Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Guide to not failing miserably

This is a decent guide written by NukeAsylum on the nexon forums.
Rule #1! - No talking.

Do not say anything! A staggering 86.3% of things that people say while playing this game are full of fail. The majority of this is butthurt crying, the rest is swearing in Brazilian or whatever the language is over there. Everyone in Brazil plays CA. The butthurt can be identified by loserly scores, standard-issue lack of aim, reflexes and/or awareness. Since there is no insightful or halfway-mature conversation on this game outside (possibly) your Clan chat, just don't say anything ever.

Rule #2 - IT'S A TRAP!!!!

If their team is camping a lot, try flanking. If they're camping where there's no other path, that's what grenades are for. This is a no-brainer really.

Rule #3 - Clicking

I use the G3. I've been using it for the last 2 months. At mid- and long-range, click repeatedly instead of spraying. This may take some getting use to but it will give you greater accuracy as the bullets are less affected by the previous shot's recoil.

Rule #4 - Are you sure you understood Rule #1?

I really cannot over-emphasize how important this rule is.

Rule #5 - ?????

Don't wait. They give you a good amount of ammo per respawn, so shoot early and aim high. Chest shots are a safe bet and good for quick kills, I go for headshots at mid-long range if I'm using an Assault rifle.

Rule #6 - PROFIT!

This game is easier to play than say, CounterStrike. Anyone who says different is playing against noobs, or is just WRONG. People are less resilient than in CS, leading to quick and easy kills; there are scopes and other fun mods on all guns, not just scopes on Sniper rifles like in CS; guns have generally less recoil in CA; and last but certainly not least the player base consists primarily of noob cakes. They make a delicious snack.

Rule #2.2 - Sound.

Gunfire, footsteps (especially on wood), reloading, pulling a grenade pin and cocking a gun all make sounds which can be used to tell an incoming enemy or an enemy's location.

Rule #2.4 - Cover

Staying in cover is a tactical advantage. 3 of the best spots I know are in Sand Hog. On Alpha, the window box overlooking the courtyard once you go up the ramp. On Bravo side I crouch behind the bin or stand behind the wrecked car. Do not camp in places that are really obvious unless the enemy is really bad :/ The less the enemy can see of you, the better the spot. Cover overlooking choke points are to be preferred. A choke point is an area like the pinch in the hourglass, a thin area where enemies have to pass through to get anywhere that can be easily camped. Like the ramp leading to Alpha side from their spawn on Two Towers.


Maybe some of you wonder what weapons I pack. My selection includes the G3 Assault rifle, L96 for sniping, M590 shotgun (Which I'm proud to say I rank 7th in Accuracy for regular players), regular grenades (I don't use the bought because they only give you one :/ Which sucks because its a cool grenade) and sometimes I buy the SR25. An auto-sniper is preferred for hitting moving targets, especially if you're not that good at sniping. I probably wouldn't be the first to admit I'm not a good sniper, but truthfully I'm not that good, especially in the open.

Rule #2.9 - Instinct and Intuition

Turn corners as if you expect someone to be there. We're all human and we all make mistakes, this shows up even more when we're not careful. The thing about intuition is, expect the EXPECTED. If you see someone run up the stairs through the hole in the roof in Two Towers (my favourite map) aim at the window they're going to climb out of. Sure, you'll get called a chammer for using your brains but you won't be the one with a skull full of lead.

Rule #3.1 - Speed over armour

A lot of cqc and shotgun rampages have convinced me of the value of speed versus heavy armour and silly machine guns. You couldn't convince me otherwise, because I am stubborn.

Rule #3.2 - Humility = Fun?

I pride myself on being able to tell chammers from normal players really easily. If you have a hunch where they are, run up to a corner or a doorway and stop just before you run in. Watch the idiot shoot at empty space. Or when you're camping in a spot where you didn't camp kill them last time and they rush in and kill you anyway. Never with a headshot because chammers can't aim for $h!t. If a good player is kicking my ass though I'd respect that. I know for a fact half my old CS clan could thrash me 1v1. Take it as a game, accept you aren't the best. If you're reading this, THIS MEANS YOU. Play hard, take it easy.


1. Stick together. No defense, all offense. Have a couple grenades to their flag to clear grenades/campers, then have one guy grab.

