Saturday, January 31, 2009

Patch Delayed

sad panda :(
The second content patch originally scheduled for January has been delayed for a week due to the Lunar New Year holiday in Korea.

Combat Arms will be going through a content patch on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 beginning at 9:30am PST.

This involves all game servers and will last for approximately 4 hours.

Combat Arms Maintenance Details:

-- Servers: All Game Servers

-- Time: Wednesday, February 4th, 9:30am ~ 1:30pm PST

- Combat Arms Command -

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowball Fight Guide

I found this nice little guide over at the Nexon forums, it was posted by the user "Arvalence". Hope you guys enjoy it!

Ah... the Snowball Fight mode. Even without exploiting (and please - don't exploit it... >_>), you can still rack up a hefty sum of EXP/Gold. But how? Just how? I'm sure, to the ones who have figured it out all on their own (without exploiting, mind you), can conjure up a story of the [insert plural insult here] not even being able to aim a shovel, let alone shooting their rifle properly. Lets start with... -drumroll- ... the weapons. :O


Snowball Rifle - The foundation of your weapons. I personally guarantee, that this will be the main weapon you'll be using, thanks to its unlimited ammo supply (eheheh... I'm being Captain Obvious). To use this, simply arc your rifle to the point of choice, fire, and watch the "HELP!" signs fly away. That is, when you aim properly. Just imagine this, and all the other rifles included in this section, as a grenade launcher. It doesn't shoot straight, period. I can't perfectly explain the procedure of arcing your weapon, but... if you have the general knowledge of it, this should catch on quite quickly.

Ice Ball Rifle - It contains a maximum of three blows (sorry people - no modifications in this mode... :P). It shoots out a gas, much like the G7A gas grenade. Though it does kill your HP quickly like the G7A, it doesn't last nearly as long (the effect does; the storm doesn't). Still, it has an added bonus. Being hit with this/Hitting someone with this will shake up your screen/shake up their screen until the cyan-ish effect stops. For people hiding behind crates/sandbags/etc., this will certainly be a useful tool. It lasts for about... three seconds? o_o

Snow Shovel - It works like a G.I. Shovel... but it's complete with a One-Hit-KO. Left-clicking (or whatever you set your primary shooting to) will simply pound down with the shovel, while right-clicking it (or whatever you set your secondary shooting/scope button to) will make the mercenary swing the shovel twice; right to left, then left to right (CONFIRMATION REQUIRED). Though, unless they're frozen, you can't kill, damage, etc. with this. It, while being able to crush your enemies, is also able to save your teammates from certain doom. Oh - and a note: There's a big red X in the middle of your screen. Please, use it. <.<;

Snow Grenade Launcher - It too, contains a maximum of three shots. It too, needs to be shot with an arc. With a red streak flaming through the sky, it shoots out a snow grenade, fully capable of freezing the opponent. Mind you, it's not as effective as a normal grenade in a normal firefight (CONFIRMATION REQUIRED), but it's great for taking out groups. It explodes after, I believe, one full second (CONFIRMATION REQUIRED). It contains the same radius as a normal fragmentation grenades. As stated before, great for taking out those bunched up groups, or delaying a save from the opponent.

General Information

Credits to kjrokanoshi (though, I think he stated that he received this information from another), using the rifles/launcher, you have two seperate commands. The left-click and the right-click. Using the left-click, you shoot your shot with more of a drop, but more power compared to the right-click. Thus, using the left-click for relatively long distances is useless. However, using the right-click, your shot moves in a much straighter pattern (less of an arc), though, with less power. Great for long range.

In my opinion, saving your teammate means much more than crushing an enemy. No, you will not destroy your own teammate by hitting him/her with the Snow Shovel. I can't believe how many times I've heard that one being used as an excuse. >_>

Suggested by [Unknown] (No, not Knight... :o): If someone on the opposing team is exploiting, report them of course, but before finishing/leaving the game, annoy them. Go find their hiding spot, shoot them down, and crush them. Repeat until they stop, or until the game ends.

Scoring in this game is judged by lives. Not by kills. You suicide, you lose a life from the bucket. When your team loses all of their remaining life points, you die without a respawn. When all teammates are dead without life points, including you, your team loses.

Saving a teammate gives you 10 HP. Even more reason why you should help your teammates, rather than just going ape on the enemy.

