10 Pokemon Go Memes That Sum Up The Game Perfectly

Whereas Pokemon fans are still buzzing about the announcement of Scarlet and Violetlong-time players of Pokemon Go may be buzzing about Go Fest 2022 and upcoming August events, including “Bug Out!”. In the six years since its release Pokemon Go has swept the world, enticing players to venture into the real world and collect them all.

The game continues to deliver exciting updates such as adding Pokemon from new regions, releasing Holiday Edition models, and introducing new items. It may have a few flaws, but there are plenty of reasons to love it Pokemon Go and there are plenty of memes highlighting the best and worst that mobile gaming has to offer.


11 You are going too fast

One of the dangers that comes with a game that has to be played by someone exploring the real world is the possibility that they want to explore in a car. It is obviously dangerous for people to drive around and simultaneously try to throw Poké Balls to catch more creatures for their team.

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In an effort to discourage this, Go added the above warning every time the app is opened and the user is moving fast. However, this is more of a frustration than a help for players looking to explore the passenger seat. Luckily, there’s a button for that.

ten Location, location, location

As this meme implies, location can be everything in Pokemon Go. There are a large number of Pokéstops available to players, as well as Gyms and Team Rocket Henchmen to fight, but these locations tend to cluster in towns. Especially early in the game, anyone living in a more rural or remote location was unlikely to be near anything in the game.

Some lucky players, especially those living in apartments in major cities, were very likely to live near or above a Pokéstop. While this meme obviously takes it to an absurd extreme, many players know the convenience of having Pokéstops nearby and would surely love to live in a prime Poké location.

9 battles

A key element of Pokemon has always been the element of battle, whether fighting wild pokemon, other trainers, gym leaders, or otherwise. All of these battle styles exist in Pokemon Go too.

Tapping or swiping the symbols that fall on the screen can produce regular attacks. Charge attacks can save a nearly lost cause at the last moment by dealing a powerful blow to any enemy the player is facing. All of these combat features and more are waiting for you in Pokemon Gomaking it one of the best free games of all time.

8 your bag is full

In its initial version, players were limited not only to the number of pokemon they could hold, but also the number of items. In later updates, Niantic allowed players to increase storage through purchases made with Pokécoins.

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If you choose not to upgrade or haven’t for some reason, you may be familiar with the “your bag is full” pop-up. Usually this notification is a slight frustration, but sometimes it appears even when the player is not acquiring new items, such as when a player tries to complete a Field Research task, as shown in the same.

seven The pokemon fled

Perhaps the most frustrating event possible in the game is when a player has thrown almost all of their Pokéballs, used the special fruits, and is still unable to keep their potential new pocket monster in a Pokéball. There are many high level and incredibly powerful pokemon that pose a great challenge to hunters.

Sometimes no matter how hard a player tries, the pokemon will still run away, and sometimes it’s not even a fort that can run away. These problems are nothing compared to the challenges of other Pokemon games, manufacturing Pokemon Go one of the best games for beginners.

6 Team pride

One of the first things a player does in Pokemon Go is to choose the team they want to play for. Red, Blue and Yellow or Courage, Mystic and Instinct. Valor and Mystic were the most popular teams from the start, and as the game has grown they continue to battle with gym ownership and in other ways, as perfectly shown. the illustration above.

There are many ways for players of all kinds to team up and work together, like connecting with other players online or joining Pokemon GoCommunity Days as the best of 2021. Even though the teams have fun competitions, the game has brought a lot of people together.

5 Going to the gym”

Going to the gym has taken on a new connotation since the addition of gyms and gym battles in Go. You might not have to lift weights or run on treadmills, but Pokémon Gyms can now literally be visited in ways they never could before. Pokemon Go.

In other franchise brackets, Aquatic Gyms have the highest numbers among many Pokemon games and grounds. Gyms work a little differently in Go, being guarded by the users’ own Pokemon. They are no longer strictly aligned to certain elements, but rather to teams.

4 good vibes

There’s a special excitement that comes with getting a vibration from your phone letting you know that a new Pokemon is in the area. This is especially true when a player has only seen Pidgey and eventually comes across a new guy.

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It can be equally disappointing when a vibration occurs because another alert goes off in your phone and the excitement wears off. Or worse, when it’s just another Piggey.

3 sore legs

Pokemon Go was the very first installment in the franchise that required players to leave their homes and wander around in order to make real progress in the game. Anyone used to Pokemon the games, whether Nintendo or the original card game, would be accustomed to a fairly stationary experience.

As Neo and Morpheus hinted above, it was a new experience and many users of Pokemon Go went on long walks to try and catch as many Pokémon as possible before their cellphone batteries died.

2 Elusive Legendaries

They have always been a challenge to capture, regardless of the form of Pokemon is played, but capturing legendaries in Pokemon Go can be a lesson in frustration. Players should gear up with as many better resources as possible in the form of Pokéballs, Berries, and throwing ability.

It can take a lot of persistence and luck to catch. Using a single golden raspberry is often not enough, but even a series of excellent throws (which are quite difficult to make) can fail to capture one of the best results in the game.

1 Long-haul

As anyone who still plays regularly knows, casual users may be surprised that there are still active games. Go users. The popularity of the game when it was released created a tremendous attention rush that caught the attention of people who had never played a game before. Pokemon front game.

As time always does, this has eroded the interest of some users. The app has gone silent on many phones, even with new updates and attractions to be found in-game. Legions of regular users are still teaming up or hunting solo, and some return every now and then. , but who knows what it would take to bring back the level of interest reached by the game’s launch.

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