Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Feb. 3rd Patch Notes

New patch is out, one of the biggest changes is the new user interface. Enjoy the update, let's get fraggin.
Attention Soldiers!

For 2/3, you will get the chance to prove yourself in the ultimate test of survival, Last Man Standing, the newest mode in Combat Arms. You’ll have some new supplies to aid you in your battle: new weapons, new gear, and a new specialist item. Central Command has you covered! Good luck, brave men and women of Combat'll need it.

Operation Survival: Last Man Standing

To succeed in the newest mode, you must be the last man standing at the end of the round. The stakes have never been higher than in this battle of life and death.

Quarantine Mode Regen

Quarantine Mode is back, better than ever! In this redesigned version of Quarantine Mode, the Infections begin with much fewer HP with which to survive. However, the Infection’s HP will be recovered when they are stationary for 3 seconds. 10% of their HP will be recovered every extra second they stay still after the 3-second period. Additionally, the number of Host Infections has been adjusted, so the battle between Humans and the Infected will truly be a fight to remember.

New NX Items:

M39 EMR Desert – a new Sniper rifle!

Tanker Vest – Style and protection, what more could a soldier want?

New Specialist Item:

First Aid Kit - Heal your entire team with this item!

New GP Items:

M39 EMR, available at First Lieutenant IV

First Aid Kit, available at Second Lieutenant II

Other Game Changes and Updates:

New Features:
-Chat while in the Shop, Storage or Modifications Page
-Whisper Command; send messages to players during gameplay or outside of gameplay

-View Player Info and Add Friends directly from the Clan Members page
-The player’s Character Information can be easily seen when in all menus
-Player’s KDR displayed in Character Information section of Menus instead of Kills\Deaths
-A shortcut key (F5) can now be used to Ready Up when in a Game Room

-Quarantine is now Quarantine: Regen
-Infected players can now recover health slowly (Must remain motionless, seek cover first!)
-Infected players Total HP has been reduced to balance new infected feature

-AP Mines have been adjusted to make them more reliable and easier to utilize in team-based games:
-Only enemy players will trigger planted mines.
-Allied players will be able to see the location of planted mines.
Bug Fixes:
-Exploit(s) addressed in Cabin Fever
-Exploit(s) addressed in Warhead
-K5 variants now properly equip on spawn in pistol-only matches.

--Combat Arms Command--


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