Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8/26 Patch Update

Yay, new stuff! This looks fun, downloading it right now.

For 8/26 another treacherous map has been Infected…the good soldiers of Showdown are now battling to stave off Infection. A new, more forgiving Fireteam Difficulty Mode, and a new mercenary has arrived. Don't worry, Central Command is providing a whole new set of weapons, items, and supplies to help you out. Good luck, brave men and women of Combat’ll need it.

Quarantine Mode spreads to other maps

Quarantine Mode is now available on Showdown and Two Towers!

New, Easier Fireteam Normal Mode:

A new, more forgiving Fireteam Difficulty Mode becomes the "Normal" difficulty and the old "Normal" becomes the "Hard" difficulty setting.

Limited Edition NX Weapons and Items:

The following weapons and items will be only be available for a limited time so get to the Black Market and grab yours today!

-- A Permanent Clan Name Color Change

-- A Permanent version of the SG556. Equips in either the weapon or backpack slot, moveable to
storage, and never expires!

New Mercenary

-- Hauser, with the Commando Vest ( +20% Protection, -13% Speed)

New NX Weapons & Gear

-- M134 Minigun (Specialist Only)

-- MTAR-21

-- R870 MCS MOD available now in Supply Case SG-N

-- MK.48 MOD 0 CAMO available now exclusively in Supply Case MK-N

-- M92FS Gold available now in Supply Case P-N

-- Supply Case MK-N

-- MTAR-21 CAMO and MP7 MOD Steel now are now exclusively available in the MYST-N Supply Crate!

-- 1-Day and 90-Day purchase options are now available for Specialist Items!

-Stamina Kit
-Satellite Scanner
-M32 Grenade Launcher

-- 1-Day and 7-Day purchase options are now available for the following:

-MK.48 MOD 0
-SPAS-12 Gold

New GP Weapons & Gear

-- TAR-21 at Second Lieutenant 1st

-- Balanced Vest at Master Sergeant 3

-- M134 Minigun (Specialist Only) at First Lieutenant 3

-- TAR-21 CAMO available now in Supply Case AR

-- MP7 Steel available now in Supply Case SMG

-- R870 SE available now in Supply Case SG

-- M92FS Silver available now in Supply Case Pistol

Other Game Changes & Updates

New Clan Chat Command:

-- A new shortcut for Clan Chat has been added. Type /c before your chat message to send a clan chat message.

Map Changes:

-- Create Room default match set to Quarantine Mode: Overdose.

-- Quarantine Mode added to Showdown.

-- Quarantine Mode added to Two Towers.

-- Search & Destroy added to Power Surge.

Mode Changes:

-- Fireteam: New, easier “Normal Mode” added and old “Normal” is now “Hard” difficulty.

Minor Functionality Issues:

-- M590 and R870 shotgun statistics now display properly in the Shop.


-- Flamethrower damage has been adjusted.

-- Advanced Backpack unlock rank lowered to Sergeant.

Bug Fixes:

-- Map boundary “glitches” patched on: Desert Thunder, Overdose, Two Towers, Junk Flea, Show Down, Power Surge, Warhead, Cold Seed, Gray Hammer, and Sand Hog.

-- Stamina bars will no longer be refilled whenever a human becomes Infected.

-- Mines can be safely planted without taking environmental damage from the poison gas on Overdose.

--Combat Arms Command--


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