10 Best Games Like The Serpent Rogue

After debuting on April 26, 2022, the medieval open-world RPG The snake thief instantly got great reviews from critics and casual gamers alike. With an intense focus on crafting and exploration, the sandbox survival game lets players boost their chances of survival by using alchemy to create potions, recipes, and tame wild animals before they only inflict fatal damage inside the realm of darkness.

While there are plenty of open-world RPGs on the market that prioritize exploration and building over combat, only a select few set in medieval times are truly worth spending countless hours trying to to conquer.


ten Minecraft

Bees hover over a field in Minecraft

The definitive sandbox crafting game that paved the way for others en route to becoming the best-selling title of all time, The snake thief owes a lot to Minecraft. Created by Swedish Mojang studios, Minecraft gives players zero direction or purpose, allowing players to explore and forge their own path before constructing wildly imaginative objects from geometric blocks that lead to trophies.

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While not set in medieval times per se, the Creepers, Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders, and Enderman are reminiscent of Serpent Rogue’s strange wild animals that must be tamed between crafting and building. Additionally, the Netherworld in Minecraft looks a bit like the kingdom of darkness.

9 Valheim

A Viking stands in the water and watches boats in Valheim

Released in early access in February 2021, Valheim is an indie Viking-based survival sandbox game that also focuses on crafting tools, building shelters, and exploring a vast open world. Players control the minds of fallen Vikings who want to prove themselves fit in Valhalla, guided only by their intuition and a croaking raven. As such it is ideal for playing alongside The snake thief.

Aside from the supernatural twist, secondary combat elements and ancient setting that aligns it with The snake thief, Valheim was praised for its engaging storylines, haunting music, and level of sophistication for an early release.

8 Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

A warrior wears a mask and antlers in Siege Survival Gloria Victis

As its title suggests, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis finds players heavily under attack during a medieval siege. The acclaimed MMORPG also forces players to avoid danger and evolve using moralistic strategy, an elaborate crafting system, and non-targeted skill-based combat. The more skills one accumulates, the better the chance of survival, allowing players to really showcase their survival strategies.

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With battle not an issue, players can really focus on fortifying the perimeter of village walls, scavenging, collecting, and forging supplies to build a camp, and use a combination of their wits and the environment to Stay alive as enemy forces storm the castle. With great illustrations to boot, Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is hard to beat.

7 Besiege

Armies line up near trees and a large vehicle in Besiege

Another superb sandbox strategy RPG includes Besiege, developed and published by Spiderling Studios in 2020. The stellar premise involves players traversing an open medieval world to find tools and craft giant medieval siege engines, which they can use to protect their castles from enemies. Well thought out planning is an absolute must for success.

The game’s creation tools are second to none, allowing players to craft some of the most elaborate machines this side of Horizon west forbidden. The physics-based strategy game requires exploration and building first and foremost, with combat coming as an added dose of visceral fun.

6 medieval dynasty

A woman stands on a farm with cattle in the medieval dynasty

While New world also deserves a mention, medieval dynasty focuses more on hunting, gathering, crafting, exploring, and finding ways to earn money than on action and combat. The acclaimed RPG is all about surviving in the wilderness, colonizing an entire settlement, and keeping the community safe by managing villagers.

Players control Racimir, a young adventurer who must live by his wits after his father’s death, leaving him without the knowledge to survive on his own. As Racimir slowly fosters a new community, he restores order to his namesake. For fans of The rogue snake who want to continue building inventive cities as a means of survival, medieval dynasty is the place to be.

5 Niffelheim

A Viking holds a hammer in Niffelheim

A little like Valheim, Niffelheim is an excellent survival RPG set in the Middle Ages under the reign of the Vikings. Players control the soul of a slain Viking warrior who must wander the dark underworld of Niffelheim and make their way to Valhalla. To do this, the strategy of exploration and survival takes precedence over combat.

A little like The Thieving Serpent, Niffelheim excels in its vivid atmosphere, scary paranormal villains, and tough survival challenges for beginners and experts alike. In addition, the hand-drawn artwork is very similar to that of The snake thief.

4 Outwards

A female warrior stands in profile at the beach in Outward

For another acclaimed open-world RPG that emphasizes survival rather than combat, check out the action-fantasy title Outwards. Players control a castaway commoner rather than a hero, where they must traverse a huge open world and avoid disease, fend off starvation by searching for food, and battle enemies using a single weapon.

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With medieval iconography and free-for-all sandbox gameplay, Outwards is sure to appeal to gamers who like to explore and live by their wits without any hands-on game designers.

3 World of Warcraft

The Botanica featured in War of Worldcraft

One of the most popular games of the genre (despite some unpopular reviews on Reddit), World of Warcraft is an MMORPG that has dominated the market since 2004. Set in medieval times during the reign of Azeroth and the Eastern Kingdoms, players explore vast landscapes, build tools, use herbs and alchemical potions to create elixirs and defend their land against macabre monsters of all stripes.

In particular, the Botanica section in the Tempest Keep portion of the game is instantly reminiscent of the flora found in The thief serpent, where you can pick exotic flowers, rare herbs and medicinal plants to ward off enemies.

2 Forbidden Horizon West

Aloy finds a trap in Horizon Forbidden West

Hailed as one of the best video games of 2022, Forbidden Horizon West fuses the iconography of medieval warriors with post-apocalyptic ruin to create an exciting new set. The massive western-themed open-world RPG is sandbox’s most epic survivalism, with a balanced focus on crafting, building, constructing as well as combat, trapping, and looting.

The story follows Aloy, a fierce warrior who, like the protagonist of The snake thief tame wild animals, must smash huge mechanical monsters loaded with valuable junk, shards and other resources.

1 Ring of Elden

A knight fights a monster in Elden Ring

if it’s not Forbidden Horizon Westso Ring of Elden is almost certainly the best game that looks the most like The snake thief. The sprawling open-world fantasy RPG encourages combat to the same extent as exploration, but it’s the sandbox-style, immersive medieval setting that’s sure to satisfy most fans.

As players battle the paranormal offspring of Queen Marika the Eternal, they must search the realm known as The Lands Between to find all of the Great Shattered Ruins, lost relics of the cataclysmic destruction of the Elden Ring. With a metascore of 96, Ring of Elden is the creme de la creme.

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