10 Horror Comedies That Are Really Scary

Horror and comedy seem like an unlikely duo, but the two genres actually work pretty much the same way. Both aim to elicit a visceral reaction from the audience, relying on timing and tension to be effective. It’s about building, then releasing. In comedy, it’s a laugh at the end of a bit, and in horror, it startles the audience after a scare. Put the two together, and it can be an uninterrupted rollercoaster of fun and thrills.

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Horror comedies give audiences the unique experience of laughing in the face of fear, but more often than not the comedy trumps the horror. Few horror comedies manage to be scary, but some films are exceptions to the rule. They can sometimes make viewers laugh, but that’s only when they’re not shouting.

10/10 Freaky is a slasher movie with a twist

Weird is a movie with such a simple premise that it’s awesome – it’s terrible friday meets Friday 13. Through a magical hokum, a teenage girl and a cruel serial killer swap bodies, and mayhem ensues. It’s a fun and exciting genre mashup that works really well.

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This is largely due to the film’s director, Christopher Landon, who is no stranger to horror comedies, having previously directed Scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse and happy day of the dead. While the movie takes full advantage of its silly premise, it never loses sight of the fact that it’s a slasher flick filled with tons of suspenseful gory deaths that horror fans will love.

9/10 Slither takes body horror to the extreme

Before James Gunn directed some of the greatest comic book movies of all time, he made his directorial debut with Slide, a sickening sci-fi horror that is littered with its signature humor. The film stars Michael Rooker as a man whose body is taken over by an alien parasite that turns him into a grotesque tentacled monster and attempts to infect the city.

With Slide, Gunn takes body horror to the next level and features some of the most heartbreaking scenes in recent memory. It must have been too disgusting for the masses as it flopped at the box office despite critical acclaim. It’s disappointing because Slide really is a good movie – if viewers can stomach it.

The cabin in the woods begins like any typical horror movie: a group of college students head to a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere for a weekend getaway before being attacked by monsters. However, this horror movie has a pretty big twist as it is revealed that all activity is controlled by an underground facility.

It is with this meta-approach that The cabin in the woods is able to really deconstruct and poke fun at the horror genre to great comedic effect. But it’s still packed with a healthy dose of suspense and gory horror that will keep audiences on the edge of their seat.

7/10 Teeth puts a new feminist spin on horror comedies

Certainly, The teeth is not for everyone. The film centers on Dawn, a God-fearing leader of a Christian abstinence group who discovers she is suffering from a strange condition called “vagina dentata”, which stems from a folktale in which the vagina of a woman has teeth. Like the folk tale, the film is meant to be a cautionary tale to discourage sexual assault.

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Whereas The teeth isn’t afraid to shy away from its silly premise, nor is it afraid to be extremely graphic. It’s a feminist film that’s not afraid to draw blood. Dawn uses her condition as a weapon to strengthen herself against would-be abusers, which means mutilation of male genitalia.

6/10 Get Out is satire disguised as horror

get out follows a young black man, Chris, who meets the parents of his white girlfriend, Rose, for the first time and discovers a dark secret about the family. While the film certainly fits into more than one genre, it works best as horror, and part of what makes it so scary is that its characters feel so realistic – like Rose’s dad trying to prove his “liberalism” by telling Chris he would have voted for Obama for a third term.

Writer-director Jordan Peele seamlessly blends sociopolitical commentary with classic horror movie tropes, and the result is truly terrifying. get out set a new standard for horror movies and established Peele as one of today’s greatest horror movie directors.

5/10 Evil Dead 2 is a cult classic

evil death 2 works as a sort of sequel/remake of the original evil Dead. Bruce Campbell returns as Ash and must once again battle an army of evil spirits. While the first film plays like straight-up horror that for the most part takes itself seriously, the second leans more into the comically absurd realm. Still, it has enough gore to satisfy hardcore horror fans.

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There is very little to say about evil death 2 it has not yet been said. The film is a certified cult classic and a midnight favorite. It’s the perfect movie for the Halloween season; it will make viewers scream, laugh, and scream even more.

4/10 Housebound flips the Haunted House movie on its head

Confined at home is a film that is criminally underrated and overlooked. The film perfectly executes a relatively simple premise – someone under house arrest in a haunted house. Similar to The cabin in the woods, the film deconstructs classic horror tropes and uses them to make jokes. But then it hits audiences with an onslaught of twists that leave a chilling effect.

Confined at home is a very well crafted film that uses horror to elevate its comedy and vice versa. It’s a movie that keeps audiences on their toes by playing with genre expectations in the best possible way. It’s the unique horror-comedy that really delivers on both fronts.

3/10 Shaun Of The Dead Is One Of The Greatest Zombie Movies Ever Made

Perhaps the most iconic horror-comedy in recent memory, Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the dead completely reinvented the zombie genre. The film follows co-writer Simon Pegg as the titular Shaun, a depressed salesman trying to win back his girlfriend during a zombie apocalypse.

At the heart of Shaun of the dead is a social commentary on working-class zombie life that’s filled with tons of sight gags and witty dialogue. But all of that is masked under an authentic gut-and-gory zombie movie filled with heartbreaking deaths. Shaun of the dead somehow manages to be one of the greatest horror movies and horror parodies at the same time.

2/10 An American Werewolf in London Is the Perfect Balance of Horror and Comedy

having led animal house and The Blues Brothers, John Landis is a director best known for his comedies. But in 1981, the filmmaker transformed the werewolf genre with the classic horror-comedy. An American werewolf in London. The film follows a pair of American tourists who are attacked by a wolf; one dies and turns into a ghost, and the other is cursed to become a werewolf at the next full moon.

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What really did An American werewolf in London standing out from other horror films was Rick Baker’s incredible Oscar-winning makeup effects that still hold up all these years later. Watching David turn into a werewolf is just as gruesome and scary as ever. It’s a classic for a reason.

1/10 Scream reinvented the horror genre

Only Wes Craven could make a slasher movie that satirizes all the tropes and clichés of the slasher genre, which he helped create, and it becomes a classic. Scream is a self-aware horror film that follows a group of teenagers who are slowly abducted by a masked killer known as Ghostface. The film helped reinvent the horror genre and spawned numerous sequels and countless copycats.

Which makes Scream so effective that it fully embraces the clichés it pokes fun at. The characters understand how horror movies work and use it to their advantage, but so does the killer. It’s smart, funny, well-executed, and most importantly, it’s scary as hell.

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