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How To Record HD Videos In Combat Arms

I got this guide from the nexon forum, it was written by NoseExecuter. It is very detailed and is a good read for people trying to make gameplay videos in Combat Arms.
This one should be stickied and the other one can be unstickied if needed be. Sorry for the changes but after some thought and research, I think I figured out the best combination for HD videos.

EDITED VERSION. I made this because the one previous to this tutorial made videos way to large, and this one brings out the same quality with much less space to take up when rendering. I changed the format which I set the project under in properties and the rendering options as well. This should bring out the best in HD (depending on your computer’s video card) The credit on this change goes partially to my trial and error and partially to the link of the tutorial in El1x’s montage. Hopefully this solves problems. The reason for the change is because Youtube only supports 1GB, if anyone was wondering why large files are unnecessary.

**** You will need QuickTime Player to watch these videos you render so go to the apple website and download it for free.
**** When your video is rendered, it will not seem like it is fully up to frames and it will seem as though you are lagging in a way. DON’T WORRY JUST UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE AND IT WILL LOOK MUCH BETTER.

Alright, since there was concern about how to make HD videos using FRAPS and Sony Vegas Pro 8 I will be instructing people, in a basic sense, how to set videos up in HD format.

I recently made a 3 minute montage, and it only took up 190MB to make. It’s pretty conservative when it comes to compressing the FPS.

Using FRAPS as the recording software -

- Turn on FRAPS v 2.9.8, which is now updated to become 100% compatible with Combat Arms (yay!).

- Get into Combat Arms, should now see the yellow numbers on a corner of your screen.

- You should set your FPS to 30, unless you run a fairly good model graphics card, such as nVidia 9000 series or a radeon 4000 HD series. If you do have one of these graphics cards or maybe more than one, which case it would be SLI, then configure the FPS till it is stable at a number. (Makes the video run a little cleaner and crisper). Don't worry though, 30 FPS should be fine as well :).

Shouldn't get any more difficult for FRAPS, it's pretty much self explanatory. You press F9 to start the video and F9 to stop.

Sony Vegas 8 Pro:

So, you have Sony Vegas 8 open and you have your media in the "Project Media" tab in the middle of the Sony Vegas Pro 8 program.

- First, you want to go to File > Properties, then change the Template from NTSC DV (720x480) to HDV 720-30p (1280x720). This will make the media a little bit wider. Change the “Width” to 1280 and the “Height” to 720. “Field Order:” goes to None (Progressive Scan), and “Pixel Aspect Ratio:” goes to 1.000 (Square). Frame Rate goes to 25.000 (PAL). “Pixel Format” goes to 32-bit floating point. Also, the "Full-Resolution Rendering Quality" on the same window needs to be changed from "good" to "best" for maximum quality of course. Now, click on the audio tab and change the “Sample Rate” (Hz) to 44,100. The “Bit Depth” then goes to 24 as well. You’re all done with the Properties now.

- Second, when you put your video(s) in the area to to edit your video, right click the video in the editing area, press properties, and uncheck "maintain aspect video" like the link below me shows. ******YOU NEED TO UNCHECK "MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO" EACH TIME YOU EDIT A NEW CLIP. It's a pain, but you have to.

Preparing the clip before finalizing -

- Each time you put a new clip into the editing section, you can "split" the clip into additional parts you either want or do not want by pressing the "s" button on your keyboard. You can also split music if you wish to.

- You can run a “slow motion” feature as well, by right clicking on a certain clip and going to “Insert/Remove Envelope” and pressing “Velocity”. Now a line appears in the middle of your clip and you can either move it down, slowing the clip down, or move it up, quickening the clip.

- You can make cool titles and pictures which have special effects by doing the following:


1) Press the "Media Generators" tab in the middle of the screen (closer to the right side of the screen).

2) Press "Text" on the left side of the screen and then choose a preset to start typing your title in it.

Here are each of the tabs marked if you're confused -

3) Now you should have a 10 second video clip in the editing section of your video.

4) To add special effects, now press the "Video FX" tab in the middle of the program then press "Light Rays" on the left side with the other listed special effects. Then hold "Moderate Light Rays" and drag it to your title in the editing section. A screen will pop up.

Should look like this:

5) This part might get confusing, but I will try to explain it as best I can. The screen has the "Light Source" which is a white box with a box in the middle. There is also the rectangle on the bottom which shows how long your title is and a tool which you can move to the left and right. There should be a diamond shaped figure at the "0" seconds. *** There is also a "Strength option" referring to the strength of which you want the light rays.

