10 Best Survival Knives for Bushcraft & Adventure

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Building a shelter and making a fire both involve handling wood, so you’ll need a strong knife that will hold its edge. And because toughness is so important – a knife won’t help you survive if it breaks under heavy use – we generally recommend a fixed blade (as in, not folding) survival knife with solid construction. silk, that is to say the steel of the blade extends all along the handle. Full tang knives are also best for practicing bushcraft techniques. If you just want a reliable knife to keep in your glove compartment, purse, or pocket, then a folding knife will work well.


For a dedicated survival knife, bigger is usually better. But not too big. A good and generally accepted size for the category is about nine inches, plus or minus a few. But again, the best survival knife is the one you have with you in case of disaster – any blade is better than none, and there are exceptions to every rule.


Some survival knife considerations are not specifically about pure function. Number one: I’m favorably predisposed to bright orange for knives and outdoor tools when that’s an option. Survival situations can often involve low visibility, so having a camouflage knife would be a dumb idea. We also avoid most of the search results you’ll find on Amazon – if you ask me, the last thing I want to rely on in a survival situation is a contraband blade from Bezos.

Sharpening tools

Second: It’s important to keep your knife sharp. It is a blade after all. I sharpen all my knives (kitchen and outdoor) on a Japanese whetstone. It can be a complex but rewarding process that I won’t go into too much detail about. If you want to learn more about sharpening knives this way, there are dozens of videos on YouTube and a ton of grumpy knife sharpening “experts” on Reddit who would be more than happy to preach their gospel. For those of you who plan on being away from your home sharpening tools, there are less cumbersome options but, like everything else mentioned before, this requires planning. A good mobile option is the whetstone. sharpen Fallkniven DC4. It’s small enough to keep in a bug out bag or survival kit and could help in a pinch if you’ve dulled your blade after hours of surviving with it.

The 9 Best Survival Knives of 2022

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