10 best characters, ranked by bravery

The Umbrella Academy recently revealed the release date for Season 3, marking June 22 as the premiere of Episode 1. The first two seasons have been full of powerful characters with extraordinary powers, and viewers are eagerly awaiting the powerful new characters. who will be introduced to Sparrow Academy in Season 3.

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We can’t pretend that the umbrella academy is full of characters with exceptional abilities; however, throughout Season 2, each main character was put through a trial that also tested their character and bravery. Courage as it appears in The Umbrella Academy, is a matter of external strength and also internal quality and character. The peculiarities of the season cast each character in a light illuminating their bravery.

ten pogo

Umbrella Academy Pogo

Pogo, a chimpanzee with human intelligence, is undoubtedly an empathetic character, serving as a parental figure throughout Season 1. His story unfolds throughout the Season 2 timeline, where his loyalty to Reginald is explained.

Despite Pogo’s compassion for the children, after Vanya’s confrontation in Season 1, it becomes clear that Pogo’s alliances rest with Reginald. Pogo seems guilty about Vanya, but he never stands up to Reginald and remains a more passive character. His bravery is revealed in the Season 1 showdown where Pogo lays down his life while the other Umbrella children escape. Despite this bravery completing her character arc, her inability to act with self-determination throughout Season 1 is passive compared to persistent active acts of courage displayed by other characters.

9 Hazelnut


The time-traveling Commission assassin Hazel, though seen briefly in Season 2, had a huge impact on fans with her relationship with Agnes. He defies the Commission, taking an active role in pursuing a future for himself and the woman he loves.

He exhibits the traditional bravery of an assassin. He is steadfast in the face of peril, until he meets Agnes. His traditional bravery turns into more emotional bravery as he will do anything to be with her and protect her. His character changes to put someone else above himself. However, his bravery is somewhat one-dimensional, his motivations existing in a singular person, and he simply knows no hardships compared to other characters.


8 Luther

Tom Hopper as Luther number 1 in The Umbrella Academy

Luther, despite stereotypes of his stature, did not display any notable bravery throughout Season 1. In Luther’s struggle to learn that Reginald viewed him as a failure, he was not particularly empathetic towards the struggles of his siblings. In Season 2, Luther’s character evolved into more of a team player.

Luther’s growth in Season 2 highlights his trauma of holding the academy single-handedly, his days of isolation, and despite that, his love for his family. His ability to grow despite his experiences ranks him higher, but he still lived in the shelter of Reginald for most of his life and didn’t face the level of nightmare that his siblings did.

7 Diego

Diego watches someone in The Umbrella Academy

Diego displays his masculinity and strength in any effort to prove his mettle. However, his relationships with his mother, Patch, Klaus, and Lila prove that despite his tough exterior, he is also gentle, caring, and genuinely cares about his family.

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Diego shows traditional bravery in the face of danger, but also loyalty and kindness despite the risks. Even after Patch’s death, as Diego struggles to come to terms with his passing, he doesn’t lose the part of himself that cares. Diego’s internal struggle to find a balance between these two parts of him and his bravery despite fear and loss is a more nuanced bravery than some, but Diego doesn’t experience some of the intense trauma and sacrifice of some of the other characters.

6 Lilac

Lila Pitts gazes into the distance in The Umbrella Academy

Lila was raised from a young age to be a weapon for the Commission. She displays loyalty to the handler for raising her, until she realizes that the handler killed her parents when she was young in order to use her for his own gain.

Throughout the season, Lila displays an intense internal struggle as she develops a relationship with Diego, caring deeply for him, but also for the Handler. Lila is a brave soldier, but watching her work through her trauma and ambivalent loyalties showcases a nuanced bravery of outer strength and inner character. Her childhood experiences as well as her subtle attempts to protect Diego from her mother put her above some of the others in that she manages to overcome her loyalty, love and desire for her mother to love her, in order to to see reality.

5 Vania

Elliot Page as Vanya in The Umbrella Academy

Vanya was treated differently from an early age, ignored by her siblings and struggling with the circumstances of her isolated childhood. In Season 2, Vanya becomes involved with a woman named Sissy and takes care of her son Harlan.

Facing a childhood of neglect, Vanya’s childhood fear and trauma manifests into remarkable power that nearly ends the world twice. Despite the physical manifestation of her power, the inner courage she has to continually try and the love she still feels for the siblings who neglected her are great enough to overcome the second apocalypse. The courage of forgiveness and understanding is particular, however, there is a lack of effort and selflessness compared to Five, Allison, Ben and Klaus.

4 Klaus

Klaus is a fan favorite of The Umbrella Academy. Klaus faces great adversity, dealing with childhood trauma, addiction, torture, and the death of his lover, Dave. Despite this, Klaus cares deeply for his family and becomes an important asset.

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While Klaus’ bravery is a point of mockery throughout Season 1. This derision is juxtaposed with the massive internal struggles that remain largely hidden from his family, attesting to the courage he demonstrates on a daily basis. Her battle with addiction is another major testament to her bravery, working tirelessly towards sobriety in efforts to help her siblings throughout both seasons. This ongoing battle is in itself a show of courage, and his efforts to overcome for the sake of others are a remarkable display of character.

3 Well

Ben the umbrella academy

Ben is largely a companion in Season 1, a plot device to help Klaus through his difficulties. However, Season 2 paints a new, expanded portrayal of Ben, giving him an independent arc. With Season 2, fans are also introduced to Ben’s internal struggles of always having to be an observer, unable to physically help.

He struggles to hold on to the world of the living, too scared to move on and leave his family behind. In Season 2, Ben faces his greatest fear in order to save Vanya, proving a deep courage rivaled by few others. This self-sacrifice and courage to face his worst fear makes him one of the bravest characters on the show.

2 Allison

Allison Umbrella Academy (1)

Allison’s initial character is a bit thoughtless, as she’s used to getting what she wants with just a few words. Still, she cares for Vanya, desperate to protect her, even after Vanya hurts her. Season 2 immerses Allison in the racist Jim Crow era of the 1960s, and Allison is forced to confront a life in the segregated South.

Allison’s bravery first shows in her determination to help Vanya. Additionally, Season 2 Allison is all about the civil rights movement. All her life, Allison had used her ability as a shield to protect her from the consequences, but after denouncing her ability, Allison was newly vulnerable. Almost suddenly, Allison loses her defenses, her family, and faces South Jim Crow alone, and still works to help others. This sacrificial bravery, shown even in defense of strangers, is a bravery only transcended by Five.

1 number five

The Umbrella Academy - Five

Five is ruthless and callous after decades of isolation. His willingness to murder innocent people for the greater good speaks to calculated values ​​and twisted morals. Five rejects vulnerability, but despite this, his deep bond with Dolores exemplifies the fear he had to overcome to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Five’s isolation and decades of brutal survivalism do not dismantle the love he has for his family, and the courage to overcome the despair of his situation is unique. Despite his scholarly insensitivity, Five has moments that show a softer side. He overcame decades of isolation in order to save his family and the world. Five’s journey is courage that transcends his siblings.

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