Should look like this:

6) Now, the little square at the middle of the white box under "Light Source" needs to be moved to the left all the way. Make sure it's in the middle of the white box, just all the way to the left. Then, move the little tool in the rectangle farther out a second or two, not to far but not too close. Then, move the little square in the white box to the middle of the screen where it originally was. (just estimate) If successful, you should have made another diamond looking figure in that area of the rectangle you put the tool in. ****Make sure to move the tool in the rectangle out first, then move the square in the white box to the middle again or else it won't turn out right.

Here is a picture of where the square should be in the beginning:

Then you should move it like this:

7) If you understood step six, then this should be easy. Now, the little blue box in the white box under "Light Source" should be in the middle. The rectangle should have the tool a few seconds out with another diamond figure on it. Now, move the tool in the rectangle a few more seconds out, then move the little blue box in that white box under "Light Source" all the way to the right side, again in the middle of the white space just all the way to the right. Another diamond should appear.

Should look like this:

8) Now, to finish the effect you need to again move the tool in the rectangle a few more seconds forward, as it should be getting close to ending. Now, put the little blue box under "Light Source" back to the middle. And, another diamond should appear in the rectangle under that tool. Then, just repeat what you did in step 6, by moving the tool in the rectangle a few more seconds forward, and then moving the blue box under "Light Source" all the way to the left again. Your tool in the rectangle area should have no more space to continue doing this, which means you are done.

Box back in the middle:

Box at the left end:

You can now see that you have a diamond every few seconds along that rectangle in the window. It's okay to now X out of that window and play your ten second title clip. You will see that it should have light rays which move from left to right and back to the left. I hope this shows how the program works in a basic sense.

I hope you guys understood this part, as it was supplemental and totally to those who wanted to add a cool effect but didn't know how! I encourage you guys though to use other special effects other than this one. I used this one as an example to show you guys how this works.

Finalizing the clip (Rendering), you are almost done! -

So, the project you have been editing now might have a title, and then has the clip which you wish to render in hd. (Reminding you guys you need to uncheck the "maintain aspect ratio" and go to File > Properties > and set the Template to the correct type (It was stated earlier in the post)

This part should be easy if you have already understood all the earlier stuff.

1) Make sure you are rendering the actual project and nothing less or more, just kind of double check.

2) Go to File > Render As, then you should see another window. Look at where it says "Save as Type:" and scroll through and select " MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4)”.

3) To the right of where it says Template, there should be an option that says "Custom", press that. Another window opens with tabs along the bottom of it. It should be under project, so in that case where it says "Video Rendering Quality" select "Best" again. Now, click on the Video tab and a bunch of selections and settings are now available. For “Frame Size” select Custom Frame Size then for the Width put 1280 and height as 720. For “Profile” select the option Main and for “Frame Rate” select 25.000 (PAL). Uncheck “Allow source to adjust frame rate”. “Field Order” then goes to “None (progressive scan). For “Pixel Aspect Ratio” select 1.0000. ***BE SURE TO UNCHECK “USE DEBLOCKING FILTER”. For the “Number of reference frames” put 4. Check the “Constant Bit Rate (bps)” option then erase it’s selection and put 8,000,000 as the Constant Bit Rate manually. Also, there should be a space along the top to rename this Template, so just put "Youtube HD" or something along that line to use for future videos you wish to publish in HD. Now, press OK.

It should now look like this,


If it does look similar to my pictures above, select Save and let it render, then post it on youtube to show everyone your cool video! I hope this helps and guides people as a reference! Any questions concerning my thread or any additions you would like to add are welcome.

As a reminder,

**** You will need QuickTime Player to watch these videos you render so go to the apple website and download it for free.
**** When your video is rendered, it will not seem like it is fully up to frames and it will seem as though you are lagging in a way. DON’T WORRY JUST UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE AND IT WILL LOOK MUCH BETTER.


Anonymous said...

Why not use EM. Free Game Capture, which is better than FRAPS?

Anonymous said...

Um, I was just wondering if i'm doing something wrong. I have a 8600gt (1gb+1gb shared) and I can't record at 30fps while being able to play at all. I can't even do it at 25fps. Any sugustions?

Anonymous said...

why 25.000 PAL?

can't i put it in 59 fps?
will ther be a difference?

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