Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Content Update Notes - Operation: Short Fuse

A new patch has been introduced with a variety of new stuff including guns, gear, and a map. Some bugs have been fixed and some new features have been added including permanent weapons and gear.
Listen up Soldiers!

In appreciation for the commitment you've shown throughout this arduous fight, Central Command has issued a set of arms for every soldier! These permanent weapons and gear require nothing but your continued dedication to winning the great battle, the more advanced your rank, the more items you unlock!

Professional Backpack, available at Staff Sergeant I

Professional Cap, available at Sergeant First Class I

M9 Professional, available at Master Sergeant I

M92FS Professional, available at Master Sergeant IV

M16A3 Professional, available at Command Sergeant Major III

Veteran Backpack, available at Second Lieutenant I

Veteran Cap, available at Second Lieutenant IV

M9 Veteran, available at First Lieutenant II

M92FS Veteran, available at First Lieutenant V

M16A3 Veteran, available at Captain II

Elite Backpack, available at Major I

Elite Cap, available at Major IV

M9 Elite, available at Lieutenant Colonel II

M92FS Elite, available at Lieutenant Colonel V

M16A3 Elite, available at Colonel III

Champion Backpack, available at Brigadier General

Champion Cap, available at Major General

M9 Champion, available at Lieutenant General

M92FS Champion, available at General

M16A3 Champion, available at General of the Army

So start ranking up!

--Combat Arms Command--

Attention Soldiers!

For 3/31, the fight may take you deeper into the trenches, but don’t worry! Spring is here, and Central Command is dropping new supplies to help you: new weapons, a new specialist item, and a whole new battlefield to conquer. Good luck, courageous soldiers of Combat Arms...

SITREP: The military received Intel that led them to believe they were in danger of an anti-government uprising from local insurgents. The insurgents have seized a NEMEXIS research facility in the outskirts of the city. Although uprisings have become fairly common of late, the military has made the destruction of this particular group the highest priority, fearing that they have obtained access to top secret cutting-edge military equipment, information, and technology, all being developed by NEMEXIS. The military has dispatched special forces to quickly and quietly annihilate the research facility, and all those who occupy it.

Game Modes Available- Elimination, Elimination Pro, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, One Man Army, Last Man Standing, and Spy Hunt.

Clearance Level : CL3

New NX Items:

ACR Blacksnake- Although the ACR Blacksnake resembles the SCAR, it features new and unique integral parts. It utilizes a modular system that allows the usage of 2 types of bullets.

MG36- A modified version of the G36, the MG36 utilizes a longer barrel and twin drum magazines, which allow it to serve as a squad-automatic weapon.

Specialist Backpack License- allows user to have 1 special item slot and 1 regular weapon slot.

New Features:

Clearance Levels: Combat Arms has added Clearance Levels to each Map and Mode, to help users find the right map based on their rank and skill level.

Clearance Level 1 (CL1) available at Trainee:

-Maps: Cabin Fever, Cold Seed, Death Room, Desert Thunder, Junk Flea, Overdose, and Snow Valley

-Game Modes: Elimination, Fireteam, One Man Army, and Quarantine

Clearance Level 2 (CL2) available at Corporal:

-Maps: CL1 maps, Brushwood, Grave Digger, Gray Hammer, Power Surge, Pump Jack, Rattlesnake, Roadkill, Sand Hog, Showdown, Two Towers, Warhead and Waverider.

-Game modes: CL1 game modes, Capture the Flag, Elimination Pro, Last Man Standing, Search and Destroy, and Spy Hunt.

Clearance Level 3 (CL3) available at Sergeant First Class I:

-Maps: CL1 maps, CL2 maps, and Short Fuse.

-Game Modes: CL1 game modes and CL2 game modes.

Clan Invite System- Combat Arms has updated the Clan Invite System! It is now easier to join clans and proactively recruit clan members. Clan members can recruit their friends using a recommendation system. The invitees have the option of accepting or declining Clan Invitations, with the simple click of a button.

Rank Unlock Permanent Weapons and Gear- Now players can unlock a variety of upgraded versions of default gear at certain ranks. Each player now has the opportunity to unlock 20 permanent weapons and gear items, absolutely free. Read more here!


Explosives Month- April is Explosives Month, so for the entire month Combat Arms will celebrate with blowout Explosives-related Sales and Events. Click here for more information!

Other Game Changes and Updates:


· Curse Filter has been adjusted to allow certain words to be said (such as Sniper, Corporal, Arsenal and Ridiculous).
· Curse Filtering can now be disabled.
· Players can now be invited into clans by clan leaders and administrators.
· GP Price of the Specialist 2 Slot License has been decreased (from 19,500 GP to 4,500 GP for 7 days).

· Voice Ad Capability has been added to Vivox Voice Chat.
· Hacking Protection Module has been updated.

Bug Fixes

· Addressed some specific causes of lag.
· Usage of the MP5 RAS Centurion can now be extended with the Weapon Renewal Kit.

--Combat Arms Command--