10 horror comics to read that break gender norms


Horror and comics have been closely linked since the pre-code days of the early 20th century. Loved by readers, but despised by parents around the world, their content was heavily censored until the comic book code was dissolved.

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There have been countless definitive horror titles in the comic book world, but not all have experienced the genre’s tropes as well as others. It takes a lot for a horror title to stand out and do something different these days, but there are some titles that continue to shock and surprise readers to this day.

ten 30 Days of Night offers a fresh take on vampires

With one of the most tantalizing and original premises of modern vampire fiction, 30 days of night was a breath of fresh air when it was first published in 2002. Written by Steve Niles and featuring illustrations by Ben Templesmith. The title focuses on a group of vampires who descended on the town of Barrow, Alaska, where its unique geographic position means it is plunged into total darkness for 30 days a year.

The concept was so well received that it spawned several adaptations of feature films, a series of novels, two TV mini-series and a whole series of merchandise. It was one of the main titles of the time that helped rekindle interest in horror comics as a whole.

9 Shadow Service mixes Bond-style espionage with occult horror

Ghost Service Issue 3 cover.

Cavan Scott’s recent foray into the underground world of supernatural London, Ghost service, is a spectacular cross between a British spy thriller and a Lovecraftian terror that manages to be both refreshing and reminiscent of all the best examples of each genre.

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Coupled with Corin Howell’s unique artwork, giving London and the creatures that inhabit below the surface, there is a dirty and grimy edge. Vault Comic’s latest horror title offers readers a satisfying journey into the unknown, while leaving them guessing at every turn.

8 Tharg’s Terror Stories Are Shocking Stories From Britain’s Top Creators

Cover of Thargs Terror Tales.

Similar to 2000 ADis long standing Future shocks, Tharg’s Tales of Terror are unique stories told in the pages of the British comic book anthology. Unlike science fiction Future shocks, Tales of Terror are entirely horror-themed and are often as adventurous and extravagant as their more famous counterpart in space.

Having been worked on by impressive creators such as Gordon Rennie, John Wagner, David Baillie and Monty Nero, among others, this strip has been a constant in British comics for decades. It has brought whole new generations of readers and creators into the world of horror comics, with the very nature of 2000 AD and his style of anthology is much appreciated for having allowed to take great creative risks.

7 Die! Namite brings together the most unlikely group of protagonists in horror comics

Cover of issue 3 of Dienamite Lives.

Toss a big chunk of Dynamite’s roster of heroes and villains into a giant zombie apocalypse epic, Die! Namite and its sequel series, Die! Namite Lives !, is a limitless, full-throttle adventure spanning decades of comic book, pulp and film history.

Starring Vampirella fighting with Red Sonja, side by side with Ash from Army of Darkness, Dejah Thoris, Miss Fury, Jennifer Blood and the cast of Project superpowers, this title has it all for fans of horror comics and Dynamite as a whole. A truly visceral, high-speed crash course that plays with its source material to great effect – this is not to be missed.

6 Afterlife With Archie Puts Iconic Character In A Completely Different Genre

Afterlife With Archie Issue 1 Cover.

In one of the strangest but most satisfying moves in recent memory, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla The afterlife with Archie for Archie Comics pits the sane residents of Riverdale against each other in a Walking Deadzombie style survival wire. While many readers were reluctant to embrace the move at first, when the title was released in 2013, most were won over by the clever writing and sublime artistry that manages to blend EC Comics-style terror with the more traditional tropes that fans identify with Archie and Friends.

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The title was so successful that it spawned an entire Archie Comics horror wing and ushered in several other spooky books in the same vein, such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Vampironica, and Jughead: Hunger—whose continued popularity undoubtedly inspired the hit series Riverdale to take a different angle, more tinged with horror in recent years.

5 Silver Coin lets a creative team of stars tell separate but connected horror stories

Silver coin number 5 cover.

Image Comic’s latest horror anthology hosts a star cast of comic book creators overseen by Michael Walsh, who has assembled a team of today’s top writers and artists to tell some of the craziest stories in the world. horror comic today. So far, readers have been treated to stories told by Chip Zdarsky, Jeff Lemire, Kelly Thompson, and Ed Brisson – as well as Walsh himself – and tell separate, time-consuming terror stories that are all linked by the presence. of a spooky old room.

Readers are transported in each issue to a new, bizarre and always entertaining world filled with bloody good times that, with each new story, bring them closer to uncovering the secrets of the play.

4 The preacher hits the readers with everything and takes it out

Preacher - Jesse and Tulip.

Not content with sticking to one genre, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s epic masterpiece Preacher is always regarded in such high regard for a reason. From Southern Gothic to vampire fiction, religious satire, voodoo mysteries, cutting edge cultural commentary and more, this series really has a bit of it all.

While the underrated TV adaptation has met mixed reviews, the comic book series that inspired it still stands to this day and should be high on the must-read comic book fan list.

3 Christopher Priest’s Vampirella mixes psychoanalysis, social commentary and horror

Vampirella in therapy.

Horror has always been a great outlet for exploring the fears and problems of contemporary society. Of Night of the Living Dead To Get out, the genre has often used allegory to deal with the social issues of the day. No title today does better than that of Christopher Priest Vampirelle and sister title Six sacred.

Using therapy as a way to come to terms with her past, Vampirella puts everything on the table. She is both hardened and strong, but also vulnerable and, above all, human. Ashthorne’s setting and his never-ending battle between his oppressed and supernatural minorities against the neighboring ultra-religious and right-wing town of Sacred is an unabashed commentary on many of today’s issues and makes it one of the most profound, and the most important about Vampirella ever written.

2 The Walking Dead is an epic that keeps readers on the edge of their seats throughout

The Living Dead - Rick Grimes.

With the multimedia juggernaut it has since become, it’s easy to forget how big a deal the original comic book series was during its original series. that of Robert Kirkman The walking dead was a breath of fresh air when it appeared in 2003, mixing slower, human-centric drama with terrifying zombie apocalypse – and it has kept readers coming back month after month.

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Spanning a whopping 193 issues and letting readers guess each month which characters would survive or die. This title will go down in history forever as one of the greatest zombie tales ever to be told, just like the classic George A. Romero films.

1 From Hell is an academic dive into real-life horror

From Hell TPB Cover.

In a landscape where hundreds, if not thousands of fiction and non-fiction books have been written about and about the infamous Jack the Ripper murders of the 1800s, it is indeed very complimentary that the epic of over 500 pages by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell From hell is among the most respected.

Meticulously researched and without pulling any punches when exploring the sandier sides of Victorian-era London, this title is not for the faint of heart. Filled with exemplary writing and strong thematic interpretations from already strange sources, From hell defines the genre as much as it challenges.

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