Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Voice Chat In Combat Arms!

Nexon announced that they will be adding a built in voice chat feature for Combat Arms. Personally, I think this is great news. Here is the details:
Voice Chat is coming to Combat Arms!

Combat Arms is taking community communication features to a whole new level! With the November 25th update, Combat Arms will officially offer Vivox Voice Chat capabilities! This service will be free to all players, and is optional to activate. Now, you’ll be able to hear your friends (and enemies) as you battle for your life!

When the update is live on November 25th, Vivox Voice Chat will be automatically enabled, so you don’t need to download anything once you’ve patched. To get started, all you’ll need is any standard 3.5mm jack-in or USB headset!

Keep checking for updates on Vivox Voice Chat, we look forward to hearing you on November 25th!

--Nexon America--