10 Toughest Enemy Bugs, Ranked

Grounded is an open-world game that turns a normal backyard into a deadly survival landscape. You become the size of insects you would normally crush under your thumb. The grass towers over you and the juice boxes could be bedrooms.

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In addition to figuring out how to fix yourself, you will have to fight to survive. After all, these once small bugs are now capable of putting you on the endangered species list. Here are the toughest non-boss class bugs you’ll face. These opponents will be regularly encountered either because they are on the move in the world or because they guard the supplies necessary for progress.

*Note for all etymologists: yes, arachnids are included although they are arthropods.


11 Roly Polys

Although not aggressive unless infected, Roly Polys are not to be taken lightly. They have a four-part attack moveset that includes a basic bite, side sweep, rolling charge, and ball bounce attack. They can also curl into a ball to recover health during combat.

Going hand in hand with a Roly Poly is possible at level 2, but level 3 weapons are recommended as it is a level 3 enemy. This is also to make the fight as easy as possible. Equip some armor like Black Ant Armor or even Ladybug Armor, and make sure to avoid those rolls.

ten Ladybugs

A stronger variant of the Ladybug that will aggro a character. Level 2 armor with upgrades should be the minimum to take on this beastly bug, but level 3 is recommended. Fighting should be avoided unless necessary. Their drops are the same as a Ladybug so giving no real advantage to facing this enemy one-on-one, which requires a Busting-type weapon to fight.

Ladybugs have the same attack pattern as a Ladybug with one exception. Rearing up on its hind legs before lunging at a Survivor not once but twice is unique to this opponent. You can identify this tough impostor by their inverted color scheme and altered elytron patterns.

9 tiger mosquito

Stronger than the average Mosquito, this fickle Tier 3 attacker. Tiger Mosquitoes will fight a player in the same style as its weaker variants, but that familiarity can be a downfall. They hit harder and have a higher health cap than a regular Mosquito. Being lulled into a false sense of security can have disastrous consequences.

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Slashing and slashing weapons are more powerful against this bug, but if a brittle weapon is put to use, the damage will be reduced. Fresh does well against this the tiger mosquito. Dodge their poke attacks, 3 poke and charge loop poke, and no donations are to be made to this bloodsucker anytime soon.

8 Orb Weavers

If an Orb Weaver spots you, it will turn hostile. This is true for their smaller and weaker Orb Weaver JR variants. They are usually seen close together and will be difficult to outrun if spotted. Pursue and close the distance very easily.

Both variants have a wide range of attacks. They will dash the player, shoot webs to slow them down or stun them, bite them, and rear up for a lunge attack. They don’t have a venomous bite, which makes them less threatening than their other companions.

seven wolf spiders

Originally the toughest enemy to defeat in the early stages of Early Access, the Wolf Spider remains solidly in the high ranks. The need for level 2 supplies to successfully fight them routinely makes them one of your hunters for much of the game.

Grab your arrows and prepare to dodge the venom-filled chomps. Jump attacks are also something to fear. If you can find a hole to hide in and shoot it, taking on those monsters isn’t the worst.

6 termite mounds

Termites rarely leave their lair, but if a player gets too close, be careful. These ant-like creatures are the most aggressive in their respective category. They are also the most dangerous being the only ones who can fire acid like a Bomber Beetle.

Backstabbing is the way to go against these enemies while avoiding cutting if possible. Their greatest strength is in numbers, but since you’ll be fighting on their own turf, engaging one at a time is no small task. If you’re going to face the king, make sure you’re equipped with level 3 gear with some upgrades. It summons more termites and soldiers and is not an easy opponent.

5 Antlions

Take a good level 3 weapon and at least level 2 armor if you have to face Antlions. They are weakest to slashing damage and resist all other forms of damage. If you don’t get through them, they’ll wipe you out faster than you can hurt them.

They generally appear in two ways. We wander and we will attack a player with a vindictive spirit. They have two bite attacks when chasing as well as a burrow when attacking the player. The other hides in a pit and throws items at the player unless they are in range for a bite attack.

4 black beetles

Collect this level 3 stuff again to take on this beefy monster. This is a powerful bug that requires a heist type weapon as it resists all other attacks. If you don’t have one, avoid them as they won’t mind you trying to break through their hard shell.

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The Black Ox Beetles will charge at a player, headbutt them, throw whole rocks at them, kick sand and dust to get in their way, and jump at the player shaking their heads from side to side. another to inflict heavy damage. These five different attacks make it harder to predict the next move than other opponents.

3 Butterfly

This creature will not attack the player unless attacked first. It’s still not an enemy to be underestimated. It deals bleed damage with a dash attack and flaps its wings to stun a player. Even with level 3 gear, this fight will take more than a few hits.

Being a flier makes it a tough fight even without having a large health pool. A few long-range shots can be used, to start with, but the Moth will quickly descend on a player, making it difficult to fight with a ranged attack as it does a stun flap.

2 Green Shield Bugs

It’s easy to avoid this big hitter as it only spawns in one place – below the hangar deck. They will stalk a player and are only weak to knife attacks. Long range is the way to go against those glowing green brutes.

Add the normal attacks and the fact that they spam their gas more than a normal Stinkbug for more difficulty. If the fight with one lasts too long, you run the risk of losing all durability on your gas mask. Grab all level 3 items before facing them.

1 black widow spiders

The only non-boss Arachnids that need Tier 3 supplies to start with are the Black Widows. Ready to bombard a player on sight, the Black Widows are not here to be your friends. Trying to get around their areas and being very aware of them will help avoid their attacks.

Like a wolf spider, black widow spiders have fangs filled with venom to injure and infect. They will jump on a player, nibble on them, and launch a web-based attack to slow movement. Be prepared to dodge and block these tough enemies.

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