All of Lottie’s premonitions in ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 1 (and if they came true)

At the beginning of yellow jackets, Lottie Matthews (Courtney Eaton) flies under the radar. Slowly she begins to see and feel things that leave the other girls questioning her sanity until the events of the seance plunge her into the middle of the mystery unfolding in these woods. Eventually, it is revealed that she had had premonitions from an early age; Her mother thought she had a gift while her father thought she needed medicine.

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When the drug runs out, his premonitions and visions become more vivid as Laura Lee (Jane Widdop) teaches him to trust his gift. In the last episode, this silent secondary character drives the surprise twist on the Yellowjackets’ first season. Most of Lottie’s premonitions came true in obvious ways, such as the stag losing its antlers and being sick and inedible. Yet other premonitions remain open to interpretation and unresolved until Season 2.

“It’s not okay.”

Shauna stands next to Lottie in the Yellowjackets.

The first hint of Lottie’s intuition comes surprisingly early in the series. It’s subtle enough to go unnoticed on first viewing but stands out on a rewatch. When Taissa (Savoy Brown Jasmine) talks with some of the girls about freezing Allie (Pear Amanda Dickson) so as not to cost them the match in the United States, Lottie resists.

The only reason she gives is that it “doesn’t feel right”. Sure enough, Taissa’s plan ends in disaster with Allie’s leg breaking horribly.


“Bad things have happened here.”

Lottie hugs her knees in the Yellowjackets attic.

Finding the cabin in the woods is a stroke of luck providing a safer place to shelter and a supply of ammo for the hunt. Lottie, however, refuses to set foot in the premises. When Taissa tries to get her in, she talks about the bad feelings she has and warns her friend that bad things have happened here.

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Taissa asks Lottie to come in but wakes up in the middle of the night to find her in the attic. They see the remains of a man who appears to have committed suicide long ago. After burying the body, Lottie continues to hear noises in the attic and is surprised when the other girls hear them too. This man’s death certainly counts as a terrible thing happening in the cabin, but the strange symbol carved into the floor indicates that more can be revealed about this premonition.

The session

Lottie smiles menacingly into Yellowjackets.

When scratching in the attic bothers the team, they hold a mock session to turn the scary situation into a joke. What starts out as a game spirals out of control when the candles go out and Lottie seems possessed. Bouncing between French and English, she keeps talking about something that wants blood, warning that blood has already been spilled in this place and whoever asks for it is hungry. She informs Shauna (Sophie Nelisse) that “it’s already in you” and told the team: “You have to shed blood. Or else.”

This fulfillment of these words was hinted at from the opening scene. While the first season won’t fully reveal how it will pan out, you know there’s a lot of bloodshed lurking in the Yellowjackets’ future. Van (Liv Hewson) and Jackie (Ella Purnell) both have experience with the entity lurking in the woods as they near death. Shauna assumes “it’s already inside you” is a reference to her baby, but it seems more likely that Lottie is referring to the entity. Could this be what makes Shauna later consider tasting the bear’s blood?

The vision of baptism

Lottie approaches an altar full of candles in Yellowjackets.

Lottie asks for Laura Lee’s help to make sense of her premonitions, and Laura Lee encourages her to accept Jesus to help her do the right thing and discern right from wrong. During her baptism, Lottie has a vision. She sinks deeper and deeper into the lake before walking down an underground corridor that looks like a mechanical room. She sees a deer and follows it through the halls to an altar covered in candles. She climbs a staircase lined with candles and lights the central candle. It burns harder and harder until Lottie opens her eyes.

Although Lottie sometimes struggles to make sense of the images she sees, her visions tend to come true in a literal way. A ball of fire becomes an explosion and the red smoke becomes a flare. Knowing this, the christening vision may reveal a place for the girls to find later. Lottie’s candle seems figurative, however, and its abnormally large flame may indicate her upcoming ascension to head the team and subsequently the cult.

“He didn’t want him to leave.”

Laura Lee is silhouetted by an explosion in Yellowjackets.

As Lottie emerges from the water, she sees Laura Lee’s head surrounded by light, giving her a haloed appearance like a saint as they are traditionally depicted in art. The halo becomes a fiery explosion turning Laura Lee into a blackened figure, heralding the first casualty among the survivors. When they first discovered the plane tangled in vines, Lottie warned the team that “he” didn’t want the cabin man to leave. When Jackie found Lottie standing in the water, she said she expected it to be warmer. Laura Lee misinterprets the fire as a sign from the Holy Spirit and disregards the warnings when she boards the plane and flies in for help. It explodes on the lake, kill Laura Lee and rains fiery wreckage into the water where Lottie breaks down and cries for her friend.

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While the explosion literally happened, the halo may warrant further consideration. This perhaps indicated that Laura Lee could be a force for good to guide Lottie in the proper use of her gift, but her death would extinguish that light. After things spiral out of control at the end of the season, Lottie’s final words are: “Spill the blood, my beautiful friends(shed blood, my beautiful friends), and let the darkness set us free.

“I think that will keep you safe.”

Lottie gives Van a deer bone in Yellowjackets.

When Taissa and Van prepare to lead a small group of girls in search of civilization, Lottie dreams of red smoke and a river of blood. She gives Van an unburned bone from the cremated deer and tells him she thinks it will protect her. The river of blood ends up being water reddened by minerals while the red smoke comes from a flare gun.

There is no definitive answer as to whether the bone protects Van because Taissa walks away with him during his sleepwalking. Without the bone, Van finds himself mauled by a wolf and nearly killed. She clings to the bone for the rest of the season, surviving at least that long and becoming one of Lottie’s earliest followers.

The trip

Lottie lifts the wooden crown in Yellowjackets.

A lot happens when the wrong kind of mushroom ends up in the stew, making it hard to determine what’s a premonition and what’s part of the journey. Lottie becomes fascinated by the hollowed-out stump and tells them, “Something is happening. We won’t be hungry much longer. This premonition passes when a bear wanders into camp and lies down, allowing Lottie to kill it. Lottie’s foresight coupled with the provision of the group propels her into leadership. She begins to create a religious practice that the others participate in, and Van and Misty join her in offering the heart of the bear into the stump.

After Jackie slept with Travis (Kevin Alves), Lottie leads the team to confront her, telling her that she took something that didn’t belong to her. Lottie also said to Jackie, “Don’t you understand? You don’t matter anymore. It could just mean that Jackie has lost her power in the group, or it could indicate that Lottie knew Jackie’s life was about to end. When Travis runs away, Lottie sees him as the stag in the mechanical room. They chase him, trap him in the stump, and Lottie tries to convince Shauna to slaughter him. “It’s okay,” she said, “He wants us to.” Travis survives this incident, but the scene of his death years later contains traces of a candlelight ritual involving the mysterious symbol. Did Lottie finally succeed in sacrificing Travis? The final warning of the trip comes after Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) prevents them from killing Travis. Lottie says, “It’s in all of us, you know? Even him. Even you.” This seems to confirm that his warning to Shauna wasn’t about the baby. Whatever entity lurks in the desert has begun to affect the entire team.

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