Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Server Configuration

These new changes sound pretty good to me.. check it out:
More game rooms per channel are coming! The battlefield just got a whole lot easier to navigate...

During our server maintenance tonight, we will be making several changes, including upgrading server and channel capacity. Rather than you having to browse through multiple servers, we've consolidated the channels to make finding the match you want much easier! Don't worry if you see fewer channels after tonight, each channel's capacity will be multiple times larger than they are now -- each server group will have fewer channels, but there will be many more players and game rooms per channel. (You may have already noticed this on the current Bravo channels where we have been conducting our capacity testing.)

Below are the new server groups, in effect post-maintenance:

-- Jackson [Recruit] - Jackson will remain the boot camp for all new recruits, perfect for beginners to get used to the game. Trainees through Privates can hone their skills on Jackson before jumping into other more hardened battlegrounds.

-- Alpha [All] - These servers will be open to players of all ranks, just as before.

-- Bravo [Grunt] - The Grunt server type (Advanced Beginner) lives on as Bravo. Those ranked Sergeant and below will be able to play on Bravo.

-- Charlie [Sergeant] -- A new Sergeant server type will be the home for Sergeants (SGT) through Command Sergeant Major 5s (CSM5). If your rank has the word "Sergeant" in it, you'll be able to battle on Charlie. Soldiers playing on Charlie will earn a 10% EXP Bonus.

-- Kilo [Officer] -- The bar just got higher to be considered a high-ranker! Now, you'll have to be at least a Command Sergeant Major 1 in order to enter this exclusive officer's zone. As a reward for your hard-earned rank, soldiers playing on Kilo will automatically be rewarded a 20% EXP Bonus and a 10% GP Bonus for all matches!

-- Bulldog [Clan] -- Bulldog will remain the place for Clan vs. Clan warring.

Please note we will also be officially terminating service to South America tonight at 10pm PST... a farewell salute to all of you down south for being worthy adversaries.

For the rest of you, keep fighting the good fight!

- Combat Arms Command -


bob said...

sounds great! but a shame it's been like 5 or 6 hours since the servers went down =(

grey_ash said...

Hey does anyone know if this South American termination includes the islands of Trinidad and Tobago?
I cant decide if I should try downloading this game. thanks!

Anonymous said...

i don't know

Anonymous said...

it's been a while since i can access combat arms

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