6 best gear to use for three-gun competition


Three gun competitions are exactly what they sound like; competitions where you use three different weapons to show off your skills. Each three-gun competition falls into a category: open, tactical optics, or heavy metal.


where you can modify each weapon. These guns are generally not practical for hunting; they are intentionally modified to help you improve your competitive game.

Tactical optics

This is usually where beginners are found, as the necessary weapons are common in many households: an AR-15, a semi-automatic shotgun, and a centerfire pistol. Tactical Optics is a great place to use an improved AR-15 top receiver. Go to websites like Primary Arms for a selection of full rods, stripped rods, or barrel rods, so you can choose the right starting point for your next build.

Heavy metal

The only shotguns allowed in this category are .308 caliber or larger pump shotguns, and .45 ACP pistols. Many hunters prefer to participate in this category of competition because it is better suited to the firearms they use for hunting and helps them improve their skills for the type of hunting they enjoy.

With so many different categories, how do you know which gear is best to use for your three-gun competition? Here is what you should look for.

1. Case

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Most competitions, regardless of category, will require you to start with your pistol in its holster. Therefore, you will want to buy a case that you like and that is easily accessible while competing. This is not an item you want to skimp on, as hefty penalties (like disqualification) can be imposed if your pistol comes out of your holster prematurely. The best types of holsters are the ones that keep your pistol secure and open in a way that feels natural to the process of your draw. Going to a store to test a case is the best way to buy one and feel confident about your purchase.

2. A way to transport your magazines

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Some competition rules require you to start the round with your firearm unloaded. Some also require you to have additional magazines to reload your weapon. Either way, it is inevitable that you will need a way to transport your magazines. You can have brackets that clip to your belt or clothing. Again, it’s important to make sure that you can easily access your magazine for quick reload times.

3. A base cushion for your rifle

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During the competitive phase where you are using your rifle, such as an AR-15, it may be helpful for you to have a basic cushion. A base pad will make reloading easier if there is a cartridge in the chamber, and it will be easier for you to use the magazine when shooting your targets while lying down. These are quite popular so are easy to find online or in stores. Find the one that suits you best and add it to your competition tri-weapon bug out bag.

4. A house flag

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In most of the three firearms competitions, you must show the judges that your rifle or shotgun is fully unloaded as you move around the range. The flag can be inserted through the chamber, but it might melt if inserted directly after emptying the magazine. If the weapon was recently unloaded, the best place to place a chamber flag is through the magazine well. As long as the chamber flag is clearly displayed, you will likely be within the rules of the competition.

5. Shotgun chokes and a wrench

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There are five main types of shotgun chokes (cylinder, upgraded, modified, upgraded-modified, and full cylinder). A choke does not affect speed (speed) or distance. It only controls the distance at which the pellets are together or away from each other. Strangles are necessary in competition because they can be the difference between a successful shot and a miss. It will be important for you to know which model your shotgun takes. Different chokes create different patterns, so you’ll want to be sure to do your homework. If you know which starter to use to cover the distance you need, you will be very successful in competition. The key is needed to help you change starters quickly. Having the proper equipment for the task and having practiced a fair amount of time, you will likely be the star of the competition.

6. A belt-mounted system or chest platform

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The hardest and most important part of a shotgun is the ammunition. There are two popular methods of loading a shotgun: double-loading, where you put only two shotgun shells in the barrel, or quad-loading where you load two to four shotgun shells at a time. . A belt-mounted system will be placed on the shooter’s belt. A chest platform is attached to the shooters chest. Both options will allow you to collect your ammo quickly and safely. It may be your responsibility to test both types before deciding which one to use during competition. Choosing the one that works best for you and your ability to move can be the difference between winning and losing the competition.

Three gun competitions are fast-paced, fun, and test your skills with rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Having a competition that involves three different types of guns can be intimidating, but with the right equipment, knowledge, and practice, you won’t be bothered. There are different things you need to improve your chances of success. You will find some equipment above that will be very useful to you. There are other equipments that can help you. Doing your research and finding what works best for you is imperative. Everyone is different and will react to the equipment in their own way. These are suggestions for the best gear for three gun competitions and should help you along the way to getting exactly what you need.

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