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CAB Myspace

We now have a myspace page up, if your interested the URL is myspace.com/combatarmsblog

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CAB Forum Open

I am proud to announce that CAB now has an official forum. You can access it by clicking here! Everyone is welcome to join and post, and if you have any problems or need help; contact me.

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Combat Arms General Tips & Tricks

Found a nice guide over at the nexon forums, it is well written by Silent_Echo. Check it out!
Some Notes Beforehand:
Some of the tips may have already be mentioned by fellow forumers. I am not copying ideas, but simply making a list of things that I believe to be useful, in one convienient thread. Nothing I write will be a copy / paste of what someone else has said.


In this guide, you will be tweaking the little things in your game that will most likely improve it, and therefore your gameplay experience. These things include your settings, controls, general movements and tactics, styles, etc.. Enjoy.

------------------------Joining Games--------------------------

***Note: You CAN join "FULL" Servers and Channels, 90% of the time.***
When looking for a game, try to avoid Alpha and Bravo. There are hackers everywhere, but they are most commonly found in these two servers. Ironically, my favorite is the Echo server. Try to join only Full or Busy Channels and Servers. There are more people there and you are more likely to find a game that you want in less time. Less Downtime + More Playtime = More EXP, GP, and Skills.

-----------------------Before You Play-------------------------

Settings and Controls can really help you out. Whether it is reflexes, awareness, anything. For settings, adjust your sound and volume to where you can easily hear your footsteps without concetrating. If you have it too loud, an L9 user shooting right next to you gets pretty distracting. Also, change your quality settings based on your rig. Less lag > Higher Quality. Choose wisely. The reason why quality makes a difference is because it makes it easier to distinct what type of sound you are hearing and whether that box is a person or not. Finally, change your controls. Try making your mouse-hand do most of the work, since it is typically your dominant hand. My setup:

Primary: Mouse Scroll Wheel Up
Secondary: Mouse Scroll Wheel Down
Melee: Mouse Scroll Lock (Pushing your scroll wheel down like a button)
Support: Default (I kept this at 4 because it feels natural to slide my index finger from D to 4.)

Map: E
Action: Mouse Thumb Button

The rest is set to default.

-------------------------Sound = Good--------------------------

Sound is a very important tool that you should utilize to your advantage. There are plenty of times of where I missed an enemy with my shotgun, and the bullets hit next to him instead of dealing him damage, and he kept on walking completely unaware of my presence. You can also tell an enemy's position when you hear their footsteps. Whether it is on metal, wood, solid ground, etc. Learning these sounds are essential. This sound also helps determine what type of gun they are using, which is critical because you can then know the guns weakness and attack the enemy using your newfound information.

--------------------------Firing Modes----------------------------

Ah the F button. Used much to infrequently, but very useful. This depends on what gun you are using, but use EVERY firing mode it has. Each mode is for different situations. Auto mode, (spraying) only beats the other modes in very close quarter combat. Burst is useful for medium to long ranges, depending on the gun. The reason why auto beats burst in close range is because the closer the enemy is the more they will be moving. Single shots however, are excellent as well from medium to long range. It is very accurate and recoil is almost non-existent. This may also work in closer situations, but keep your enemy in front of you.

-----------------------Know Your Gun--------------------------

When you decide on the gun you want to use, I'll suggest going into a private match, and shoot at a plain wall. Shoot your gun by holding down fire for a few seconds, and watch where your bullets general hit then try controlling the recoil so they all hit in the same spot. Then, switch to burst mode, and shoot as fast as you can and watch where those bullets hit. Same with single. The best way of knowing the accuracy of your gun is just playing a lot of matches. Know your limits. Don't try going up against a well-concealed SR-25 user with an L96.

------------------Crouching + Jumping----------------------

Crouching is an important tool in your arsenal. Crouching decreases your hit boxes, and makes your shots more accurate, so why isn't it always used? When you crouch, it is easier for your enemy to headshot you. Also, you become a stationary target. Your other choice is to "Bunny Hop". This is when you tap the spacebar and jump up and down to confuse your enemy and recieve the least damage as possible. So when do you use which? The answer is simply... it depends. A heavy vest user should use crouching more often, simply because he is slow and can take the damage, while the light vest user will do just the opposite. In knifing games, it is very useful to jump around your enemy to disorient him, then crouch right next to him and take a swing. Or, while you are jumping around, in mid-air hit the crouch button to hit the ground faster and immediatly start gaining more accuracy.