Currently, there is a bug where shooting an Ice Ball/Snow Grenade... just disappears while still taking your ammo. There is no way to prevent this at the moment, from what I see.

Using trick jumps, you may reach places hard for other players to reach. When you get up there, just shoot and help your team, and rest in peace, knowing that it may take a relatively long time for the enemy to reach you for an Ice Crush. However, you had better not glitch. >:O


So, ah... feel free to support/criticize/correct my guide. Rate it, hate it, it's all helpful... Unless of course, you're coming to flame/troll/spam. -.O

Friday, January 16, 2009

WOGL Closed!

Oh noes! :(
Attention Soldiers,

From your numerous reports, we are currently looking into the Hit Box issue many players are experiencing from this patch. We are investigating it and will resolve it as soon as we can.

In addition, there may be potential exploits in this patch. Should we find you abusing any exploits in-game, we will permanently suspend your account.

-Hime- & the Combat Arms Command

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1/14 Patch Notes - New Winter Game Mode: Snowball Fight

The patch has been released, here is the scoop:
Happy 2009, soldiers, and welcome to the start of a new year for COMBAT ARMS! The holidays may be over, but the war goes on! Winter is still here, so for the first January content update, we've got a frost-bitten new game mode called Snowball Fight just for the season. We've also got two new rank weapons to complement the veteran soldier's arsenal.

New Winter Event Game Mode: Snowball Fight
(available for a limited time only, from 1/14 - 3/18)

We've got a brand new way team-based game mode that gives "killing in cold blood" a whole new meaning. In "Snowball Fight", you and your squadmates will arm yourself with specialized snowball weapons to freeze the enemy. Frozen players cannot move and will begin calling to their teammates for help. If you get to them first, take out your shovel and smash them to pieces to perform an Ice Crush! An Ice Crush is the only way to kill your enemy and reduce the enemy's spawn pool.

You can also use your shovel to release your frozen teammates from the ice before they get smashed by an enemy shovel. Unfrozen teammates will be able to return to the fight without using up a respawn for their team. Remember, all players on your team share the same respawn pool... and the more you save your fellow teammates, the more likely it is that they'll be there to save you! Saving a frozen teammate will also restore a small amount of your own HP.

Winning a Snowball Fight

Each team has its own respawn pool with a limited number of respawns for all team members. Every kill via an Ice Crush reduces the other team's respawn pool by 1. If your team's respawn pool reaches zero, no one else on your team will be able to respawn. To win, your team must reduce the other team's respawn pool to zero and then crush all remaining enemy combatants.

This event will only be available during the winter months so play before the snow melts!

New Rank GP Gear!

-- SG 550 Assault Rifle (at Master Sergeant 3 Rank)

SG 550

-- Saiga 20K Shotgun (at Command Sergeant Major 2 Rank)

Saiga 20K
Other Updates

-- Hack protection has been increased (certain hacks have been disabled).
-- Hit detection for close-range and melee weapon attacks has been improved.

We've got quite a lot of things in the works for 2009. Stay tuned in the coming months for some announcements on major changes to Combat Arms!

-- Combat Arms Command --

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOGL Sneak Peak

In a few days, the WOGL combat arms league will begin. Here is the scoop:
The Moment of Truth Has Arrived

We are glad to proclaim that our regular season for Combat Arms Search and Destroy and Capture the Flag will begin in just a few short days on Jan. 18th and Jan 21st. There is a large array of intriguing match ups this week. All season long we will be keeping an eye on the battle for divisional supremacy and keeping you informed & up-to-date on the matches, players, techniques & evolving game play. Later in the season it will become clear which teams will have the higher cedes heading into the playoffs, but lets not get ahead of our selves, here is a quick look at week 1 SnD.

Headlining our week 1 match ups will be a highly anticipated show down between eXecution B and Here 2 Own. Don't let the "B" fool you, eXecution, a recently formed team, has the amount of talent to field 2 championship contenders and week 1 will be a test of chemistry as many of the players are not familiar with each others play styles and tendencies. Talent alone does not win you matches and although H20 has their fair share, they also bring an experience advantage over execution having played together during the WOGL pre-season. H20 finished the pre-season with a flawless 4-0 record in Search and Destroy and eXecution's members also enjoyed success in and out of WOGL on their previous teams: Keyboard~Cowboys, imAgine, and Clutch Gaming. This match is truly too close to call so please check it out LIVE on Monday January 19th at 9pm est. (subject to change) For team interviews heading into this broadcast please visit the interrogation room.

