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Best Gun in Combat Arms

What are the best guns in combat arms? Well, it depends on what map your playing really. If you like to play on small maps like junk flea, then I recommend using the UMP. The UMP is very powerful as it shoots a .45 caliber round at a decent rate. On small maps, this gun can dominate.

On the other hand, you have your big maps. These maps favor better for rifle users. One of the best all around GP rifles is the G36 because it has a built in scope and does a very high amount of damage. It is also very effective at close range.


Backstabb3d said...

To shorten this down so you don't read my long rant, it all boils down to situation and expertise with the different guns you have. In close ranges, a good shotgun (especially the M590) user would be given a chance to have their say in the flow of things. An expert sniper, on the other hand, could easily kill an UMP user at close quarters using, say, an L96A1.

Even though I find the UMP incredibly powerful, it doesn't feel right in my hands. I'd actually prefer a PP-19 to an UMP, at all ranges.

(Warning: Long rant ahead.)

Many would consider the G36E to be the best GP assault rifle (if not gun) because of its proficiency in all areas (short range, mid range, long range). A skilled G36E user could easily take out shotgun users and snipers alike. However, at very long ranges, you'll still want an L96A1 (or, in my case, the M24).

To be honest, however, beginners would find it a little easier to use a low-recoil SG550, P90 (because of its spray capabilities), a PP-19, an MP5A4, or an MP7. As a side note, I find this gun to be a little overused in all modes (except for maybe Quarantine, which is an exception in this case).

Also, the LAW/RPG-7 are good GP support weapons to have when (literally) clearing out large groups of people in one go.

But then you have to take into consideration that there's also NX items. It is debatable whether or not the lack of recoil on an M416 CQB or an M4A1 SOPMOD will outdo the G36E's sheer firepower.

And then comes variations of the assault rifle itself. G36KE has higher portability while retaining the rest of the statistics, in addition to the scope. The G36C, on the other hand, has less recoil and higher portability. Even though it lacks the G36E's telescopic scope's sight, you could always put an ACOG or a TriShot Holosight on it for an accurate red dot laser sight (or an iTech for CQB).

Comparing it to one final class of weapons, the Special Items, the G36E will often be outdone by the Specialist's Minigun at close range and the M32 at mid range.

So yeah, that's my two cents on the whole best gun in the game thing. Personally, I think the best "gun in the game," if it counts, is the M32 Grenade Launcher (followed closely by the G36E, which I am discouraged to use because of its tremendous popularity and lack of difficulty when used).


- Backstabb3d

Anonymous said...

I'd say for beginners, K1A and M4A1 is the best gun. K1A is a 4 hit kill and it sprays easily. M4A1 has low recoil for beginners to aim properly. If you are a professional, try using the AK 47, G36E, or the MK48. If you shoot around 2 or 3 bullets at a time with those three guns, they can be really godly. PSG-1 and L9A1 is probably the best snipers, because PSG-1 is almost one hit kill and it is semi-auto (which means it is pretty fast for a sniper and the scope stays on even after you shoot). For L9A1, if you are a good aimer, use it because it is one hit k.o.

Anonymous said...

i think the M416 CQB is by far the best gun for any map. it is worth the nx.

Backstabb3d said...

I'd have to agree with what the first Anonymous said, with the exception of AK-47 being one of the best guns in CA. It has high accuracy and damage, but the recoil pushes it way too high. You're better off with the G36E, which ALSO has a 3HK, the same accuracy, and a far-zoom scope which the AK-47 simply cannot contend with. Argue with me if I'm wrong.
CQB? Best gun on any map? From the performances I've seen by others, they'd beg to differ. Their G36E with its ridiculously high accuracy outdoes a CQB user on Snow Valley any day, or so I'm led to believe.

CQB is a good close range and mid range weapon, but "by far the best gun for any map?" Not exactly.

Anonymous said...

M416 is a good, low recoil non nx gun which i recommend(and godly with itech). If ur not a high enough range the M4A1 is good too.

I have recently been trying out the FAMAS and have found that the recoil is quite low (and not many people use it) at the first 4-6 shots, which is enough to kill an enemy at close-medium range. At long range shoot a burst of 2 or 3. The recoil goes down almost instantly, so you can shoot bursts very rapidly.

Anonymous said...

@above 3rd line down, I meant rank not range.

Anonymous said...

G36e is the best. Also i recommend using the K1 with extended clip because it shoots very rapidly with a desent amount of damage.