------------------------Keep Your Cool-------------------------

Personally, I hate to admit, I'm not the best at this. Your skill decreases to much when you are angry, and you get stupid. (Forget to check for the mines again, etc.) And, this becomes a snowball effect. You get worse and worse as you get madder and madder. This is VERY important.

------------------------Use Your Team--------------------------

Since a lot of people don't know what TEAMWORK is, then WORK your TEAM. For example, there is a camper at the top set of stairs. Allow the a teammate to go up first. The camper will then shoot at your teammate, giving away his position. You can then go in for the kill. Also, use your map. Know where your teammates are at all times. If they all are back at the base, try holding a spot until the ones who just died can catch back up. Also, talk to them. This is very important in Search & Destroy and CTF. Give one a simple task though, and they will be likely to do it. Example: I'll wait behind this wall while you get the flag. When you get it I'll back you up.

----------------To Camp Or Not To Camp-----------------

Camping is actually a viable tactic, at least in my eyes, depending on situations. I use it when I'm trying to hold a choke point until my recently killed team catches up. Example: The catwalk on Sand Hog. Although, DEAD PEOPLE DON'T FORGET. When they are killed by someone who seems to be sitting there in a certain spot. Almost 100% of the time they go after them as soon as they respawn. So keep moving.

-------------------Knowledge is Power----------------------

In tactical games, knowledge really is power. Reflexes may change someones skills, and their ability to spot the unobvious may help, but to be the best player you have to be able to obtain as much information about your enemy as possible and use it against them. Since remembering 8 peoples guns, movements, and gear may be a little overboard, I usually watch for the person who is leading my enemy's scoreboard. Something to watch for is what gun(s) are they using? If the enemy who is leading the scoreboard uses a MAC 10, keep your distance and own him from there, taking out their best player for at least 3 seconds, which is crucial in such a fast paced game. Also, keep track of his movements. The game might not be long enough to memorize his routes, but you know where his favorite place is to set up a killing spree. Do the same with his style (sprayer, support, etc.) and his attachments (if he has silencer use that as an identifier, etc.).

----------------------Suppressing Fire-------------------------

This is a very rare tactic, that I know of, and isn't as applicable to Combat Arms specifically. Suppressing Fire is shooting your gun not to kill your opponent (although that is preferable, he may be behind the wall) but to keep him from advancing onto you are an injured teammate. For example, think of the ledge on Sand Hog. Your on Bravo, and you go up the ladder, through all the rubbage, and you begin walking down the ledge. You and an enemy meet at the corner and you start firing at each other. Neither of you kill each other, but you now have low HP due to the confrontation. You want to retreat to more cover, but your worried your enemy will pop back out to finish the job. While walking backward, burst fire your gun at the wall near your enemy until you reach more cover. That is suppressive fire.


In this game, flanking is a number one tactic of a near absolute kill on your side. Flanking is when two or more of your team approaches an enemy. If you are light vesting, you should be flanking from behind the enemy, and heavy vesters from the front. It is difficult to do without a little team communication, or you can just watch the scoreboard leader or runner-up on your team's movements.

-----------Know What They Are Thinking--------------

This is pretty much up to the situation, but one very common one is while you play CTF. When an enemy captures a flag, the ENTIRE room-full of players are either defending that flag-carrier, or trying to pump lead into him. Knowing this, go away from the flag (on Junk Flea there will be enough nades landing near him that it could blow up half of china) and get easy kills. A popular way this is used is during SnD matches. If the bomb is planted, everyone goes to that site. It takes around 9-10 seconds to defuse the bomb, so use that to your advantage.


I know I didn't cover everything in this guide. From more obvious tactics that I figured no need to mention to a couple things I may have left out on accident typing the guide. If you need help figuring out the manuevers I have mentioned or just need help in general feel free to add me in-game. We will make a private game and I'll show you anything you are confused on.

