Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6/10 Content Update Notes: Gear Up!

Some new patch notes for you!
Attention Soldiers! CentComm is making an emergency supply drop for all of you in the field! We have a new supply case where you can find rare assault rifles! We are also bringing you the sleek and modular AUG A3, and the rugged SPAS-12 Gold. Enemies beware!

New NX Items:

Supply Case AUG-N: Supply Case that may hold rare assault rifles such as the AUG A3 SE and the AUG A1 Black

AUG A3 : A modified AUG equipped with Rail System which allows attachment of various optical accessories. Its modularity makes it effective in a diverse set of missions.

SPAS-12 Gold: A gold version of the SPAS-12, modified to enhance power.

Content Update Schedule

This is Combat Arms’ third time release update. Our regular monthly content update (which will require server downtime) takes place the last Wednesday of every month. This update will be followed approximately two weeks later by a time-released new content update, such as this one, that won’t require a server shutdown. This is our way or ensuring that all of you warriors out there have a steady supply of weapons and gear to keep you going on the battlefield!

--Combat Arms Command--


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