Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to Own with the M590 Military: a WhereDidItGo Guide

Few tips by WhereDidItGo from the Nexon message boards... enjoy!
# Bunny hop. Bunny hop, bunny hop, bunny hop. I cannot emphasize this one enough. If you don't bunny hop, you will get your face shot off. Even if you do bunny hop, you still stand a good chance of getting your face shot off. But at least you tried.

# Get into range. Yes, the M590 has the possibility of being a one-shot kill, but that's only at close range. If you try to kill an AR user at medium or long range, you'll get laughed at and shot.

# Make sure that your shot is going to hit. The M590 is more of a "quality over quantity" weapon than assault rifles. For most long-time AR users, it will be tough to develop the precision, accuracy, and agility that the M590 requires. Actually, I've been using an M590 for a month now and I'm still working on it.

# Avoid fighting in tight areas. Yes, the M590 is a close-quarters weapon, but its hard to land a sold hit when your intended target is running in circles around you at Mach 3. Whenever you can, try to take the fight outside, then shoot your target as they run out the door.

# Get your target running straight at you. You are like the matador who tempts bulls to charge him and then sidesteps them at the last second. Except you're not a matador, you're target isn't a bull, and you're trying to blow their brains out with a shotgun instead of deftly sidestepping them. So really, you're nothing like a matador. You should probably move on to the next point now.

# Reload whenever you're not getting shot at. Hell, reload while you're getting shot at if you feel like it. One of the M590'S great draws is its ability to fire a shell mid-reload. Consequently, there's no need for a "tactical reload".

# Know your limitations. Remember, you can't hit anyone at long range, your first few shots will probably miss, and you can't fight in tight spaces. That being said, you can kill pretty much anybody in one hit, so it all evens out in the end


Anonymous said...

good tips

Anonymous said...

i might start using the m590 military..iv never used a shotty before (other than picking it up from ground, or maybe bying it for fun once of twice) and im at CSM4 rank. This helps a lot. ty

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