Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4/8 Content Update Notes - Supply Drop: Shotguns Galore!

Got some patch news from HQ, here you go:
Attention, Soldiers! CentCom is making a quick supply drop for all of you out in the field. We have two new Supply Cases for you where you can find rare pistols or shotguns! The sleek and lethal M590 Mariners is also coming your way, as well as new Custom Crosshairs and the imposing ROKMC Hat worn by South Korean Marines.

New NX Items

-- Supply Case P-N – Supply Cases that may hold rare pistols such as the Anaconda Silver 8-inch or the USP Tactical.
-- Supply Case SG-N – Supply Cases that may hold rare shotguns such as the M590 CQB, the M590 CQB Mariners, or the SPAS-12 Stock.
-- M590 Mariners Primary Weapon: Shotgun
-- ROKMC Hat Head Gear
-- Custom Crosshair Type 2 – A “T” shaped reticle with customizable colors.
-- Custom Crosshair Type 4 – An “O” shaped reticle with customizable colors.

Content Update Schedule Change

This is Combat Arms’ very first time release update. Our regular monthly content update (which will require server downtime) will now take place the last Wednesday of every month. This will be followed approximately two weeks later by a time-released new content update that won’t require a server shutdown such as this one. This is our way or ensuring that all of you warriors out there have a steady supply of weapons and gear to keep you going on the battlefield!

-- Combat Arms Command --


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