Dont be surprised by some of the unfamiliar names on the schedule as there has been several team break ups, merges, and name changes recently. Nemesis, formerly "Core Gaming", looks to have a fresh start against Blueburn Brs in week 1. Blueburn is hungry for revenge after losing to Core in a preseason CTF match.

Some other off season news is the dismantling of pre-season favorite n3 gaming. Members of n3 have disbanded and some are representing the newly formed Left Click as they make their debut against Foul Souls.

Toxik Bullets will be facing a defining moment as they are looking to prove they are even stronger with the loss of some core members during the holiday off-season. They will be facing new comer -Eternity- who looks to make a splash in their WOGL debut.

Procore- Pro and Procore- Core also did some shuffling of their rosters during the short break after pre-season. They plan on fine tuning and rebuilding chemistry as well as they face veteran Brazilian team Rangers and new comers Righteous Domination respectively.

For the complete season schedule and all the week 1 matches please visit our Combat Arms SnD League Schedule.

We're looking forward to an exciting regular season and and we wish everyone good luck and enjoy the thrill of competition! It will definitely be a long and surprising journey in our quest in finding out who the best legit Combat Arms team truly is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Patch News

Looks like they got a new patch planned to be released tomorrow.
Welcome to a new year of Combat, soldiers! We've got some exciting things planned for 2009!

Our first content patch for 2009 has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 and will start at 7:00pm PST.

This patch involves all game servers and will last for approximately 12 hours due to additional server maintenance work.

Combat Arms Patch Details:
-- Servers: All Game Servers
-- Time: Wednesday, January 14th, 7:00pm ~ Thursday, January 15th, 7:00am PST

Stay tuned for more announcements on what this year has in store for you...

- Combat Arms Command -

Thursday, January 8, 2009

CAB Clan

CAB now has an official clan on combat arms. All legit players are welcome to send in an application. Use the clan search feature to join us, the leader name is "m0ld" and the clan name is "Combat Arms Blog". After we get a few members we will start doing clan matches that will earn you a 40%-50% bonus to EXP & GP!

Clan Page

Monday, January 5, 2009

Combat Arms Voice Chat

CAB now has an official voice chat server for talking to other gamers with your mic! You can download the software at The name of the room is and the IP is port: 8220. You can also check the status and connect to the room via the widget on the lower right side of CAB. If you need any help connecting then let me know and I will help you out. Take it easy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Global Warfighter League

I just found some info on a new combat arms league that seems pretty interesting. Check it out below:
Global Warfighter League
is proud to open competition ladders for Combat Arms!!

We welcome all players of the game Combat Arms to come and compete against each other at GWL to see who's REALLY the best team playing the game.

We've introduced 3 ladders to Global Warfighter for teams to compete on that reinforce representation of skill in a "King of the Hill" ladder format.

5v5 - Elimination
5v5 - Capture the Flag
5v5 - Search & Destroy

Teams are asked to read all the rules regarding each competition ladder before joining... and all players on those teams should familiarize themselves with the rules of any ladder they play on as well.


GWL can be found at

The ladders are set up in "King of the Hill" for mat as mentioned above. This means you can challenge any team above you, and be challenged by any teasm below you. Obviously, the point is to gain and hold the #1 spot for as long as possible. All matches are permanetly recorded, and your team recvieves a Win/Loss permanent record, along with earning "Skill points." You win, you earn way more, especially against the highest ranked teams!

Let me say the there is strict no glitching/hacking at all permitted in GWL competition. You catch someone hacking, get screenchots or a video, and they will be delt no mercy, and, of course, will auto-lose the match. Any hacking disputes/reports require conclusive evidence, and will be delt with by the game staff: TripHammer, mojoadam, and DudsBro

As a final note, ingame clans are not required, but encouraged. You can pick up 4 friends and creat a team on the GWL site if you wish. Teams are set up with a clan ranking system, wich specific pemissions for each level.

Join the compettion and have fun!

=SotG= DudsBro
GWL Combat Arms Ladder Manager
Xfire: dudsbro