10 best couch co-op games of all time


Couch co-op is unfortunately a genre that has fallen apart. With online gaming becoming so prevalent, the need for split screen has dramatically diminished. It’s a shame because many people fondly remember LAN parties and games with a group of friends in person rather than over a long distance.

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However, the genre is not completely in the grave. There are a few games that have recently helped fill the void and others that, even as they get older, are still great fun to play with a buddy on a Saturday afternoon or late into the night. These are some of the best couch co-op games that any system has to offer, ever.

ten Divinity Original Sin feels like playing an active tabletop game with a friend

Divinity: Original Sin II Transfiguration Class

More often than not, cooperative games are more about having fun with a friend than an immersive storytelling experience. Original Sin Deity proven that you can do both, creating a game that is at its best with another person and whose story seems to come straight from a table game.

The second game in the series managed to improve almost everything, giving more customization and depth to the group’s choices. It’s a game that seems to transcend the typical cooperative experience.

9 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is one of the last games in its genre to have local multiplayer

six vegas rainbow game

Anyone who has not played the game can find rainbow six a weird addition to the list, but it was an incredibly fun co-op game, especially in part two. Two players could go through the campaign, as several other shooters allow.

What did Rainbow Six Vegas 2 different was the exceptional Terrorist Hunt mode. In it, up to four players would have to hunt down and sometimes survive, a set number of terrorists, depending on the difficulty chosen. Cutting paths and taking down the bad guys was rewarding and fun to do.

8 Broforce is a throwback to the side-scrolling days of yore

Broforce is a game for anyone who wanted to star in their own action movie. There are loads of bad guys to punch through and tons of bullets to do it.

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The fact that it’s a side-scroller rather than a first-person shooter makes it even better because it plays on the silliness of the premise. It’s not meant to be taken seriously and it’s the perfect game to have fun with a few friends for a light afternoon. Ultimately, that’s what good cooperative play is.

7 Overcooked is a game that overcomes simple mechanics to become addicting

A game about characters trying to cook things doesn’t seem like the most engaging concept. Mechanics in Overcooked are equally simplistic, but none of it matters because it’s fun.

There is something extremely enjoyable about starting a level on a hot air balloon while trying to whip up a salad, only to end up crashing into a sushi restaurant at the end. It captures the family and party vibe you would get Mario party. The fact that it can be played with children is an added bonus.

6 Diablo helped create an entire subgenre of cooperative games

reaper of souls diablo 3 cover

Games like Magic, Glove, and many others owe their existence to Diablo. It is the ultimate descendant dungeon robot that still boasts a huge fan base today. It’s not hard to see why this, even with its flaws, Diablo 3 was an extremely fun game to play with a few friends.

The classes all have a unique feel, so a wizard doesn’t feel like playing a demon hunter. It doesn’t mention all of the loot that can be looted from dungeons, the ranking system, or the ability to do a hardcore mode. He has a little something for everyone.

5 Portal 2 features a new co-op campaign and a unique and challenging experience

Cooperative robots from Portal 2.

Gate 2 as a single player game was great, but what sets it apart from its original is that it can be played co-op. Players take control of two robots that go through hardships like a human would, and GLaDOS gets more and more bored with them because they can’t die.

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The real fun isn’t so much in the added story. It is that the game is much more difficult than in solo. Puzzles require more precise timing and constant teamwork to overcome them. It’s a rewarding experience for both players.

4 A Way Out offers a cinematic and scripted experience

an exit

An exit is a rare game that has been specially designed for couch co-op; normally it’s more of an afterthought. The fact that he sold a million copies in two weeks shows that there is still a love for the couch co-op and it doesn’t all have to be online.

The game itself is a great scripted experience that requires two players to work together in a very immersive setting. He follows two convicts escaping from prison and escaping the police once released. The end is just as incredible.

3 Castle Crashers is the best beat-em up game on the market and can be played by anyone

Who knew that a Newgrounds game could be so fun? Castle crashers is a beat-em game that understands that the heart of these games is having fun without thinking rather than being driven by the difficulty. The game is simplistic to take in hand, which makes it playable by anyone who wants it.

This simplicity helps to understand just how addicting it is. Playing for thirty minutes can quickly take a couple of hours with how the game sucks the player up. It’s too much fun to hack enemies – and sometimes your friends, at least when it comes to winning the love of a princess.

2 Left 4 Dead Made Shooting Through Huge Waves Of Ridiculously Fun Zombies

Left for dead is one of the peaks of cooperative shooters. It can be played with up to four friends and takes players through a variety of scenarios where they must survive the zombie apocalypse. At first it seems pretty straightforward as the zombies are more than manageable. Everything changes when rescue looms on the horizon.

Players are bombarded with hordes of zombies and infected, making escape a real challenge. The Infected Special only increases this difficulty, offering much different challenges than normal zombies.

1 Borderlands provides all the loot a bunch of players could ever want and is the ultimate co-op game

When it comes to cooperative games, the top of the heap will always be Borders. He’s the ultimate looter shooter and he pretty much invented the genre (before “loot” became a dirty word in the video game industry).

In Borders, up to four players can select a Vault Hunter with their own talents and skill trees. This makes replaying multiple games more fun and gives the group of players more variation. What sets it apart from other co-op games is the loot. Borders has loot everywhere, offering some of the weirdest and funniest guns a shooter has ever had.

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