Budget already tight? Here are 6 more things you can do to stay ahead of inflation and National Ice Cream Day deals and giveaways from Baskin-Robbins, Carvel and Dairy Queen

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Why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Vegas wedding is a popular choice right now

Nevada’s “marriage capital” marries some 70,000 couples a year, or about 190 nuptials a day. The new Ms. Jennifer Lynn Affleck is therefore in good company.

New Registration Data Shows How Tesla Fares Among Luxury Cars and Electric Vehicles; here is what catches up

Tesla faces new competition every day, but its lead in US luxury continues to grow. Read more

Budget already tight? Here are 6 other things you can do to stay ahead of inflation.

For many families, it’s no longer a matter of which streaming services to cut, it’s a matter of choosing between buying food or paying rent. Read more

These Could Be The Ultimate Trucks For The Doomsday Prep: 6 Facts About Rezvani Vehicles

California-based automotive company Rezvani makes outlandish, highly-customizable tactical vehicles that appeal to celebrities. Check out the pictures. Read more

‘It’s not about the future of work, it’s about the future of life’: How to handle the dreaded ‘back to work’ Zoom call with your boss

After “The Great Resignation”, more and more companies are saying it’s time for “The Great Return”. Read more

Only 10% of new homes now sell for less than $300,000. Two years ago, a third did. It’s not just because of the pandemic.

NIMBYism and other structural issues are underestimated reasons. Read more

National Ice Cream Day offers and giveaways from Baskin-Robbins, Carvel and Dairy Queen

We are all screaming for free or discounted ice cream. Read more

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with edible flavor, sprinkle pools and pizza-themed pints

7 of the most adventurous National Ice Cream Day deals Read More

Here’s what’s at stake for women in a post-Roe world if Manchin and Democrats can’t agree on better Obamacare grants

13 million people could see their health insurance premium payments go up if Congress doesn’t expand a tax credit tied to Obamacare. Read more

Do you want to rent your house with a swimming pool? This is what you are responsible for

Rental properties with pools are in high demand on platforms like Airbnb, and hosts are often able to charge a premium. But aside from fluffy towels and comfy lounge chairs, having a pool comes with a fair share of headaches and liability. Read more

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