---------Frequently Asked Questions----------

Q: Can you show me how to do some of this in-game?
A: Yes. Since I am aware not everyone will read the entire post, I put it here as well. My IGN is Silent_Echo. I'll be glad to help.

Q: You have told us about this CTF guide for a while now. Where is it?
A: I will do a few more guides before I start doing the Game Modes specifically.

Q: Why would I want to click on your profile link anyway?
A: I have no idea, but it's up there just in case someone wants to see who they could be taking advice from.

Q: I still don't get it, explain more, please?
A: Trust me, it's not a rickroll.

Q: [Insert block of my suggestions here] This sucks why would you say this you n00b?
A: All of these are my personal veiws and what I have experienced in-game. They are called opinions.

Q: [Insert block of text I didn't say] How could you leave this out? This is like 1337 skillz right here.
A: Not everything I didn't include is deemed unworthy. By the time people point things out to me, I probably originally planned to put it into the guide, but left it out on accident. Hopfully it's nothing Kjro roundhouses me for =X.

Q: Your Kill to Death rate is 2+ you HACKER!!! I **** HATE **** HACKERS YOU *****!!!11!ONE!!1
A: Please form your statements into the form of a question.

Q: Your a ****
A: Okay.

-----------------What is Next?---------------------

My next guide will be Getting to Know: Sand Hog [Map] - An Echo Guide. Although I may do a Game Mode or Weapon(s) guide before this comes out.


Friday, December 26, 2008

EL1X HD Montage

Here for your viewing pleasure is a high quality HD montage by EL1X on Junk Flea. Very nice montage!

Click Here

Note: Video was too large to fit onto CAB, so visit the youtube link to watch. Make sure you click watch in HD.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Player Comparison

Combatarmshq has a player comparison tool that show the stats of two different players side by side. The tool is available by clicking here.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nex Chex

This application seems like it would be very useful as a time saver for the CA players. I haven't tested it out yet but here is the scoop:

Combatarms.us are pleased to announce that we have released Nex_Chex (lite)
Use this piece of software to check the current Combat Arms server status. Great for maintenance, takes half the time it would if you were using the game to check. ** Addition: Now you don't have to do anything but start up the program, it will monitor the servers for you. Continue with what you were doing while the program keeps and eye out for Server Status Updates. **

* Progress bar to show you current progress of test.
* Log which shows any successful and/or failed connections.
* Very Simple and Self explanatory User Interface.
* A very small easy to use program which uses as little bandwidth and processor power as possible.
* NEW: As soon as the application is start it sits down in the lower right of your screen until you need it.
* NEW: Nex Chex will contact the servers every 60, 90 or 120 seconds to see if their status has changed.

You can download the latest version here: http://combatarms.us

Monday, December 22, 2008

Combat Arms League Information - WOGL

Looks like one of the first combat arms leagues is now opening its doors to registration, think your skilled enough to join in? Read more details below, and find links to sign up.
We are glad to say we had a successful pre-season weeding out some hackers, fine tuning the rules, and getting a better feel for what the Combat Arms community is looking for in a competitive league.

Registration for the regular season of World Online Gaming League's Combat Arms - Capture the Flag & Search and Destroy is now open, and will run through Friday, January 9th 2009. The first regular season Search and Destroy match will be held on Sunday, January 11th 2009 with the first regular season Capture the Flag match being held on Wednesday, January 14.

There is a 10 player per team limit, but we wish to give everyone a chance to compete and encourage larger clan to register multiple teams (i.e Team Alpha, and Team Bravo). While the divisions are assigned at random we will do our best to separate the sister clans for the regular season.

You will be forced to register another account to participate, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We believe everyone will be happy with the multiple chances and formats in which you and your clans can compete, and will find the added features of this system will be exciting and rewarding for everyone. With the new league system it is extremely important that clear and visible screen shots are provided of all halfs played in your match thread.

You will notice some changes to the sites header navigation bar. The "League" button will now take you to the league, and the Ladder will take you to the old system. Over the next few days all stats will be getting reset, and we will restore the ladder to its original form. Everyone will be free to participate in the ladder, and the stats will be reset with each season. Matches played via the WOGL ladder system are to be played adhering to the WOGL equipment and rules standards.

http://www.wogl.org/league/index.php?l=3 - League Registration
http://www.wogl.org/competition/ladders.php - Ladder Registration

Thank you for your support, gl hf, and happy hunting.

