Billy Barratt’s Guide to Surviving an Alien Invasion

There are plenty of guides to surviving the zombie apocalypses through a variety of mediums – TV shows, movies, and books – but what about an alien invasion? Rant the Apple TV star asked Invasion, Billy Barratt, for his expertise on the subject. Created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, Invasion brings together multiple perspectives around Earth as they battle a deadly alien invasion. The series stars renowned actors Shamier Anderson (Wynonna earp), Sam Neill (Peaky blinders) and Azhy Robertson (Marriage story) in its large distribution.


In Invasion, Barratt plays Casper Morrow, an English schoolboy who suffers from epilepsy. Casper carries the heart of the series as he finds himself the target of relentless intimidation and the bearer of the communication channel used by the aliens who terrorize the world. With season two of this sci-fi show already on the horizon, it’s only fair that we’ve tested Barratt’s intelligence and skill at alien invasions.

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Turns out Barratt has it all planned. “I’ve thought about it a lot. I have this conversation with my dad all the time,” Barratt explained in a conversation with Rant game. The 14-year-old actor then broke his five-star survival plan in the event of an alien invasion, from collecting essentials to where he would take cover. Here is Billy Barratt’s guide to surviving an alien invasion.

Step 1: Get the Basics

Billy Barratt Invasion
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Barratt’s first step in surviving an alien invasion is to collect all of the essentials. He said, “The first thing I would do [is] grab everything that was important, like food and water. I would put whatever was in bags or whatever and put it somewhere safe. ”Then he would grab a double-decker bus and“ fill up with gas. ”Thought,“ We. will have more gas cans, so we won’t have to start stealing people’s ones. “

This is not the only essential. As everyone knows, you are likely to be more vulnerable when you are alone. He added that he would urgently pick up all his “good friends” and bring them with him.

Step 2: Head into the countryside

The second big step in Barratt’s plan would be to get to the countryside. For a crucial reason: to avoid people. He went on to say that this choice was inspired by the zombie apocalypses. Barratt shared, “So I would involve everyone [the bus] and get all I can. Then we would go to the countryside, because that’s where there aren’t many people. If there is a zombie apocalypse it would be like that to get away from people. But I feel like I would do it anyway. “

He continued, “I’ll go to the country. And I would have sharp things. Big, sharp things. And I would put them on the bus. [exterior]. Whereas when we are driving we are just going to encounter things. Like, if there’s an alien out there, we’ll meet him. “

Step 3: gear up

Billy's invasion
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Barratt’s final alien invasion survival guide is to get as many weapons as possible. However, he clarified that the process would be very different in England than in other countries. He said: “There aren’t many places to find guns in England. I’ll find a police station, won’t I? And I would search him. The actor continued, “I would go where they got guns and stuff and then get plenty of it. I would go to Tescos and just get stuff. Take whatever I can. Then, I will come back [to the countryside] and we’re just going to settle in with tons of ammo, tons of guns, everything. “

Looks like Barratt has it all planned out, unlike his character Casper whose fate remains unknown in the Invasion scenario. In the last two episodes, the selfless schoolboy began to suspect that aliens were using his unconscious state to communicate with each other. Through a sacrificial act, Casper allows a medic to provoke a seizure so that he can attempt to end the invasion. Things don’t bode well for the young boy, however, and he gets a rather cryptic ending.

Invasion is currently streaming on Apple TV +.

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