Bucks one of the worst places in a Halloween zombie apocalypse


We’ve all asked ourselves the question at one point or another: would I survive a zombie apocalypse?

Of course, all of the science says that it’s impossible for a corpse to rise from the dead and start hunting people, but watching movies like 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead, you just can’t get enough of it. keep from wondering.

Will I survive? Where would i go? Who or what would I bring with me?

New data from Rantcasino.com helped us answer this question by ranking each region of the UK as one of the ‘best’ or ‘worst’ places to live in a zombie apocalypse. .

The bad news? If you live in Bucks, you might be in trouble …

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Data ranks Buckinghamshire 38th among the worst places to live in the UK out of 363 regions and districts.

The figures were obtained by adding the number of cemeteries and graves in each region.

A total of 209 cemeteries in the county would result in 60,565 zombies that would come out of the ground this Halloween to terrorize the public, making Bucks the 38th most populous zombie region in the UK.

A saving grace, however, is the sheer size of Buckinghamshire. The human population of 574,060 would eclipse the ranks of the living dead – although that’s a lot of people who could potentially be turned into zombies if bitten.

Another encouraging statistic is that the size of the county means zombies will be few in number – with just 38 zombies per square mile.

Other neighboring areas would fare differently. Reading is ranked 205th on the list with just 9,551 zombies, but the density is much higher, at 236 creatures per square kilometer.

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Meanwhile, Milton Keynes is ranked 303rd on the list, with a total of 3,776 zombies and a density of 12 zombies per square mile.

Leeds is the worst place to live in the UK in terms of zombie population, with 811,422 Zed and 1,471 per kilometer.

In the meantime, you might want to book a ticket to the Isles of Scilly, as it’s the safest place with just 98 undead at a density of four per square mile.

The data was provided by RantCasino.com

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