Best horror movies to watch on Peacock in October


Peacock will have a ton of horror movies available for “Peacoctober”. Here are some of the best movies to stream.

In October, Peacock will go all out during the Halloween season with “Peacoctober”. The streaming service will post original content such as Unidentified with Demi Lovato and Very tasty Halloween from Snoop and Martha in addition to making available countless horror and Halloween movies and TV episodes.

With so many horror movies coming to Peacock at the same time, it will be very difficult to choose the best options from the long list. So here are some of the best horror movies the service will be offering in October.

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Bela Lugosi as Dracula

There have been many cinematic renditions of Count Dracula over the past century, but Bela Lugosi’s turn of the 1931 movie Universal Dracula remains the most emblematic. Even if Dracula doesn’t have the most lavish production, nor much music performed, it’s still an essential viewing for horror historians and vampire fans alike. Lugosi’s performance as an earl is still compelling nine decades later, and transcends a decent adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel into a classic.

Frankenstein’s Bride

frankenstein's bride movie header

No genre has inspired more sequels than horror, but the 1935s Frankenstein’s Bride isn’t just one of the best sequels of its genre, it’s one of the best horror movies – period. Four years after his star performance as the Monster in Frankenstein, Boris Karloff returns and this time has the ability to speak – a key trait of The Creature from Mary Shelley’s famous novel. One part of the book that was suggested but didn’t come to fruition was The Creature’s potential to have a companion, a storyline that was the main focus of the film’s sequel. Actress Elsa Lanchester actually plays Shelley herself in the prologue, then the titular bride in the infamous climax.

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Night of the Living Dead

night of the living dead

If there’s one movie to thank for turning the zombie subgenre into a cultural phenomenon, it’s George A. Romero’s groundbreaking 1968 masterpiece. Night of the Living Dead. This low-budget feature was the little engine that could and perfected the zombie apocalypse formula that would be used for decades to come. He also broke new ground by having an African American as the film’s main protagonist, which was not common in horror films at the time. Actor Duane Jones made his character Ben one of the genre’s most memorable heroes.

Black christmas

black christmas 1974 jess bradford

Even if Halloween gets credit for being the pioneer of the slasher genre, it might not have existed at all without Black christmas, in which a mysterious killer nicknamed “Billy” invades a college sorority house over the Christmas holidays and pulls most of them out one by one. Bob Clark’s film provided the shot of a slasher with an unstoppable killer who cannot be seen but whose presence is constantly felt, leaving behind many victims and being limited to the last girl.

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Friday 13

Friday 13 is one of the oldest horror franchises of all time, and the series mascot is the great Jason Voorhees, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a machete. So looking at the original Friday 13 From 1980 on, that iconic appearance is notoriously absent and replaced by someone less intimidating, but just as sinister: his mother. A bit of a role reversal on Norman Bates and his mother’s relationship to Psychosis, Jason’s mother is used to avenge her son’s presumed death by drowning at Camp Crystal Lake while pursuing the camp’s new inhabitants.

An American werewolf in London

An American werewolf in London

Horror and comedy may seem like opposing genres, but when combined they can actually do something endlessly overwhelming. This was the case with An American werewolf in London, about two American college students who explore Britain but suddenly encounter a werewolf and face the aftermath. The movie’s MVP is makeup artist Rick Baker, whose work on An american werewolf is still stunning to look at today and a big reason why it is synonymous with horror makeup in general.

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Before Freddy, a slasher’s villain was usually a silent superhuman, but that all changed with the talkative and overpowered Freddy Krueger. Writer and director Wes Craven was inspired to create Krueger and Rue de l’Orme after reading a story in the LA Times about a teenage boy dying in his sleep. The paranoia of trying to stay awake and avoid the all-powerful dream monster that is Krueger spawned one of the definitive slashers of the ’80s.


Seen is arguably the most popular horror franchise in the 21st century, and one of the main reasons is that they took it out of the park with the first entry. Unlike the franchise sequels, which relied heavily on torture stuff until Spiral came out this year, the original Seen is more of a nail-biting mystery that culminates in a shocking ending. It is also interesting to see actor Cary Elwes, better known as Westley in The princess to marry – Play as one of two men fighting for their lives in the twisted game of Jigsaw.

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The cabin in the woods

The characters of the cabin in the woods

It’s weird to recommend a movie where the less told about the movie’s plot the better, but that’s exactly the case with the cult horror smash. The cabin in the woods. When it was released in 2011, it was filmed a few years before Chris Hemsworth became a mega-star as Thor. What starts out as a standard horror setup of a bunch of young friends heading to a cabin in the middle of the woods for a quick getaway abruptly changes genre as you go. In the end, it feels like a whole different movie, but better than everyone else might have expected.

It follows

he follows maika monroe

The trope of teens suffering violent consequences for having sex seemed like a tired horror shot in the 2010s, but It follows managed to take a more mature and progressive turn on the trope. When 19-year-old Jay Height has what was thought to be harmless sex, she later has strange visions and feels like something is following her. Director David Robert Mitchell was inspired to create It follows after receiving recurring nightmares about being constantly stalked by a predator.

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