WOGL Staff


Over 80 teams have signed up representing over 800 members.

Brushwood Guide

This combat arms strategy guide is written by Ppl104 from combatarmshq.com. It is very well organized, very well written, and very detailed. Ppl104 is definitely one of the best writers currently in the CA community. It is masterpiece guides like this that I love to see!


Created by Ppl104


Brushwood is a foggy, tropical forest, confusing, smallish size map. It can lead to some of the most fun and surprising games of CTF or Elimination. In this map there are plenty of places to camp and snipe without being seen, as well as many places to defend your base. On this map you can really be stealthy. Snipers as well as medium to close can be used on this map making it a very versatile map. Brushwood is truly a fun map, and anyone of any skill level can have fun on it.


Map description:

Brushwood is a small map, about the same size as junk flea just a little wider. It has fog which limit’s how far you can shoot with a sniper rifle. The alpha base is under a hill with two exits, and the bravo base is behind a tree. In the middle of the map there sits a destroyed Military airplane with many places where you can hide, snipe, and camp. There is lots of vegetation, which makes it hard to see grenades or mines. There are plenty of ways to get across the map, which lets you be able to sneak from place to place. The 2 flag points are right in front there teams bases. There is a ledge that is on the right side of bravos base which you can go up onto and snipe. You can snipe on top of the plane and get a good view of each of the bases. Alpha team has a slight advantage because the ramp to the plane is on there side, but that is only my opinion.


Map tips:

These are just some tips that I found help me fight and get more kills on this map, I hope these help.

1. Snipers are very effective on this map, and you can get many kills by just sitting in one place.

2. Mines can be hidden very well on this map, because all of the undergrowth tends to hide, and camouflage the sensor.

3. Shotguns can be used effectively on this map, because you can easily sneak up behind other players.

4. Rushing into there base can lead to you getting a lot of kills or you being killed on spot, the outcome depends on how many people are coming with you and the amount of snipers.

5. In CTF plant mines below your flag, because your enemy will never see them, and it will keep them form getting a point.

6. The G36E is probably the most useful gun on this map because It can snipe while you can also fight against foes in mid range.

7. If you need to just jump into a bush where you can hide camouflaged perfectly.

8. It can take time to get good at brushwood, but if you master it you can get many kills on it.

9. The blatant sniper spots should be avoided because the other snipers could kill you
before you even reached cover.

10. The fog on this map can limit the range form which you can see snipers so always keep moving when your attacking a enemy.

11. CQC guns are not very useful in brushwood, so it is recommended that you avoid using them on this map.

12. Highly Portable silent guns can help you a lot on this map.

13. In CTF once you get the flag switch to grenade (or if you don’t have grenades, switch to pistol) it will make you run a lot faster.

14. G36E’s are probably the best gun you can use on this map because of its good accuracy and recoil.

15. In OMA fast firing CQC guns can be very useful because this is a very small map.

16. When fighting remember where you are, lots of people fall off the airplane accidentally while fighting thus killing them.

17. Don’t use knifes on this map, even though you can be very stealthy, on this map more then likely you will be shot by someone before you get near your victim.

18. It is hard to hear footsteps on this map, so you should use a headset or earphones.



These strategies are just a few of the many that have been developed, and they can be more effective in different game types, and maps.

1. Sniping: Sniping is a extremely useful strategy on this map. All though fog limit’s the range of which you can shoot, you can still get a good amount of kills, staying fairly hidden.

2. Rushing: Although sniping may make it a little bit hard to rush, it can be useful when infiltrating the enemies base. A smoke grenade may help with rushing but you don’t always need one.

3. Planting (also called mining): You plant mines in highly traveled exits and entrances, hopefully some player will step on one of them killing them. On brushwood this is a very effective way to kill players for the fact they cant’ see the mines.

4. Camping: Camping in brushwood is very common. If you camp in the right places, you will never even be seen or killed. There are plenty of places to make yourself disappear making this strategy destructive.