Reasoning - You shouldn't split your forces early in the game. If they move as a group they could steamroll your defense and then still have enough people to return their flag on the way back. The more people you have with the carrier, the higher chance you have of RELAYING the flag (using multiple carriers to get it from one point to another).

2. DO NOT flag point defend.

Reasoning - If they wipe you out at your flag room, you have to respawn at base and fail at racing them back to their flag. This is far too obvious. Also, the flag area is a prime target for grenades. If you're going to defend your base, pick locations heading TOWARD your base and camp them.

3. When you have less flag captures, DO NOT defend.

Reasoning - Do I even have to explain this one? I will anyways. You need more flag captures than the enemy to win, and there's a time limit. If your team is falling behind and still focusing on defense, the enemy can just do the same and wait out the timer.

Two Towers

Just thought I'd add this in. I get called a 'chammer' every game of Two Towers. I rack up the kills by flanking with shotgun on Alpha side, and I camp Alpha spawn pretty hard when I'm on Bravo.

Alpha - Its a good idea to hop window ledges to get to their side. Its also a nasty way to blindside snipers in that little room overlooking Alpha base. Once you're in you have the run of the base, what I normally do is camp in that little area between the metal boxes. You can always run behind them if they use grenades. Don't just sit there camping though, once you've got a few kills I normally run up the stairs and back to the window ledges and back in again. Doing loops will mean you can shoot quite a few people in the back, and it puts them off guard when they don't see you camping in the same spot. Alpha has faster access to the roofs, so if you're a good sniper you can spawncamp.

Bravo - Easy spawn camping. Unlike Bravo base, with two entrances (ramp and jumping over the railing) Alpha only has one. You can either camp that up close with an automatic, dodging grenades; or you can crouch on their further steps with an L96A1 and snipe them down as they enter Stick out tongue Spawn camping will be easy if you play with sound, because the enemy makes a lot of noise walking up that wooden ramp.


Anonymous said...

nice guide dude but i like to talk. i dont talk alot but i need to say things like back me up for a min while i throw a granade into a enemy spawn area. =P

Anonymous said...

thx very nice guide

Anonymous said...

great advice especially with two towers

Sex Dragon said...

lol I get called a chammer almost every game too. There really are a lot of idiots in CA who won't accept that they're not awesome.

Anyways, nice guide. Pwn all the little noobs. :)

Anonymous said...

Good tips, thanks!

Anonymous said...

G3 is not G36.

Learn the difference. Please.

Anonymous said...

A generic guide from a mid-level good player.

Anonymous said...

Im accused of hacking constantly on Two Towers. I play on Alpha team and I climb the ladder to the tower just enough that I can see the outside stairs and roof. I mainly use the M107CQ SE and its quites easy to pick someone off of the roof on the other side of the roof and they get pissed because I get a headshot. Also, about the no talking thing, you could just say that you shouldnt whine/complain about dieing.
This is an excellent guide!

Anonymous said...

Nice guide but About the whole rush thing i use the spaz 12 supermagnum or w/e and rush

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice guide, but i like talking anyway, because a good player not talking/not showing emotions when he kills or dies, will often be kicked.

By showing emotions (you don´t even need to talk) your killers/victims notice you are happy about killing someone, or sad about dying, and hackers do not use to write anything.

I always use smileys like :D when i kill someone and >.> when i die, and it works pretty good since i started it, before i got kicked out of 4 of 10 games, now it is 1 of 10 games.

Anonymous said...

your a faggot. do one on snow valley bitch.....

Anonymous said...

u fucking bitch ur a noob u faggot go die

HipsterDufis said...

Lol. Good guide. I do have to say though, Two Towers is pretty lame. I prefer Death Room. Add me, though.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

your gay

Anonymous said...


baz00kad3ath said...

i usually use the CX4 Storm up until today- i got my new G3 permanent gun, i like everything about that gun except its amo capacity, even with a extended clip 2 it still only has 35bullets, all the same, awesome guide!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Guide.... it really helps dude XP

Anonymous said...

alpha actually has two ways to get out, the second way is just a really long jump. its hard to pull off, and you can kill yourself, but its usefully for getting away and killing base rushers

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