Best Korean Movies on Netflix


With Korean cinema becoming more and more popular in Western countries, here are five great Korean movies on Netflix.

With the sudden popularity of the Netflix show, Squid game, many people experience Korean cinema for the first time. The idea of ​​a movie that is captioned or set in an unfamiliar location may be off-putting to some, but once everyone realizes that there are decades of great Korean movies out there that match the quality and to western cinema storytelling, they’ll wish they jumped on board sooner. Whether you’re a Korean cinema veteran or just starting out, here are five great Korean movies on Netflix right now.


Unique zombie movies are hard to come by these days, with most of them often feeling oversaturated and uninspired. However, #Living, released in 2020 and directed by Il Cho, has managed to stand out from the crowd. Joon-woo, a social media influencer, finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and trapped in his apartment. Alone and without a way to contact the outside world, Joon-woo discovers Kim Yoo-bin, a girl living in the apartment building across the street, and together they communicate and share resources. While the idea of ​​a social media influencer in a zombie apocalypse may seem cheesy, #Living does a great job exploring themes of isolation and hopelessness.

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The call

Directed by Lee Chung-hyun, The call is a tense and unique mystery thriller released in 2020 that deals with the ideas of time travel, but not the way people are used to it being portrayed. Kim Seo-yeon, 28, finds a phone in her childhood home and receives a call, with the person on the other end claiming to be a young girl calling for 20 years. However, in an attempt to help the girl in the past, Kim Seo-yeon reveals information about her future, which in turn begins to affect the present. The call gives a fun twist to time travel, moving from a harmless conversation between two people to a suspenseful thriller about the consequences of changing the past.

The king of drugs

For those who love gangster movies that explore the world of crime, The king of drugs is a must-have watch. Directed by Min-ho Woo, it follows Lee Doo-sam, a drug trafficker with the aim of building a drug empire in the Busan underworld. It’s satisfying to see how far Lee Doo-sam goes to seize power and avoid Kim In-goo, a prosecutor aiming to bring him down. The king of drugs takes advantage of the 1970s decor with its sleek design and offers a good amount of action on top of the nail biting drama.

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Korean cinema isn’t overflowing with superhero movies like Western entertainment, and its interpretations of the genre generally seem somewhat different. An example is Psychokinesis, released in 2018 and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Security guard Shin Seok-heon obtains telekinesis from a fallen meteor and struggles to become the town’s unlikely hero. The film focuses on Shin Seok-heon’s personal relationships, and instead of fighting a monster or an evil counterpart, it protects a local market from a gang war. There is a lovely charm to the relatively small scale of Psychokinesis this makes the comedy of a goofy security guard contrast well with the harsh world of mobsters and injustice.


If you are looking for something lighter to sit back and laugh at then Brothers has you covered. Directed by Chang You-jeong, this 2017 comedy sees two very different brothers reunite for their father’s funeral, each with a different goal in mind. One aims to search for a buried treasure on his family’s land, while the other plans to convince his family to sell the land. As the brothers are forced to work together to prepare for the funeral, their relationship is put to the test as they attempt to reconnect, all the while finding themselves in hilarious and bizarre situations.

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