Thursday, October 1, 2009

9/30 Patch

New patch came out yesterday, here is the scoop from the official combat arms website:

For 9/30, the Infection has broken out once again, to infect the good people of Warhead. A new, high stakes mode has been added to test your skills. Luckily, in this time of need, Central Command has you covered with a new set of weapons, items, and fashionable headwear to help you out. Good luck Soldiers!

Quarantine Mode spreads to other maps

Quarantine Mode is now available on Warhead!

New Modes on Overdose

One Man Army and Elimination are now available on Overdose!

Elimination Pro

Teams Alpha and Bravo square off in fights to the death! Each player has only one life per round to kill all of the opposition before time runs out to win the round and score a point. To win the game, your team must reach the score goal before the enemy can. This battle is designed to reward teamwork and efficient strikes, truly a test of a soldier's skill and precision!

The HiSec Case

A HiSec Case is a special item that is dropped in-game when you or your opponents are killed, appearing in all modes except Fireteam. It comes in two varieties, Gray and Black, and when opened will randomly give you one of a large variety of rare items. More information about the HiSec Case can be found here.

New NX Weapons & Gear

-- Airstrike Designator-LGB (Specialist Only)

-- AK-74M

-- RPK-74

-- Supply Case TAR-N

-- Cowboy Hat

-- Specialist 2 Slot License

-- M24A3 Woodland and RPK-74M are now exclusively available in the MYST-N Supply Crate!

New GP Weapons & Gear

-- Airstrike Designator-LGB (Specialist Only) at First Lieutenant V

-- RPK at Staff Sergeant III

-- AK-74U Gold-Plated available in Supply Case AR

-- RPKs MOD available in Supply Case MG

--Specialist 2 Slot License at First Lieutenant I

Other Game Changes & Updates

New Clan Options:

-- Arms and Kill Cam settings enabled for clan matches

-- New Clan Emblem

Map Additions:
--One Man Army added to Overdose

--Elimination added to Overdose

--Quarantine added to Warhead as the Infection spreads...
--Elimination Pro (New Mode) added to all maps.

Item Fixes:

-- Elite Moderator color rating changes correctly when receiving positive or negative votes.

--Heartbeat Detector and Sensor can be equipped with the Patriot Cap (USA) and 1st Year Anniversary Backpack.

--R870 MCS and variants have Audio SFX for pumping and reloading.

--M92FS and variants muzzle appear correctly when suppressors are attached.

--P226 / Silver muzzle appears correctly when suppressors are attached.

--AK-103 Gold textures added to underside of the weapon.

Functionality Improvements:

--One Man Army spawn points are now randomized.

--GP and XP Bonus Passes can now be deactivated / reactivated, allowing multiple passes to be stored without overwriting your previous pass or losing remaining useage.

--Custom Reticles can now be deactivated / reactivated, allowing multiple reticle changes to be held in storage and used at your preference.

--Animations improved for certain types of death.

--Fireteam: Players can start/join at any time during the 5-second countdown.


-- Quarantine: Fire damage and explosives including the Claymore, Frag grenades and M16A1 AP mines do more damage against Infected.

--Quarantine: Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Pistols, and Sub-Machine Guns do more damage against Infected.

--Quarantine: Humans must survive the entire round to receive victory mission points.

--Quarantine / Showdown: Ledge near Bravo can't be accessed to avoid Infection.

--Quarantine / Two Towers: Rooftop peaks can't be accessed to avoid Infection.

Bug Fixes:

-- Map issues fixed in Two Towers

--Map Issues fixed in Warhead

--Shipping containers on Warhead can no longer be climbed to abuse Alpha Spawn.

--Map issues fixed in Cold Seed

--Quarantine / Two Towers: Bug that allows Infection to "bounce" off water fixed.

--Shop: M134 Mini-Gun firing rate displays the correct amount.

--Lobby: Quarantine ambient audio no longer plays when exiting games.

--In-Game: When killed in a Clan Game with Kill-Cam Off, the Damage Indicator displays correctly.

--In-Game: Hair for Default Female Merc has been fixed to appear correctly (occurred after recent visual polish update to all Mercs face and hair).

--Combat Arms Command--


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