12 best movies to stream in October 2021


Elevate Arizona (available October 1)

Humor [of Raising Arizona] is surprisingly lowbrow and burlesque, which only underscores the superiority of smart alecks behind the camera. Yet it’s also unmistakably hilarious, choked with lines and phrases (“My FI-antz left me”, “way-home”, “Son, you have panties on your head”) that are regurgitated in the everyday life almost as often as those of The simpsons… or at least Fletch. In the figure of a bounty hunter searching for a kidnapped baby, it’s also a first showcase of surrealism that would flourish in more sophisticated ways in later Coen films like Barton fink and The great Lebowski.

More than anything, however, Elevate Arizona is a marvel of narrative energy, especially coming from the majestic Simple Blood. Getting the credits to arrive after the first reel ends – a good 20 or so minutes after the movie starts – can seem as spectacular as the wiper blades in Simple Blood, but it really was the first break in the action. Through voiceovers, flashbacks, and wild digressions, the film’s setup is so absurdly long and overloaded that the credits are a reward in themselves, a time when audiences can catch their breaths and laugh at the amount of film. that was in a hurry. such a small delay. [Scott Tobias]

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