5. Teaming: When you do teaming you pick a player or a few players, and you all fight your enemy together staying close. This strategy can lead to a lot of kills, though, you can all be killed with 1 grenade or a well aimed LAW rocket so watch out.

6. Sprinter: When you are a sprinter, you wear items such as light vest, black beret, weapons with very high portability, and military bandana. This strategy is extremely useful on CTF, and it can help you get multiple touchdowns.

7. Juggernaut: Get a high powered guns, and weapons like UMP, G36E, Sniper Rifles, High powered grenades, mines, and Rocket Launchers as well Heavy Vest, Gas Masks, Helmets and Large backpacks. After you have a very powerful inventory you simply run into highly populated enemy territories, and you kill as many people as you can before you die.

8. Kamikaze: Similar to Rushing, but almost guarantees your death. Simply Rush into an area full of enemies, take out as many as you can and drop grenades, or mines as your are moving to take any anyone who chases you as you try to escape.

9. suicide: basically it is kamikaze, the only difference is you drop as many mines as you can in the enemies base, and then you through your grenades and wait for them to explode while you fire at the enemies making them waste the 3 second invulnerability. Hopefully they stay in there base, and when all your grenades, and mines explode you get a lot of kills.

10. Bombing: you throw your grenades into the air in the direction of your enemies base hoping that it will land, and kill some of your enemies. It can get you a few kills in brush wood because it is a smallish map.

11. Defender: Buy a heavy vest, and a very powerful gun (like a shotgun, or a ). You wait at your base, until a enemy comes near, and you ambush him. This is most useful in CTF or one man army.

12. Flashing: To do flashing you grab flash bang grenades, and smoke grenades. You throw one or both of them, and then you rush into where you threw them, then you kill everyone there with any gun you have on hand.

13. Rush and retreat: You pretty much do rushing, but after you kill a few people you run back to safety, and camp for a little while killing anyone who comes near. Then you repeat the same process over again.

14.Weakener: Hurt as many people as you can until you die, to let your team get more kills easier. You don’t get many kills with this strategy, but it can help your team a lot.


Game Modes:

In Brushwood, there is only 3 game modes at this time. They are Elimination, OMA (one man army), and CTF (capture the flag). In this section I will try to describe how they are played on this map, and some useful strategies to use in each one.

Capture The Flag: Is the 2nd most common one to see being played on this map. The planting strategy can lead to a easy win, if you do it right. Sprinting is also another important strategy that can get you a few easy touchdowns. If you snipe be prepared to not get many kills because everyone will always be moving.

Elimination: Brushwood on elimination can be a fun, exhilarating experience. Many of the strategies can be used effectively on this mode. Sniping is one of the most effective ways of fighting in this mode. Rushing, and juggernauts can be very useful to your team, as well as bombing your enemies.

One Man Army: One man army on this map is pretty much never played due to the fact that it is very hard to get kills, and also that almost everyone just hides in a bush hoping not to be killed. If you are going to be playing this I recommend planting, and also rushing strategies.

S&D, and Spy hunt are not currently available for the map brushwood.


Hidden areas/ camping spots:

The wall: Around most of the course there is a wall of vegetation in which you can phase through, and hide in, although it almost impossible to snipe out of, or really even fight out of.

Under the plane: under the left side of the plane(if your coming form the alpha side of the map) There is a small pocket where you can snipe at the 2 openings at the bravo base.

The Bamboo bush: Right behind the alpha flag point there is a bamboo bush which you can hide in, though it is somewhat hard to get out of it can make for a great spot when your playing defense in CTF.

Bravo base fence: On the right side of bravos base on top of the fence you can walk into the wall, and sit there and snipe without any of your body sticking out.

On the planes tail: On the left side of the planes tail it is covered in the leafs of a tree. you can see out of it but people can’t see in which makes it very good spot to kill people for alpha team.

The tree by the plane: Once you walk up to the top of the plane there is a tree which you
can jump into where you can snipe at bravos base. This place doesn’t give you the best
place to snipe though.

Tree by The Tail of the airplane: The fallen tree by the side of the plane you can climb,
And you can fire onto the alpha base. It does make you a easy target to hit, and if you fall
of it you will die.


Recommended weapons:

These are only recommendations, which means Its only my opinions, so you don’t only have to use these guns on this map.

