Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/25 Patch Notes - New NX Supply Cases!

Woot! New patch notes here:
March has us in the thick of battle, soldiers, and Central Command has got your back with more gear and new game changes! Open one of several new NX Supply Cases in the Black Market for a chance at new rare weapons, including the L96A1 Super-Magnum, the MP5 RAS Centurion and the M590 CQB Mariners. Show off your Clan's national pride with new national flags that have been added as selectable icons for Clan Emblems! As always, you'll find even more new weapons, items and gear in the Depot and the Black Market to add to your arsenal. So get out there and raise hell, and as a special combat tip from CentCom (wink)... aim low.

Introducing NX Supply Cases and Crates

-- Supply Crate MYST1-N - A large crate full of even more possible mystery items, including the L96A1 Super-Magnum and M590 CQB Mariners!
-- Supply Case G36-N - Supply Cases with all variants of G36s, including the new G36C!
-- Supply Case SCAR-N - Supply Cases with all variants of SCARs, including the new SCAR-H!
-- Supply Case MP5-N - Supply Cases with all variants of MP5s, including the new MP5 RAS Centurion!

New NX Weapons

-- M69HE Frag-NL Support Weapon

Other NX Items

-- Clan Emblems (updated to include 70 new national flag icons)
-- Custom Crosshair Type 1 - Change the standard "+" shaped reticle with custom color choices!
-- Custom Crosshair Type 3 - An "X" shaped reticle with customizable colors

New GP Supply Cases

GP Supply Cases have been reconfigured according to weapon types. Now, the odds are even more in favor of getting what you want!

-- Supply Case SG-III (Rank Requirement: Sergeant)
-- Supply Case AR-IV (Rank Requirement: Staff Sergeant I)
-- Supply Case SR-IV (Rank Requirement: Staff Sergeant I)
-- Supply Case P-V (Rank Requirement: Staff Sergeant II)
-- Supply Case AR-VII (Rank Requirement: Sergeant First Class I) - Includes the new G36KE!

Other Game Changes & Updates

-- New accounts and characters will start with a base of 2,000 GP
-- Map glitches addressed (for all maps except for Gray Hammer)
-- Shotguns are now reclassified as Primary Weapons. (Please note that if you have previously bought a shotgun, these will remain as Secondary Weapons, and you will be able to continue using them as Secondaries until they expire. However, all new shotgun purchases will be as Primary Weapons.)
-- Search & Destroy mode game changes:
- Practice Round time has been reduced from 30 to 10 seconds
- Time required for bomb planting and defusing has been reduced
-- Spy Hunt mode game rebalance:
- 5 Intel Cases necessary to collect (upped from 3)
- Super Spy is more resistant to melee attacks
- The Super Spy's minigun damage has been slightly reduced
-- Weapon & Gear rebalances:
- Sickle has received a slight damage reduction
- M24 Woodland has increased portability
- SCAR-L Black has increased portability
- Double Barrel (and Punisher version) total ammo increased from 12 to 20
- Rank requirement of added for Advanced Backpack
-- Limits for chat have been placed to reduce chat spam in lobby
-- Game Modes removed from certain maps:
- Brushwood: CTF, OMA
- Junk Flea: CTF


binaryWeapon said...

Oh. My. God. No junk flee CTF?

There's no reason to play Combat Arms anymore.

Anonymous said...

wtf? no junk flee ctf????

Anonymous said...

why is ctf removed from junk flea put it back that was the best part of combat arms me and a whole bunch of people are upset this a stupid thing to do really

Anonymous said...

yes i heard there is a L96 A1 black magnum that is in one of the mystery cases i was wondering if i get it do i have it as a permanent weapon or just for like seven days witch will suck.

Anonymous said...

do any of you think they can gift me one because i cant buy any of the nx cash because dont have seven 11 near my house

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