Monday, June 15, 2009

Combat Arms FireTeam Tips

These are some of my tips for playing the new fireteam game mode that Nexon released a little while back. If your not doing any good with it then check out these pointers that hopefully will give you an advantage.

  • Don't get close to bad guys, its a lot easier for them to shoot you or drop a grenade and blow you up when they die.
  • Get fairly accurate gun with a scope, this makes it very easy to take them out from a safe distance.
  • Share ammo with your teammates.
  • Play with good players on extreme mode to get the most points.
  • After you blow up the tank, shoot from inside the bus.
  • Dont run out into the middle of the courtyard on the second part.
  • Take cover, pop out a few shots, then take cover again.
  • Save grenades for large groups of baddies.
  • Dont rush yourself to much and get killed. Dont go to slow that you dont get any points.
  • If you see an area that isnt covered, watch it.. teamwork is the key.
  • Learn spawn points so you can toss grenades at large groups and prepare yourself behind some cover.
  • To get the most EXP/GP from fireteam, its best to play on the elite server and put the mode on the most difficult. If you can't play on elite then play on whichever server gives you the best bonus.


Christian said...

it's nice, but every once in a while 1 terrorists shoots ya down in less then 1 second it's really annoying. The rewards are fun though :) for hard and extreme

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