CQC (Close Quarter Combat):

P90: A super fast firing gun that can be very destructive when you are in your enemies spawn point.

Ump: A fast firing, with high power for a SMG. IT is very portable and is probably the best gun to get for use in brushwood while fighting in close ranges.

Mac-10: The fastest firing gun in the game. It can be used while fighting inside enemies bases, but otherwise it is pretty much useless.

Medium range:

G36E: A very common gun used by many players, if you have mastered it you can also easily snipe out players with its scope.

AK-47: A good gun with many mods which you can add to it to make it perfect for this map.

FAMAS: Not used very often but it is a fast firing gun with a okay power amount. It is very good for rushing.

Long range:

L96A1: a classic sniper with 1 hit kill. It can only shoot 1 bullet and then it has to reload, so it is important to make sure you hit dead on.

SR25: A good gun which is a 2 shoot kill and it can shoot 10 bullets until it reloads. It is very useful on this map.

M24: A powerful 1 hit kill gun that has unrivaled accuracy, it is very accurate which can come in hand in combat.


Mine: Mines can get you a lot of kills on this map because it is so hard to see them, so it is recommended that you use one. Watch out for your own mines, because if you step on one you die.

Sickle: This weapon is very strong, but you can’t travel as fast as you can with a regular knife. The sickle does a lot of damage, and is virtually silent making it a perfect weapon to sneak up on a unsuspecting victim.

Anaconda Black: This pistol is a 2 hit kill, and it shoots 6 shot clips then you have to reload. It is extremely loud so aim to kill. It is probably the G36E of pistols, yet almost no one uses it.



Hopefully my guide is helpful on your quest to master Combat Arms. I spent a long time on this, and I added as much as I could to it. This is my 3rd guide, and I plan to make one for each of the maps that have been released as well as the ones that haven’t. I hope this helps and I would love to give a special thanks to everyone that offered to help. Go ahead and post anything that you think should be added to my guide. I tried to add as much stuff as I possibly could, and add new sections to make my guides more complete. My next guide will be on The map Warhead, so start Private messaging me any tips, pics, or anything you think should be in In my next guide. Finally, Thank you everyone at Combat Arms HQ for your support and tips.



Abbreviations glossary:

These are just some of the abbreviations I used in this guide.

CA: Combat arms

OMA: One Man Army

CTF: Capture The Flag

S&D: Search and Destroy

SH: Spy Hunt

Elimi: Elimination

CQC: Close Quarter Combat

Brush: Brushwood

Strat: Strategies

What an awesome guide, hope you guys enjoyed it.

Combat Arms Sniper

Video of some decent sniping with the L96A1, check it out!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spray VS Control

This is a guide written by UnholyReaper on how to use weapons most effectively in combat arms. It explores the advantages and disadvantages on different styles of firing your weapon. If you don't already know these things then reading this will greatly increase your skill! You can contact the author via AIM by clicking here.

I suggest a strong weapon, because if you actually are able to hit them, then you want that shot to count, right? Here are my suggestions:

G36E: I chose this because it has decent ROF and awesome power. You may think "Hey, sprayers don't use G36E because only the pros use that!" but that's not necessarily true. G36E is one of the most popular sprayer weapons because they can hold on shoot when in scope and it will take about 1-3 secs to whoop. It's recoil is very good and is less than the AK-47.

FAMAS: This is wonderful over great distances, you can practically snipe if you attached a scope. The power may not be that great but the recoil is slim to none. It'll take about 3-5 shots to kill but that's pretty good considering it's everything else it has to offer. Although a scope is a good idea, IMO it doesn't really require one.

K7: A beast in CQC. It can unleash it's secret weapon, it's ROF. It can take about 3-5 shots to kill but because of it's ROF you can imagine yourself shooting up the battleground, so for this you may need a bit better accuracy for spraying guns.

I don't know how to but this any other way but "Controlled Soldiers"

These are the type that can think before they shoot and can calculate when to shoot, they usually save a lot of bullets. If you're a sprayer it would be better to get up to this place.

