10 less scary horror games that are excellent

As much as players like to be chased by Xenomorphs in Alien: isolation or blow the heads of the zombies in Resident Evil, not everyone can handle this kind of fear. Unfortunately, removing the scares from a horror game usually results in a lesser experience. After all, it’s a horror game! How can a horror game be good and not scary? But does that mean gamers with weaker stomachs have to suffer from chainsaws, gore, and deadly animatronics to enjoy this genre?

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No. Do not be afraid. There are a plethora of “less scary” horror games. These games are less likely to give gamers nightmares. Instead, the “horror” lies in the atmosphere, the music, and the storytelling. Fortunately, there is no drop in quality. While these games feature high on the horror list for their quality, gamers don’t have to have a heart attack to enjoy them – just a slight shiver down their spine and maybe an occasional laugh here or there. .

ten Teen Rated Action Horror – Alan Wake

Alan wake is an action-horror classic, and for good reason. His intense sets scattered around a small mountain town – armed only with a flashlight and a pistol – are the perfect blend of fun and terror. On the contrary, the game’s narrative is more akin to a tense James Patterson thriller (with a pinch of Stephen King). And with a lovely teenage note, the blood and gore is cut and replaced with some truly creepy moments and legitimately good storytelling. With the recent remaster, there is no excuse not to put yourself in Mr. Wake’s shoes. However, it remains to be seen if players will have a sequel soon.

9 How scary can reading be? – Doki Doki Literature Club

Reading isn’t scary, is it? How could four pretty girls in a literature club writing poetry and reading books be terrified? Well trust any player who says so. Doki Doki Literature Club is a horrific experience due to its unexpected horror and fourth wall-breaking gameplay. However, the scares are honestly pretty light on the whole.

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Rather, they catch players off guard, especially if they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into with a horror game. And since everything is read, players don’t have to worry about running away from monsters or hiding in the dark. They just have to wonder if something has really invaded their computer.

8 What about the zombies, mate? – The road to death in Canada

The Death Road in Canada is a lovely game about America’s escape to Canada because of the zombie apocalypse. While it can be scary once the zombies start to take over the party, it’s a fun and light adventure overall, with more laughs than fears. In fact, the game’s brilliant sense of humor is arguably the biggest selling point. If the players thought that The Oregon Trail had too few zombies and obscure pop culture references, this game is definitely in their back alley.

seven Become the Horror – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

one of the main characters of vampire the masquerade talks to the main character

Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines is as classic RPG horror experience as it gets. The game is peppered with brilliant writing, level design, and character creation. And for a game that’s nearly two decades old, it still looks and plays well thanks to the source engine it was built on. Apart from a few moments like the perfect hotel level, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is not a particularly scary game. This is mainly due to the fact that the player is the Monster of the Night, who prowls around and stalks his next victims. That said, the new game coming out this year seems to have a nice mix of scares and vampiric magic in store for gamers.

6 Endless fear instead of fears – Pathological 2

several cape figures look at the player

Pathological 2 is not afraid of jumps. Instead, he has a sense of endless dread that overwhelms players in this gripping and depressing storytelling adventure. Players take on the role of Haruspex, a medic who returns to his hometown to investigate the mysterious murder of his father. Things quickly get out of hand as players unsuccessfully attempt to cure a deadly plague killing thousands of people.

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The players only have 12 days of play. 12 days of play to save the city, find a cure and above all: survive. The game is brutal in terms of difficulty, and it’s one of the few games where the characters outright lie to players. In addition, each death is punished, which makes the game more and more difficult as it progresses. There is more atmospheric horror and scares in this title than anywhere else.

5 It’s all rainbows and unicorns here – Pony Island

pony island

Like Doki Doki Literature Club, pony island is happening more than it first appears. As they say, never judge a horror game by its coverage. Not only is the gameplay fun, but this short indie adventure manages to mess around with its players. A majority of the gameplay takes place outside of the game itself, with several fourth wall breaking moments in the actual game files. There are few games that make players feel like they are being disturbed even after turning off their power. consoles. However, pony island isn’t a horribly difficult experience: they’re just rainbows and unicorns (and devil worship) after all.

4 Point and Click Ghost Hunt – Dark Fall Series

dark autumn, three statues have their heads in their knees next to a bed with nails in it

This point-and-click adventure series features some of the best ghostly atmospheres in the game. However, it is still bearable for those with a milder temperament. The first entry was released in 2002, and starting in 2020 there’s a new one for players to test their ghost hunting abilities. Each game has a solid theme and wonderfully designed locations that create a bewildering sense of mystery and horror. If players want a hazy ghostly mystery instead of spooking jumps, the Dark falls the series is a good place to start.

3 Detective Lovecraftian Mystery – Call Of Cthulu

the detective looking over a cliff at a car

Call of Cthulu is an adaptation of the short story of the same name by Lovecraft. In it, the players take on the role of a detective investigating a series of disappearances in a small seaside town in New England. In no time, they find themselves in the midst of an evil ploy to summon Cthulu from the great beyond.

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The game has a wonderful balance of horror stealth and sleuth gameplay. The mystery is compelling and the spooky moments are well paced throughout. However, if gamers get scared easily, perhaps pass the controller over to a friend until the paint monster disappears.

2 Gory 90’s Throwback – Harvester

two firefighters paint a model in the harvester

Combine was hugely controversial upon release for his violence, gender, and poise. However, Combine Now holds legendary status among the FMV genre and is a perfect bloody comeback horror game. Fortunately, due to the age of the game and its wonderful satirical sense of humor, this is an easy horror game for players who can endure moments of “body horror” (some of which are not. for the faint of stomach). Plus, a compelling mystery is really what’s on display, making it a must-see piece of gaming history. It is arguably one of the best FMV games.

1 Horror-themed 1v4 gameplay – Dead By Daylight

Playing with friends makes any horror game less scary. While the first hours of Death by the light of day are certainly terrifying as players learn about the chase mechanics and the killer’s abilities, it ends up becoming a more cooperative strategy game than anything else. And if players don’t feel like being hunted, they can still play the role of hunters. They can switch between several popular characters, such as Pinhead, Leather Face, and several original characters created for the game. Everything is fun and playful in the Entity Realm.

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