Catering Insight – Electrolux Professional cuts through with the new compact prepper


Electrolux Professional has launched the TrinityPro line of tabletop food preparation appliances.

Comprised of an all-in-one combination vegetable cutter, mixer and slicer, the TrinityPro offering has been designed to provide optimum results in a range of applications. Capable of slicing, grating, dicing, shredding, chopping, mixing and emulsifying, it offers this in a small, customizable footprint that can be tailored to the demands of any kitchen.

User-friendliness has been widely considered for TrinityPro devices, with dishwasher-safe components and an intuitive control panel for operation. It also received the 4-star ErgoCert certification for its ergonomic design and ease of use, which means there should be less fatigue when slicing hard vegetables thanks to a patented vertical lever pusher.

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Bradley Creese, Head of Training and Development at Electrolux Professional, commented: “We know that in any catering operation, whether it’s a school, the healthcare industry or a busy restaurant, space is always a priority. Kitchens are cramped and it is essential that chefs have the right equipment to work efficiently.

“This underpins the design of the TrinityPro line, which offers caterers a range of applications. The fact that it is so compact, simple to use and easy to clean makes it ideal for busy operations that require high quality food preparation in a short period of time.

Acting as a one-stop-shop for tabletop food preparation, the TrinityPro range contains a number of features specifically designed to make the operator’s life easier. For example, transparent mixing bowls of different sizes should provide visibility to the user, and the plastic they are made of should not get too hot, unlike metal bowls. The patented lever pusher is designed to provide even and consistent cutting results, as it always presses vertically, even when the hopper is full.

TrinityPro is supported by Electrolux Professional’s customer service offering, Essentia. It aims to ensure that customers have access to all the service and maintenance services they may need, in order to keep their equipment running and to minimize potential downtime.

Bradley concluded: “The launch of our TrinityPro line is an example of a restoration product that fulfills several roles at once. Importantly, it does them all to a high standard and in a way that makes cooking processes easier, rather than complicated.

“Everyone will find something to suit their needs on TrinityPro – whether it’s the fact that it dices as well as the cups, or because it’s easy to clean and store after use. It’s an ideal addition to any busy catering operation and highlights the importance of customer-centric design.

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