Anonymous said...

g3 - good for any ranged. Use scope for far and tap spread for anything at middle ranged. Spray at close.(THE SCOPE SHOOTS A LITTLE BIT BETWEEN THE MIDDLE AND THE TOP. ALSO SCOPE IS FOR TAP FIRING!!!!)

m416cqb- great for anything around mid ranged. far range is not effective because of the itech. a m416 with acog is more for far ranged.
spraying at short is like using a bit slower smg.

l9- great for quick scope because of 1hit, but not recommended for (sniping)-trying to hit a small section of a body thats sticking out from a obstacle.

m107- great for quick scope and great for (sniping). Only issue is the recoil and players may not be use to it because it is not bolt action.

ump - a good overall smg. Performs well up to a mid range. (Tap at mid range)

pp19 excellent smg for close range to close mid ranged.

p90 excellent smg from close range to around mid ranged because of the recoil.

m4a1 great beginner weapon (USE ACOG) people who like this gun should move on to the m416 when unlockd.

ak47 great rifle from short to far medium. Deadly rifle but needs (SKILL on RECOIL) to use

m14 great for a great range around mid. Get m14se if this is liking for it has much better abilities.

l11 (similar sniper to l9 but more accuracy and higher zoom)- is not better than l9 because of preference but excellent quick scope and has a better chance in (Sniping)

These are my favorite weapons^^^

Other facts !#%@^@$^@#$&#$&

do not get the m417 or rec7 because it is a waste. why? 1. it has itech and would rather get m416cqb because of its lack of recoil. rec7 and m417 has close power to m416cqb and is still not a preferred close ranged weapon.

m6a2- with acog is similar to m416 with slight more recoil and power. Highly recommended for m416 lovers.

aug a1- good weapon but not known because of its low popularity. Spread and recoil sucks but it is a good alt to the g3 because of the clear scope and it shoots in the middle of the scope.

l85a1 MOD- very similar to g3 but faster and is more effective at close range and the scope is also a burst fired purpose but shoots in the middle.

HDS reflex sight- completely useless in game. itech overdoes it. (waste of nx)

triholosight- also useless same as acog but is known to be clearer and more accurate. (waste of nx)

idf_one said...

People needs to understand that firepower and accuracy isn't what a gun often needs, I often pick reliable weapons as they often helpful. While, you DO need to do the most damage and be accurate, where is the comments about dependability? As a trained soldier in the Israeli army, I found it sad people focus on those two main factors alone.

First of all, it is called G36, not G3, I know it is nothing to get fussy about but the G3 is a different rifle and its not the same.

First of all there is factors of choosing the best guns, I pick the weapon that will give me GP, rather then that I 'think is the best' each weapons have pros and cons that isn't the best.

One of the more popular weapon, the G36E have good stopping power, accurate, and reliable. However, the biggest flaw is the extremely high recoil when using the scope and the fact it cost 950GP, a little high then the normal budget.

AK47, the AK47 is one of the more damaging and accurate assault rifle, while it is not a rifle, it is actually a machine gun. (There is weapon classification that labels the AK-47 a machine gun because of its firepower and design to be use to in massive firepower and numbers). Its cheap and I find it reliable.

'do not get the m417 or rec7 because it is a waste. why? 1. it has itech and would rather get m416cqb because of its lack of recoil. rec7 and m417 has close power to m416cqb and is still not a preferred close ranged weapon.'

Its a waste because it have an I-tech scope? That does not make any sense and shows you know little about the weapon. Both weapons have great damage, accurate, and very reliable, I even have a perm. M417 Combat because its a wonderful gun. Also, the ranges of both guns, (the M417) is much longer then the ranges of that of the shorter but reliable gun.

'l9- great for quick scope because of 1hit, but not recommended for (sniping)-trying to hit a small section of a body thats sticking out from a obstacle.'

Wrong, the L9 is horrible because of its dependability, it is not a good weapon for a new user or someone with little training with it. Also, it is not a one hit kill weapon, not anymore, heavy vesters are immune to the damage ratio.

Again, you guys need to understand that not everyone have NX, you should easily tell them a good GP weapon, rather then talk about the higher ranking weapon such as the PP-19, or other weapon.

Again, it is only you the player who can pick a gun you like, I personally don't like the G36, I find it great when I need it the most, but I rather use a gun that I like, not what other people think of.

Sonata said...

Personally, I do quite well when I pick up other people's guns even if they're the exact replica of mine. I think it's the psychological factors.

But seriously though. There technically isn't a "best gun" in this game because it's possible to have a gun that has infinite bullets and do 150 damage per shot...But not being able to hit people with it.
So it just depends on your playing level and skill.

Anonymous said...

A m4a1 with an s3 supressor, t3 scope, and itech reflex. Extended mag helps 2 lol

Max said...

the g36e has to much recoil, i use gp so i usually get the ACR or the UMP or p90

Anonymous said...

i dont really like it either

Anonymous said...

im planning 2 get a m416 cqb. The spread and recoil is goddamn awesum and definitely worth buying. Im buying it for perm soon. Thanks for convincing me that m416 cqb is awesum.

