, but the insect retreated into her ear instead.

Her attempts to remove it on her own failed, and the OP had to go to the hospital to have the creepy crawler removed.

Source: Tik Tok

Internet users were naturally dismayed by his story, with some noting that they no longer dared to fall asleep.

A cockroach slips into a sleeping woman’s ear and wakes her up

On Wednesday (July 20), a TikToker in Singapore uploaded a video saying she was going to the accident and emergency (A&E) department to remove a cockroach that had crawled into her ear.

She explained that the insect crawled on the bed right next to her head, waking her up.

cockroach ear

Source: Tik Tok

She tried to knock it out by punching it, but it backfired dramatically when the cockroach apparently decided to take refuge in her ear.

Since his attempts to ‘pressure wash’ his ear did not work, the OP had to go to the hospital so doctors could perform a more delicate procedure.

cockroach ear

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Fortunately, his video doesn’t actually show the insect’s severed body being extracted, but the thought alone is enough to disgust anyone.

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The video ends with the OP showing a red ear and stating “everything is fine”.

OP says removing cockroach from ear “hurts”

Talk to MS Newsthe OP, who asked to remain anonymous, shared more about his horrific ordeal in disgusting detail.

She said she woke up with the cockroach wandering next to her head. When she panicked and “punched” it, the insect “crawled deep” into her ear.

“I could feel him squirming inside and it was so disgusting,” she recalled, adding that he died when she used liquid to wash him off.

It’s getting worse. Much worse.

The OP then tried to rip the bug out with tweezers, but it was “too deep”.

In the end, all she managed to do was smash the cockroach’s body, causing its “guts and brown shell” to come out “in pieces”.

Source: Tik Tok

While A&E staff managed to get the cockroach out of his ear, OP said it “hurts.”

“Half of the severed body and the feelers were intact, so they pulled out a big chunk of it,” she said.

A quick Google search shows that cockroaches invading the ears are actually much more common than we thought.

There are many reports of people finding cockroaches – sometimes several at once – stuck in their ears.

Internet users disgusted by the story

The OP’s video has since garnered over 300,000 views and over 400 comments, most of which consist of other TikTokers expressing their horror.

A user exclaimed that she now had something new to worry about.

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Another joked that they would now sleep with a plastic bag over their head.

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And then there were those who said they were now afraid to fall asleep.

Source: Tik Tok

In a follow-up video, the OP explained that she used mouthwash to kill the cockroach, which was around 3.5-4cm long.

She added that A&E doctors had to remove it from his ear “leg by leg”, followed by the upper half of his body. They then gave OP antibacterial ear drops.

I hope this will never happen to us

When we fall asleep at night, the last thing we want is for anything to crawl inside our body while we dream.

Maybe this can be a reminder for some of us to deep clean our rooms, just in case.

We are happy that the OP was able to resolve the issue quickly and hope that such incidents will never happen to him or anyone else again.

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