Best Forest Fire Preparedness Kit


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  • Preparing for a forest fire should be done well in advance of a fire.
  • It is important to compile an assortment of articles that can support you for hours, even days, if need be.
  • Below are 15 highly recommended items to have on hand in case of a forest fire.

Forest fires are among the most terrifying and dangerous natural disasters on the planet. Not only can they erupt in a wide variety of places, but they can also spread quickly and burn tens of thousands of acres of land in a matter of days.

In 2020 alone, more than 10.1 million acres were consumed by a fire in the United States, destroying more than 10,000 buildings and killing 33 people in the process. These numbers are of course sobering, but all the more so when you realize that they represent a big increase over the wildfire activity that took place in 2019.

Due to increasing warming temperatures and climate change, the number of wildfires that have broken out in the United States has increased steadily over the past two decades. And as a devastating mega-drought wreaks havoc in the western half of the country, researchers are now warning that we can expect prolonged and more dangerous wildfires in the years to come.

If you live in a part of the country that is more prone to forest fires, it is important that you stay prepared. This means staying abreast of the current weather conditions in your area and watching out for fires that may already be burning nearby. A sudden change in wind can alter the speed, size and direction of a forest fire, quickly creating a dangerous situation that may require emergency evacuation.

To help you stay prepared for these kinds of circumstances, the Red Cross, CDC, and all offer lists of items that should be kept in a disaster preparedness kit. Each of these items is intended to ensure the safety, information and communication of people as they wait for help or make their way to safety.

To further help you with this process, we have created our own list, with some very specific products that you will need in the event of a forest fire in your area. Use these items to create an emergency escape bag that is kept secure and organized at home and that you can quickly grab right out of the door when needed.

When building the Ultimate Wildfire Survival Kit, keep these items in stock in your home at all times.

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