Thursday, February 5, 2009

2/4 Patch Notes

The patch has been released, I'm going play it now!

For our 2/4 patch, Central Command is expanding its theater of conflict, ramping up personnel, and rolling out a whole new battery of gear options. Join Operation: Rattlesnake and unleash a venomous night assault on a compound deep in the South American jungle. Meet and hire the deadly and beautiful Hana, a new mercenary out for vengeance. Don't forget to enlist in one of our two new ongoing contests: the Weekly Screenshot Contest, where you can be the eyes of the UAF; and GM Live, where you can pit your skills against battle-hardened Combat Arms GMs!

New War Zone -- Operation: Rattlesnake

Here, you'll need both keen sniping skills or killer close-quarters instincts to survive. A tall, multi-leveled watch tower overlooking a wide courtyard is the perfect place to perch and pick off your enemies. But to get into the heart of the beast, you’re going to have to navigate through a store room where the tight quarters make every corner a potential trap...

Post-Holiday NX Package Sale!

Now available for a limited time in the Black Market, we have new item packages tailored for every kind of battle. They'll be here for two weeks and gone on Wednesday, 2/18 so hunt down that bargain while they last!

5 Merc + Weapon Packs:
-- Baron “Urban Warrior” Pack -- 16,900NX
-- Kamara “Heavy Steel” Pack -- 16,900NX
-- Zadan “Desert Hunter” Pack -- 16,900NX
-- Deckland “Night Raider” Pack -- 16,900NX
-- Mei “Stalker” Pack -- 16,900NX

Baron "Urban Warrior" Pack Kamara" Heavy Steel" Pack Zadan "Desert Hunter" Pack

Deckland "Night Raider" Pack Mei "Stalker" Pack

5 Weapons Packs:
-- Sky Wolf+ Weapons Pack -- 18,900NX
-- Golden Wolf+ Weapons Pack -- 18,900NX
-- Desert Stalker Weapons Pack -- 16,900NX
-- Death Stalker Weapons Pack -- 16,900NX
-- Sky Stalker Weapons Pack -- 16,900NX

Sky Wolf+ Weapons Pack Golden Wolf+ Weapons Pack Desert Stalker Weapons Pack

Death Stalker Weapons Pack Sky Stalker Weapons Pack

New NX Items & Gear

-- Hana -- Female Merc (Medium Vest)
-- P90 TR -- Primary Weapon (SMG): Silenced and ready for scope mounting!

Hana P90 TR

New GP Rank Gear

-- Bowie Knife Melee Weapon (at Rank Command Sergeant Major I)
-- Skull Bandana Face Gear (at Rank First Lieutenant II)

Skull Bandana Bowie Knife

-- Supply Case - SR (Rank: Private)
Chance for one of five Sniper Rifles: L96A1 Ghillie / L96A1 / M24 / MSG-90 / SR25
-- Supply Case - AR (Rank: Private)
Chance for one of five Assault Rifles: M4A1 CQBR / M4A1 / G36E / FAMAS / M14

New 30-Day Options for existing NX Items & Gear:

For those of you who just have to make the rules and remain in control all the time, now you can get the private server experience at an even more attractive monthly price! Elite Moderator is now available for 30-Day Use for 14,900NX!

-- Elite Moderator -- 14,900NX
-- Boonie Hat -- 2,000NX
-- IBH MK2 SEAL -- 2,000NX
-- Green Beret -- 2,000NX
-- FG-1 Fire Mask -- 2,000NX
-- FP-1 Face Guard -- 2,000NX
-- Skull Mask (Silver) -- 2,000NX
-- Skull Mask (Flames) -- 2,000NX
-- Skull Mask (Smiley) -- 2,000NX
-- Skull Mask (Jaws) -- 2,000NX
-- Flecktarn Camo -- 2,000NX
-- Tiger Stripe Camo -- 2,000NX
-- VBSS Helmet -- 2,000NX
-- P226 -- 2,000NX
-- M1911 Knight’s -- 2,000NX
-- M11 Tactical -- 2,000NX
-- Machete -- 2,000NX
-- Ninjato -- 2,000NX

Other Updates

-- Warhead, Pump Jack, Gray Hammer and Waverider map glitches repaired
-- Ending Banner no longer causes a hack attempt error
-- Snowball Fight EXP & GP reward exploit has been corrected
-- The firing delay in the SR25 has been fixed
-- The mine-planting bug has been fixed
-- Scope accuracy bug when using the AUG A1 and G36E in conjunction with the Extended Magazine have been fixed
-- Disconnection issues have been addressed
-- Rank requirements for all NX items have been removed
-- Modification screen UI changes made

Weekly Screenshot Contest

Recon for Central Command by submitting your combat screenshots to the Weekly Screenshot Contest. Each week, a winner will be chosen by Combat Arms officials to receive 25,000 GP. The four weekly winners of each month will then be voted on by players through the Combat Arms website to win the monthly prize of 25,000 NX.

Click here for more details on this event!

GM Live Contest

Do you have skills to take down the Military Police of Combat Arms? We’re looking for a few good soldiers to take on the most dangerous mission of all…fighting the Combat Arms GMs. For the next few weeks during predetermined time slots, GMs will be creating special rooms somewhere in one of the Combat Arms game servers. They challenge you to find them, join them and face them down in combat!

Click here for the schedule and more details!

Don't forget that Snowball Fight melts away on 3/18. Get your freeze on before winter's gone!

- Combat Arms Command -


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