All The Fear The Walking Dead Timeline Explained

After the mess at Celia’s house, Madison, Ofelia, Alicia, and Strand manage to find a hotel with an excellent barricade system and running hot water. A cynical Ofelia flies off on her own in the group’s truck, driving as far as she can and then walking until she reaches the US border. The other members of the group team up with people who are already hanging around the hotel, cleaning the rooms and luring walkers from the pier into the ocean like lemmings.

As the hotel crew tries to stay out of the hot water long enough to enjoy their hot water, Nick heads to Tijuana. Wounded and in poor condition, he meets Luciana (Danay Garcia), who takes him to her hidden community “La Colonia” so that he can be treated. Other than a few light ritual sacrifices, it’s a pretty nice place to live. Nick is part of the community, gets involved in their oxycodone for supplies dealing with a gang called Los Hermanos by day, and gets cozy with Luci by night. When the gang finds them and the end of the colony seems inevitable, Nick – who has spotted a helicopter near the border – persuades the community to head towards it. He and Luci end up being knocked unconscious and imprisoned.

Elsewhere, father-son team Chris and Travis join a group of testosterone-laden American tourists, who got stuck in Mexico during the outbreak, which coincided with spring break. Emboldened by their stupidity, Chris becomes even more intolerable and ends up killing a farmer in cold blood. Convinced that Nick is hanging around, Madison flashes the hotel lights. While Nick doesn’t see them, Travis does. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one, and when he shows up at the hotel’s doors, it’s in the middle of a fairly large crowd.

Shortly after Travis tells Madison about the Tourist Bros, two of them show up without Chris, saying they killed him after sustaining minor injuries in a car accident. Travis kills them both, wounding hotel resident Oscar in the melee and naturally damaging his relationship with the people at the hotel. Leaving Strand, which loves #hotellife too much to leave, Alicia, Travis and Madison head to the gangster’s grocery store and La Colonia in search of Nick, only to find that both places have gone wrong. A dying Alejandro tells them that Nick fled to the border and they all end up there around the same time.

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