Thursday, July 9, 2009

07/08/09 Content Update Notes: Six Pack Attack!

NX Updates...
Attention Soldiers! CentComm is making an emergency supply drop for all of you in the field! We have new supply cases with guaranteed weapon durations and rare Assault Rifles! We are also bringing you the M32 Grenade Launcher, and the destructive SG556 Assault Rifle. Your enemies won’t know what hit them!

New NX Specialist Items:

M32 Grenade Launcher: A 40mm semi-automatic, six-barreled weapon with a revolving magazine. This rapid-fire grenade launcher gives increased firepower to foot soldiers.

New NX Items:

SG556: An improved SG550 model with an added Rail System. It can be equipped with a variety of modifications and tends to be more stable than the older model. It also inflicts greater damage.


Supply Case M4-N: Supply Cases labeled M4-N were designated to hold 4 various models of M4s. Rare items include:

• M4A1 SOPMOD- A modified M4A1 geared specifically for special forces operators.The SOPMOD accessories feature an integrated dot-sight and a high-quality silencer with reduced damage reduction.

• M4A1 CQBR.- A special forces variant of the M4A1. This gun is lighter than the standard M4 and features an even shorter barrel, allowing for a quicker draw.

Supply Case G36-N7: The Supply Case G36-N7 will contain one of 4 different G36 variants, both rare and standard, for either 7 days or 30 days. Rare items available in this case are:

• G36C - A compact variant of the G36E popular among counter-terrorist forces. With a versatile top rail for sight mountings and a shorter barrel than the G36KE, this rifle is highly portable and extremely effective for CQC.

• G36KE - A variant of the G36E, this assault rifle is shorter and more portable, yet still equipped with the G36E's integrated telescopic sight.

Other Game Changes and Updates

-The Vote Kick requirement for the Jackson Server has been changed to Trainee.
-The "GM Hack" bug has been fixed, and users will no longer be able to impersonate GM's using red text.

Content Update Schedule

This is Combat Arms’ fourth time release update. Our regular monthly content update (which will require server downtime) takes place the last Tuesday of every month. This update will be followed approximately two weeks later by a time-released new content update that won’t require a server shutdown. This is our way of ensuring that all of you warriors out there have a steady supply of weapons and gear to keep you going on the battlefield!

--Combat Arms Command--


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