10 Great Horror Movies That Will Turn 20 In 2022

Even though 2022 offered some of the most innovative horror films in a long time, such as Nope and Xif the horror fan steps back in time, they will realize how inspired they seem to have been by horror movies of 20 years ago.

From unconventional slashers to alien invasions, 2002 offered a range of different stories and styles within the horror genre. More importantly, it was a year that shaped many horror tropes that would be used throughout the decade.



M. Night Shyamalan’s filmography offers a bit of everything: ghost stories, unconventional superheroes, airbenders, and more. Panels’ case, scary aliens. What sets this film apart from other science fiction stories about otherworldly beings is Shyamalan’s strong thematic pull; the aliens are a constant threat, but they carry out their plans in the background, blending into the shadows surrounding the farm.

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A rural family is troubled by mysterious crop circles in their fields, suggesting that something nasty may be threatening their peaceful life. Shyamalan delivers the horror through suggestion, in scenes where meticulous detail is inserted to induce fear. However, PanelsThe final twist is known to be divisive, which puts viewers in a love-or-hate state.

Ju-On: The Grudge

Ju-On: The Grudge features one of the scariest and deadliest curses in the horror genre, inspiring famous American remakes over the years. In the film, the mysterious and dangerous spirits of a mother and son participate in a terrifying curse that marks and pursues anyone who sets foot in the house where the spirits reside.

Ju-on deals with revenge in a creative and chilling way, using it as a vehicle for the rage that keeps tormented souls haunting the realm of the living. The film is one of the most important of 2002 because beyond delivering effective horror scenes and an atmosphere of constant fear, the two entities who embody the curse of Ju On remain as one of the most iconic villains. of horror history.

The eye

Inspiring an American remake and paving the way for a successful Hong Kong-Singaporean franchise, The eye has arguably some of the scariest scenes ever to appear on screen. The film follows a blind girl who undergoes a cornea transplant to regain her vision, but she soon realizes she got more than she bargained for after she starts seeing dead people.

There’s a particularly creepy moment in which the protagonist finds herself locked in an elevator with a sinister spirit slowly floating towards her. Different from many horror movies that use jump scares as a recurring resource to scare viewers, The eye easily terrifies its viewers by creating tension-filled scenes at a slow pace.

In my skin

A hidden gem in the body horror genre, In my skin is an often uncomfortable, slow-burning smart movie to watch, and probably a huge inspiration for another popular French horror, RawAfter suffering an accident that seriously injures her, successful Esther begins to lose her grip on reality and becomes increasingly obsessed with her body.

A narcissistic story, on the face of it, the film only gets stranger, as Esther’s fascination with her body makes her take pleasure in inflicting the most incredible injuries on herself, quickly spiraling out of control.


May is the kind of film that is best blindfolded for a bloody surprise as the plot unfolds. In a slow-burning tale, viewers follow a lonely young woman, May, and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her. Almost like a character study, the film delves deep into May’s frustrations and traumas, showing how they shaped her shattered psyche.

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Flirting with body horror tropes and carefully building tension, the film features one of the most complex female characters of the 2000s; a troubled and unpredictable woman on the brink of madness, yet viewers can’t help but feel connected to her, almost like accomplices in her downward spiral.

Blade II

Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, a master in the art of mixing fantasy and horror, Blade became even bloodier and sleeker in his hands. The anti-hero returns to form a tricky alliance with the vampire council to defeat the Reapers, terrifying creatures that feed on vampires.

Del Toro’s choice proves to be extremely effective whenever the Reapers are on screen. The action sequences offer hints of horror that make the scenes even more thrilling, and the Reapers’ design is as cool as it is spooky, doing justice to the creature’s lore; dangerous, older beings far deadlier than the conventional race of vampires.

Red Dragon

Whereas Red DragonThe story leans much more on the psychological side of horror, the film offers many terrifying moments; the final 20 minutes, in particular, will leave any viewer on the edge of their seat.

Released 11 years later Thesilenceofthelambs, Red Dragon is actually a prequel to the classic film and delves into the evil genius of Hannibal Lecter. The protagonist is Will Graham, a retired FBI agent once nearly killed by Hannibal, now forced to face him again in hopes of using his insights to track a new serial killer. As expected of Anthony Hopkins in his most iconic role, he steals the show every time he’s on screen, in one of the most intense Hannibal adaptations to date.

the ring

One of the most popular horror movies of all time, the ring is also a prime example of effective American remakes, staying true to the source material while delivering it with a fresh voice. In the film, anyone who watches a mysterious tape becomes the recipient of a curse that kills them seven days later. When a journalist becomes the next victim, she must race against time in order to stop the curse.

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the ring features an engaging investigative tale spiced with big scares, and Naomi Watts nails it in the lead role. The film manages to create a chilling and anxiety-inducing atmosphere that hangs over the main character as she grows increasingly desperate at the fate that awaits her in a few days.

28 days later

28 days later has one of the most satisfying horror movie aesthetics, offering fast editing and chaotic transitions to deliver the hopeless feel of a zombie apocalypse. After waking up in a world haunted by bloodthirsty and incredibly fast creatures lurking around every corner, a lone survivor discovers that humans could be just as dangerous as zombies.

With one of the most memorable opening sequences of all time, 28 days later is also a master class in creating tension; every image is haunted by the feeling that something bad is about to happen. Cillian Murphy kills it in the lead role as he wanders post-apocalyptic London to find utter chaos everywhere.

resident Evil

Fans can chat all they want about how the franchise has lost its course over the years, but the first resident Evil was there. Tackling many elements of the game in a unique cinematic style added to an iconic Milla Jovovich knocking down zombies with massive weapons, the film is claustrophobic horror that takes advantage of its limited spaces to mix action and thriller in an engaging way.

Housed in a special military unit, the survivors of a deadly epidemic fight their way through hundreds of scientists who have turned into carnivorous creatures, in a desperate attempt to make it out alive.

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