Army of Thieves clip shows Dieter meeting Heist’s team


Army of the Dead is out now on Netflix.

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The most recent film of that of Zack Snyder Army of the dead Universe recently released a short teaser for the new prequel Army of thieves. It stars Matthias Schweighöfer like Sebastian / Dieter, German cracker; Nathalie Emmanuel like Gwendoline; Stuart martin like Brad; Ruby O. Fresh like Korina; and Guz Khan like Rolph. In it, Dieter – who is referred to as “Sebastian” for reasons not evident in the clip – is introduced to his fellow robbers.

In the one-minute clip, it begins with Dieter puzzled by the idea that Gwendoline and her three compatriots Karina, Brad and Rolfe are the only members of the International Heisting Crew. She responds to her disbelief with a brief factual statement: “The size of our crew is precisely the reason we don’t get caught.” There is a brief conversation in which Dieter asks Gwendolyn if their heist will be like the movies where each member uses their own skills to successfully steal. She replies in the affirmative, presenting him to the rest of the crew as an “extraordinary cracker” who will use his theoretical skills for the first time in the real world. Dieter says hello with an awkward two-handed gesture to everyone in the room.


Image via Netflix

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Since the film is a prequel to the events that take place in Army of the dead, audiences shouldn’t expect big cameos from other franchise players. Plus, for better or worse, don’t expect too many zombies either. In the universal franchise timeline, Army of thieves happens during the early days of the zombie apocalypse. Think of it more like a heist movie that has zombies in the background more than a zombie movie like the original movie. Although Snyder was supposed to direct the film at first, he gave Schweighöfer the opportunity to direct instead so Snyder could free up his own schedule for other cinematic obligations.

Army of thieves is on Netflix now. Check out the clip where Sebastian meets the Gwendoline Heist Team below:

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