Anonymous said...

I think the new m4a1 sopmod is really awesome, because it's exactly, and i mean EXACTLY like the m416 cqb, but has an integrated silencer (suppressor) a really awesome scope, a VERY low amount of recoil and a high rate of fire. These things are all very nice to have, but power mobility are really things you need to consider before looking at an other gun. The power of this gun is beyond awesome. about 3 hits to anywhere accept your head or balls (if your a man in the game) should take an enemy down. The mobility of this weapon is also phenomenal, as running with this is just as fast as running with a pistol. I know there will be some people who will disagree with me, but honestly, it really is awesome.

Anonymous said...

by the way, i posted the comment on june 2, 5:03. You can add me on combat-takedown96-
just be sure to send me an e-mail of why your adding me, or else ill delete you by accident.

Anonymous said...

i usually find the gun i like by the stats. Right now, i am looking for a 3 hit kill gun, and i also need a chart that accurately shows all the stats of the gun. Does anyone know of a place?


Anonymous said...

i use the FAMAS G2. I know it kinda sucks but its actually good for quarantine and junk flea. the L85A1 is pretty good but MP7 MOD is an awesome all purpose gun. the best sniper is the M107CQ SE. it has a double scope and it is really accurate. I have an L115A3 and i am trying to get an M107CQ SE

JohnMinelli said...

Listen the L85 is the best becuase of its low recoil,good fire rate, and its overall nice attack.It is good for bolth close and ong range.I recomend this for players who r known for their ability to quck fire at people.

Anonymous said...

I would personally say an AUG A3 or A1 is useful
the AUG is a 3-4 Hit KO with a sniper scope and is GP. Also a M416 or CQB are easy to use. For an SMG i recommend the M960 because of its high damage, clip and spray. For a sniper i pick the one hit 1 kill/ 99% accurate witch is a M24A3 or
woodland camo. Shotguns would be pump action
and pump action or double barrel are good because as a AA-12 user it takes about 3 hits to kill. Support i would use and LAW and RPG as a class because after you fire one fire the next one witch is good for overdoes elim pro on Alpha team camping in spawn.

Unuseful guns
G36E though this is common its recoil is high and u might have problems because some people know how to use it. (G36C would be okay)

L96A1 Completly inaccurate but good at 1 hit KOs but does not keep in scope. Although the M24A3 does not stay in scope it is accurate

AA-12/Auto shot guns these are horrible because they will not be a 1 hit ko at a far range

M4 Carbine is a good starter weapon same with a AK-74U

the M4 has low recoil 4 hit KO good range only automatic and portibal.

AK-74U has low recoil good portiblity

Anonymous said...

I'd say M416 CQB because the M416 has really low recoil

Anonymous said...

some guns are good some guns are bad i like all guns but i think g36ke is the best cause its great in accuracy great in power and its recoil (without aiming) is great but with aiming its gonna be pretty hard unless your very pro and for small maps like death room id suggest the new TMP new clan gun which is very great with suppresser and itech scope so it would be great

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

noo the rec 7 cause it is 4 shot kill high fire rate low recoil cool looking and 45 bullets!

Anonymous said...

i personally think the M416 CQB is by far the best close to mid range. Worth the nx!! Get it perm.
And the new DSR-1 (subsonic or tactical) is the best sr in the game

Anonymous said...

The Pig II Auto is the best assault rifle in the game by FAR. its good with close, mid AND long range since the piggies it shoots out automatically "fly" to the doomed target. The ammo clip is also huge (100/300) so if you shoot out like 50 pigs, the guy will like get instantly destroyed. Also it has close to no recoil and you can attach any scope to it! Overall, i would rate it 9.5/10 because its the best gun in the game but frikin most retarded.


Anonymous said...


thomasdo1 said...

ummpoo lumpa digidi do

Anonymous said...

I believe that the best gun in the game is the m416 with acog. When you shoot it while looking through the scope, it has little recoil. Also it sounds BADDDDDD

Rahi said...

kriss is awsome(2nd best)

Anonymous said...

So people think that the G36-E is the best? Well dont listen. It may be good when you just got sargent, but when you unlock a new gun USE IT. You won't regret it. so, thats what i think, and the best gun is the ACR. (well so far).

Anonymous said...

i think the best assault rifle is the scar. I really dont think stats matter its just whatever best suits you. I hate the ak47 just bc it sounds pathetic and ak103 is WAY better. I hate the famas g2 (bought perm before ever using it) it takes up like the whole screen and when u aim up the sensitivity is soo low it takes forever just to turn...i think the pp19 is the best smg. holiday wolf is BY FAR best l96 imo. and all machine guns r good but i dont like using em for anything but quarantine :/

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