A ‘stunning’ virtual reality center in Thatcham that ‘defies the senses’ will open next month

A ‘stunning’ new VR experience that ‘can’t be done at home’ is coming to Berkshire. The VR Center, which is the first arena-scale, free-roam, multiplayer VR, will open to enthusiasts next month.

This will be the fourth meetspaceVR venue to open in the UK in Thatcham, just 30 minutes’ drive from Reading, on Friday 17th June. Players can immerse themselves in a zombie apocalypse struggling to survive, or a whimsical adventure that defies gravity.

People can roam digital worlds with up to eight friends and experience Zero Latency VR, said to be the world’s leading warehouse-scale, multiplayer, and free-roaming virtual reality. While Zero Latency is only suitable for people aged 10-12+, they are also aimed at young children and families.

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The center opens next month

The center will also have Immersive Playzone, which is an interactive play space offering the best in immersive entertainment for children. From battling it out in the VR Quest Arena, to life-size game consoles with an interactive game wall, and mind-blowing VR escape rooms, there are plenty of activities that will have you screaming, feeling strong and laughter.

There’s also a VR Aracade where players can challenge their friends to classic arcade-style games. Located at Pipers Court, Berkshire Drive, the center is in an industrial area.

The Berkshire opening will follow three successful VR centers in Nottingham, Birmingham and London, at Wembley.

The center is perfect for a family affair
The center is perfect for a family affair

John Lilley, CEO of meetspaceVR, said, “We’ve been blessed over the past two years to have such amazing and supportive customers. It’s a testament to our teams and our experiences that we’ve bounced back and started again. our growth story across the UK, starting in Reading.

“As home VR gaming grows in the UK, we are fully focused on providing free-roaming social experiences that are simply stunning and cannot be achieved at home. Our experience truly challenges the senses and makes it a very special experience.

“We can’t wait to hear the shouts and shouts of joy echo through the room.” To pre-book your tickets, you can reserve time slots online here before the official opening.

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