Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Use Voice Chat

A lot of readers have been asking about the new in-game voice chat feature, so I want to give you a little information on how it works.

-First, make sure your mic is plugged into your computer.
-When your in a game you will notice that pressing F8 activates and deactivates voice chat.
-The voice chat feature works by using what's called a "push to talk" button that is set in your control settings.
-The default key you need to press is the letter "T" on your keyboard.
-When your push to talk key is pressed, you will see a little icon on your screen letting you know that your message is being recorded and sent to the other players in the game.


Anonymous said...

i see a that if i push 'T' but there is a red things on it (red stripe)

Anonymous said...

you need to press f8 to activate your mic first then T to talk in game or in the lobby

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