9 zombie movies on Netflix in 2022


So…it’s no secret that the past few years have been less than ideal (ie, total dumpster fire). Maybe that’s why people like disaster movies so much, because it’s kind of reassuring to see the whole world get destroyed without having to suffer the consequences yourself, you know? And while pandemic movies hit a little too close to home, you can’t go wrong with a good zombie movie. TBH, there aren’t a ton of zombie movies on Netflix right now, but we’ve rounded up all the best titles for you, and they’re well worth watching.

From survival dramas to terrifying apocalypse films, we’ve got a bit of everything to satisfy fans of The Walking Dead and we are all dead (or, really, anyone who likes undead, flesh-eating corpses). These spooky movies will also help you get in the Halloween spirit for spooky szn’s, and if even one of these movies leaves you thinking, “Huh, I guess things could definitely be a lot worse right now “, then we would consider it a success. Ahead, all the best zombie movies for your next undead movie marathon.

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army of the dead (2021)

Set in Las Vegas, this wild heist movie revolves around a group of mercenaries who decide to take advantage of the chaos amidst a zombie outbreak by robbing a major casino.



army of thieves (2021)

And if you loved army of the deadthen you have to watch the prequel, which takes place six years before the events of the original and follows safecracker Ludwig Dieter as the zombie outbreak begins.



#Living (2020)

In this Korean thriller, a player struggles to survive amidst a gruesome zombie apocalypse in Seoul. The only thing holding him back: a mysterious fellow survivor living in the building across the street.



Voracious (2017)

This French-language Canadian film is set in small Quebec City, following the few survivors of a zombie outbreak as they try to escape… and are unaffected. Oh, and it won Best Canadian Film at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017, nbd.



Cargo (2018)

Martin Freeman (who you probably recognize, like, everything) stars in this one as the father of a baby who, after being infected by a zombie pandemic, must wander rural Australia in search of a new caretaker for his baby girl.



Kingdom: Northern Ashin (2021)

This special, movie-length episode of Netflix’s popular K-drama Kingdom serves as a prequel to the series, telling the story of Ashin, a former spy in the Joseon Kingdom who is introduced at the end of season two. Spoiler alert: zombies are involved, and tbh, even if you’ve never seen Kingdomit’s still a fun watch.



valley of the dead (2022)

Set during the Spanish Civil War, valley of the dead follows a group of unlikely allies who must work together after zombies (which were deployed by the Nazis as a means of biological warfare) attack their village.



Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

A remake of the 1985 thriller The day of the Dead (which was also remade in 2008), this zombie apocalypse thriller revolves around a former medical student and her military boyfriend, who manage to survive a zombie attack and find themselves among a group of survivors in the search for a cure. It’s soapy, it’s gory, and it’s hugely entertaining.



Do not kill me (2022)

Alright, so this Italian horror flick is definitely not for the faint of heart. In it, a teenage girl dies of an accidental drug overdose alongside her boyfriend… and though she’s eventually revived, she discovers that in order to continue living, she must eat other people’s flesh. Classic teen stuff!!


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