Cashe Company now offers instant loans on WhatsApp in 30 seconds

  • The company will leverage its AI-powered chat capabilities on WhatsApp to offer these pre-approved lines of credit.
  • CASH claims to be the first fintech startup to offer anything instant credit Fill in lines without documents, app downloads or forms.
  • Users can avail these loans simply by sending “hello” to CASHe’s WhatsApp number +91 8097553191.

Fintech startup CASHe announced its latest feature on Wednesday, which will provide instant lines of credit on WhatsApp within 30 seconds. The company will leverage its artificial intelligence (AI)-based chat capabilities on WhatsApp to offer these pre-approved lines of credit that already exist.

CASHe claims to be the first fintech startup to offer instant lines of credit with no docs, app downloads or forms to fill out.

Users can avail these loans simply by sending “Hi” on CASHe WhatsApp number +91 8097553191. The services will be available to all employees 24 hours a day and the amount will be provided in less than a minute, the company has stressed.

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The company claims that its AI-powered bot matches customer input and automatically facilitates a formal application along with a know-your-customer (KYC) check. After verification, it sets up a credit line with just a few clicks through a guided conversation flow.

The borrower’s data is generated and displayed based on the name entered — the only key input the borrower is required to enter at the beginning of the conversation, the company added.

“We believe that an industry-first and innovative service like this will not only empower our customers and ensure they receive a premium experience when they request credit, but will also significantly expand our credit footprint using WhatsApp’s massive user base, thereby enabling us.” moving closer to our vision to financially include the underserved people of India,” said V Raman Kumar, Founding Chair of CASHe.

CASHe’s WhatsApp chat services are based on the WhatsApp Business Platform, an enterprise solution that enables businesses to communicate with their customers.

The six-year-old startup is an AI-powered, mobile-only, credit-based financial wellness platform. The company has registered 20 million app downloads and disbursed over 400 crore in loans to over 4,000 customers.


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