9 gadgets you should have in your emergency bag

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in an emergency. If you find yourself in a situation like this, it’s best to have a well-stocked bag of emergency supplies ready in a duffel bag or bug out bag. With basic survival items at your disposal, you and your family can easily flee to safety.

Of course, you can’t plan for every possible scenario. But here are some must-have tech accessories you should stash in your emergency bag to help you get through any crisis with ease.

1. Rugged Phone

rugged smartphone with binoculars
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If smartphones make our daily lives easier, they are not an ideal choice in the event of a major disaster. Batteries drain quickly and subjecting them to the elements can render them completely useless.

That’s why investing in a rugged phone that’s built to take a beating is a good idea. Rugged phones are generally resistant to water and dust, extreme temperatures and pressures, and other hazards that would normally damage ordinary phones. They can also withstand drops from a height of several feet.

It is these qualities that make rugged phones a more reliable method of communication in an emergency.

2. Rechargeable hand warmer

When the power goes out and the temperature drops, you’ll need a way to actively keep yourself warm. Sure, having comfy jackets and waterproof boots can help you stay toasty warm, but it can be a pain when your fingers are about to freeze.


This is where electronic hand warmers come in handy. Unlike disposable hand warmers, these portable devices are reusable and last longer. Once charged, you can use them for up to 18 hours depending on the model. In addition to warming your hands, some electronic hand warmers can be used as battery backups for your other gadgets, and many even come with flashlights.

3. High capacity power bank

four Mi power banks

Your part of the network can go out for a number of reasons, from a faulty transformer to frozen power lines. That’s why power banks are essential additions to this list, because you can’t really rely on power to stay on in the event of a disaster.

Having a power bank on hand means you can stay connected with the world when you need it. You can save your rechargeable gadgets from dying, especially the devices you need the most, like your rugged phone, electronic hand warmer, and rechargeable flashlight.

4. Portable starter

Your car battery is going to die at some point, and you don’t want to be stuck in an emergency situation in the middle of nowhere. Instead of flagging down every passerby to ask for jumper cables, it’s best to keep a portable jump starter in your travel bag.

This handheld device can revive your drained battery in no time. Most models also come with extra features useful for emergencies on the road. For example, some have a built-in air compressor to fill your low tires, an AC inverter to power your small appliances, and even USB ports to charge your electronics.

5. Solar Charger

solar charger connected to a cable

The downside of a dead phone is unimaginable, but when you’re in the middle of a power outage with no way to plug in, the misery is even worse. Of course, having a regular power bank on hand is always a good idea, but even these devices eventually run out of power.

With solar chargers, you can easily absorb the sun’s rays to ensure your electronics are filled with juice when needed. You don’t have to worry about your phone dying anymore. Some of the best solar chargers also have an integrated LED for your lighting needs.

6. UV Water Purifier

In case of an emergency, it’s a good idea to keep bottled water on hand, but honestly, stocking up on enough for an entire household can be tricky. If you run out of it, a UV water purifier can come in handy.

Although it does not get rid of contaminants like dirt and heavy metals in cloudy water, it is effective in killing viruses and bacteria in clear water. UV purifiers emit powerful ultraviolet light that transforms microorganisms into harmless stains. This way you no longer have to worry about waterborne pathogens.

7. Compact headlamp

compact headlamp

If you want to be better prepared, it’s a good idea to keep an assortment of light sources at home, from portable flashlights to giant emergency lights. But for your travel bag, a compact headlamp should do the trick.

With a good headlamp, you’ll never be left in the dark. The newer models feature bright LEDs that can put out up to 1,000 lumens and light up a trail a few hundred feet away. They’re also pretty lightweight, and the best part is that they keep your hands free for carrying your bag, working on your car, or calling the emergency hotline.

8. Mini Satellite Communicator

Having a mini satellite communicator can give you peace of mind that you can contact other people in an emergency. This emergency device keeps you connected in remote areas without cell service, allowing you to call for help when needed.

In addition to sending and receiving off-net messages, the best satellite communicators offer a range of other services. They are equipped with sensors for GPS navigation, location sharing, and even weather reporting. Although these devices can be quite expensive, they can make a huge difference in life or death situations.

9. Crank radio

red crank radio

If things get too out of hand, the power goes out, and the internet is down, you’ll want to stay informed about what’s going on in the outside world. However, relying on your phone for the latest news is not a good idea. The best way to do this is with a good old fashioned crank radio.

This device does not need power or Wi-Fi to operate. Just turn the handle and you can listen to important announcements from the authorities. Today’s models double as flashlights and phone chargers that can help you survive a bad situation.

Prepare for the worst with the right gear

Whether or not you believe in the impending apocalypse, you can’t deny that local disasters could strike without warning. With a little preparation and the right gear, you can face any natural or man-made assault with confidence.

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