Best Emergency Preparedness Kits: 20 Kits To Keep You Safe In A Disaster


The coronavirus has opened the eyes of the world to a simple thing that many parents always tell their children. Be ready at all times. You never know when a pandemic, natural disaster, injury, or any other serious issue may strike and change your world, or the whole world, in the blink of an eye.

Emergency kits will help you make sure that you are prepared for any disaster that may arise. It is always better to have and not to need than to need and not to have. Below are 20 emergency kits you should consider in order to make sure you’re ready.

Uncharted Supply Emergency Preparedness Kit.Cabela’s screenshot

Uncharted Supply Co. SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System

A premium two-person survival kit, the SEVENTY2® Pro Survival System from Uncharted Supply Co. provides professional-grade supplies for repeated use in harsh environments. Packaged in a sturdy backpack, this kit contains enough supplies to keep two people active for 72 hours in an emergency.

Buy: $ 564.99

Pre-packaged emergency survival kit / escape bag

It includes over 150 pieces of essential survival gear that will keep you prepared for any situation. It is full of emergency supplies covering shelter, sustenance, self-defense, first aid and much more. The pack is designed to support two people for 72 hours.

Buy: $ 299.99

Uncharted Supply Co. SEVENTY2 Life Support System

The kit is designed for repeated use in harsh environments and disaster situations. All supplies are packed in a sturdy backpack. The kit offers enough supplies to keep two people for 72 hours in an emergency. The kit was designed with input from first responders, medics, special forces operators, mountain guides and other experts; this system offers key survival gear neatly organized and contained in a convenient backpack for easy packing.

Buy: $ 389.99

Stealth Angel Kit.

Stealth Angel Kit.screenshot of Stealth Angel

Red Stealth Angel Survival Backpack

This kit provides enough supplies to be used by two people for 72 hours. It provides a collection of household items that will ensure your survival after an emergency. Food, water, shelter, tools and other items are packed inside to ensure that no matter what the situation, you’ll know for 72 hours that you can survive.

Buy: $ 139.29

EVERLY Complete 72 Hours Earthquake Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit

Everlit offers a Survival Kit that will help make sure that not only are you prepared, but that you will survive easily. The kit is designed to support two people for 72 hours. Designed and personalized with U.S. Army veterans, this kit is designed to ensure you’ll be ready to tackle it with ease, no matter what the situation.

Buy: $ 164.95

Seventy2 Pro Life Support System

A redesign of the company’s previous award-winning design due to overwhelming demand from government, experts and professional groups. Seventy2 has designed a bag that has been improved and engineered to offer more capacity and ease of use, while ensuring that you will be one of the best prepared people in your neighborhood.

Buy: $ 565.00

Home drop-off kit.

Home drop-off kit.Home Depot screenshot

3-day luxury emergency kit for 4 people with backpack

This kit offers 72 hours of supplies designed to support a family of four. Ready America has designed a kit that will not only ensure that you are safe, but your family will be safe as well. It has all the assets you will need to face any disaster or crisis and ensure your survival.

Buy: $ 121.92

3-day emergency kit for 2 people REI Co-op

REI Co-op has designed a kit that will help you meet all of your needs. Designed to support two people for 72 hours. A cost-effective price will ensure you are sure you are prepared and trouble-free for 72 hours in the event of a crisis.

Buy: $ 74.73

Pre-packaged emergency survival kit / escape bag for 2

This emergency pack is full of emergency supplies covering shelter, sustenance, self-defense, first aid and much more. Designed to support two people through any crisis you may encounter, this kit is perfect for ensuring that you are prepared to deal with any situation. Designed similar to military gear, this pack will keep you comfortable knowing you’ll be prepared.

Buy: $ 299.99

Medical care kit.

Medical care kit.Staples screenshot

PHYSICIANS CARE 63-Piece Emergency Preparedness Kit

An emergency backpack containing 63 essential components is needed in a medical emergency. It is intended to supply up to four people for 72 hours. The kit provides you with medical supplies to handle any situation that does not require medical assistance.

Buy: $ 86.99

Seventy2 life support system

The Seventy2 Life Support System is marketed as the world’s best 72 hour survival kit. Featured in TIME, Outside Magazine, Huffington Post, Field and Stream, and other authoritative publications have praised Seventy2 for its design, quality, and ease of use in survival situations. In addition, it offers enough supplies to support an individual’s 72 hour survival.

Buy: $ 389.00

Surviveware waterproof first aid kit

This first aid kit is 100% storm resistant with an IPX7 rating. The kit can be stored underwater for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter. The sturdy zipper has a comfortable T-handle with power pull tabs to help seal and open the bag to keep it waterproof. In addition, the kit offers medical supplies to help you deal with any medical situation.

Buy: $ 89.95

Roadside emergency car kit.

Roadside emergency car kit.Amazon screenshot

Road emergency kit

This kit offers an all-in-one kit that can easily be stowed in your car and ensures that you are prepared for any scenario that may arise. Plus, the kit provides you with the supplies you need to help you out when you might get stuck with your car in a remote location.

Buy: $ 62.97

The mover Max

The kit contains over 53 survival essentials that are designed to support four people for 72 hours. The bag is also waterproof to ensure that none of your supplies are damaged in the event of water. Plus, the kit contains food and water, safety and warmth, tools and first aid for all your survival needs. The kit is ideal for any crisis and disaster situation.

Buy: $ 195

Complete Earthquake Bag

This kit ensures that you will be prepared for any situation no matter what disaster may strike you. The kit is fully customizable to meet any needs you may have. You can support up to six people and up to seven days of supplies.

Buy: from $ 125

2 person survival kit.

2 person survival kit.screenshot from ChoiceSurvival

Deluxe survival kit for 2 people

This kit provides support for two people and is designed to support them for up to 72 hours. The kit contains supplies that will help you in any situation and crisis you may face. Each component is also present in a waterproof container to help protect against water.

Buy: $ 149.99

Wise Company 5 Day Emergency Survival Backpack Kit

This kit keeps you nourished and well-nourished no matter what. The kit is designed to support a person for five days through any disaster they may face. The kit also features an innovative design that will help ensure that your supplies are not as easily accessible but also easily transportable.

Buy: $ 74.99

Deluxe bug out bag for 2 people

All the essentials come together in a survival bag in this kit, conveniently stored for an emergency evacuation. The kit contains food, water, temporary shelter, as well as hygiene and first aid kits. The kit will keep you well prepared in an emergency and ready to face any situation.

Buy: $ 159.99

All-in-one car emergency kit

This kit offers all the essentials you might need in an emergency. Designed to be stored in your care to help you with a blockage or crisis. The all-in-one kit will provide you with all the essentials that will support you and make you feel secure.

Buy: $ 79.95


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