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Fans of superhero comics and movies generally regard Batman as the hero who honed his tactical and combat skills to perfection, eventually dubbing him the world’s greatest prepper. And to be fair, he’s probably in the Top 5, given his extensive tactical library, which includes contingency strategies for the effective removal and incapacitation of every member of the Justice League, including himself. Not to mention having a genius like Lucius Fox by his side.

The Punisher is perhaps Marvel Comics’ most fitting answer to Batman, given that both hero/anti-heroes have extensive combat and tactical abilities, which also makes him one of the greatest preppers that the comic book world has ever seen, although it only deals with the streets. level of crime in most cases. Except they’re arguably not the world’s greatest comic book preppers – the Marvel/DC metacommentary singles out Nicholas J. Fury as the world’s ultimate prepper, and this article will explain why the fandom holds Nick Fury so highly. valued.

Nick Fury’s early life and career are portrayed only vaguely and inconsistently. Besides claiming to have grown up as an orphan and that his mother is still alive, he also said that he graduated from a university in India and played a direct role in the conclusion of the war. cold. Either way, it is generally accepted that he is unquestionably a “war hero”. He also said he has been prepared to die since he was 18, but it is still unclear what happened then and how it affected his life and made him the ultimate preparer. .

He keeps both eyes open

Throughout his colorful career, Fury has had many run-ins with the X-Men, Norman Osborn’s Oscorp, and Hammer Industries, and helped SHIELD create the Ultimates – operatives with technological abilities who work for the organization. Although he played a vital role in the founding and development of SHIELD, Fury was named the organization’s director years later, where he created a black ops division.

As a very important spy in the universe, he had to develop different kinds of deceptive methodologies that would prevent those with nefarious intentions from getting in. We all remember the scene in 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier in which he appears after being presumed dead and explains to the villains that they must keep both eyes open to stay ahead of him.

Has a base for every occasion

Certainly not a pun, but according to comic book information, once he reached the leadership of SHIELD, Fury got a glimpse of secrets that have their own secrets. In fact, once his predecessor, General Ross, retired, Fury gained access to information that no one else on Earth had access to. Coupled with his paranoid, ice-breaker nature in emergencies, this allowed him to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Also among this super classified information is the location of all SHIELD bases on Earth, some of which he even employed for his personal use, especially after being forced into hiding following the events of the Secret Wars comic storyline. He spends an inordinate amount of time updating base protocols in the event of a SHIELD compromise, infiltration or destruction of a helicarrier or two.

There is always a backup plan

Most people were wondering what the little Tamagotchi-like device (a pager for those in the know) was that Fury dropped when Thanos broke it and half life disappeared in the Avengers: Infinity War. Well, moments before reaching for the device and activating it, Fury saw Maria Hill disappear, along with the driver who had crashed into their car. Knowing how to recognize problems his team couldn’t handle, he reached out to the only person he thought capable – Captain Marvel, whom he had met decades earlier and helped her on her mission.

This has already inspired Fury to prepare for the possibility of an alien attack on Earth, and witnessing Danvers’ powers he “stayed in touch”. When he activated the device before disintegrating, he alerted Captain Marvel, who answered the call, found Iron Man and Nebula in space, brought them to Earth, then battled Thanos, which led to his ultimate defeat. Good thing someone went to work prepared five years ago.

Life Pattern Decoys

Preparation trumps the day seems to be the motto of this one. When SHIELD was attacked by Hydra, Fury deployed his own LMDs – Life-Model Decoys – SHIELD-created replicas of Fury that were designed to replicate his outward appearance. In fact, as a highly suspicious and wary individual, Fury has survived multiple assassination attempts by using his LMDs as decoys or even sending an entire team of his duplicates on high level missions. Sadly, it’s unknown if his LMDs made it into the MCU, but it’s also possible a Kree impersonating Fury.

He knew people were fallible

Before showing us his other eye, Fury discovered that those above SHIELD and the organization itself were compromised, so he turned to Steve Rogers for help. He broke into Cap’s apartment and told her what had happened while pretending to talk about his wife, knowing that others might listen. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the Winter Soldier, who shot Nick, but not before Nick gave Steve the flash drive which revealed Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D.

It was Fury’s five-step thinking that played a huge role over the course of the film, guiding Captain America to take down Project Insight – the same project that would have killed nearly every known and would-be hero, including Steven Strange, who has recently visited Multiverse of Madnesswhere we saw actress Lashana Lynch portray Black Captain America.

Although he’s still fairly active in the comics, Fury’s involvement in recent MCU films has been downplayed after The Winter Soldier to a few post-credit scenes and plot devices. He was last seen in 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home and recently mentioned in Spider-Man: No Coming Home as being out of the world for over a year, with his exact whereabouts unknown. Wherever he is, he’s probably preparing for the next global threat – perhaps the appearance of Kang the Conqueror.

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