AK-47: If you can control your shots then this is a wonderful pick. It isn't my best pick for myself but others can really know how to apply this on the battlefield. It's very strong so you can kill someone in 2-3 shots. Very effective over long ranges with a scope as well. It's pretty versatile.

AUG-A1: You may be thinking "What?", but just listen up. This is a very powerful weapon, not as powerful as the AK-47, but it has a good amount of fire-power. It's scope has an O.K recoil amount but it can get slippery if you don't know what you're doing.

UMP: This gun is used by many and I don't blame them. This was one of my favorites. One of the defining factors is you can really switch from an AR type person to a SMG person. I found it feels much like an AR and is very light. It's ROF and Power don't really give it's key factor, it's its portability. You can move around the field a bit slower than if you had a grenade or pistol.

Bigger Pistols: The reason I picked the name for this kind is because they people usually choose the type of guns that are single shot. They are very strong and accurate but one of the hardest players to be. I'm saying this because you don't just hold on click, you have to keep clicking. Also you have to time your shots more than any other guns. They're very bad at CQC but can be a snipers best friend. I can't really compare the two guns because I never used them. If you want to know what they are they're M14 and K2.

- UnholyReaper

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How To Record Videos In Combat Arms

Ever wanted to know how to make those videos you see people posting on youtube? Want to make a video of you killing everyone, setting off a mine on your friends face, or something along those lines?

  • 1. Download fraps, video recording software.
  • 2. Install the software, and then run it.
  • 3. Minimize fraps to the toolbar so its out of the way.
  • 4. Run combat arms and you should see a yellow number in the corner of the screen. This is good and means it is working.
  • 5. If it isn't working, try again, or try to run it after you load combat arms by pressing alt+tab to minimize the game.
  • 6. When you know its working, press F9 on your keyboard to record the video and press it again when your ready to stop recording.
  • 7. When your done, close the game and open up fraps.
  • 8. When fraps is open, click on the movies tab, then click the blue button "view". From here you can see your saved files, watch them, or load them into video editing software to edit them. Then you can upload them wherever you like on the interwebs. :P


This post is dedicated to Olah92, a gamer from the boondocks of Illinois, die hard pc gamer, and CA fan. He is the owner and webmaster of olah92.co.nr, a website dedicated to his gaming hobby. On his website you can find some good gameplay tips to improve your skill.

One of the best all around guns in Combat Arms is the G36E. It takes time to master, but once you are skilled with it the rewards are plenty. Any G36E marksman should be able to take down an opponent at a long range almost if not as fast as someone could with a sniper rifle. - Olah92

My favorite thing about his site? He has a goal to make a video montage for just about every weapon in the game. His compilation of Combat Arms videos is available at olah92.co.nr/ca. Nothing better then some good old double barrel wastage.

Friday, December 19, 2008


A lot of cheating is currently going on in Combat Arms. Nexon is working to patch these cheats/hacks to make things better. Please be patient while they work towards this goal. Remember that no game is 100% safe from cheaters, but I'm sure things will get better soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12/16 Patch Notes

Happy Holidays, soldiers! With the 12/16 patch for December, we’ve got quite a big bag of Christmas goodies for you! It’s a frenetic game of cat and mouse that turns into a sudden death match of many versus an 800-lb. gorilla with the new game mode “Spy Hunt”! We’ve added female base characters to the mix of soldiers to choose from when you start an account, as well as two new “hidden” characters! You can now send Black Market items as gifts to fellow combatants – nothing says you care like a gold-plated AK or a deadly mercenary!

New Game Mode: Spy Hunt

Our new game mode is finally here! After some additional time in development, the originally announced “Bounty Hunter” mode has evolved into “Spy Hunt”! In this mode, players must compete with all other players to be the first to collect 3 Intel Cases scattered through the map and become the Super Spy. As the Super Spy, it’s one versus all as the Super Spy must race to upload the completed Intel at the Spy Transmitter while all other players stand in his way!

Each game of Spy Hunt has two phases. In the first, all players start on the Mercenary team and scramble to collect all 3 Intel Cases that are distributed throughout the level. Once a player picks up an Intel Case, he/she becomes a Spy. Mercenary players can also hunt down and kill Spies to take the Intel they’re carrying. Players who are Spies will no longer be able to see their former Mercenary teammates hunting them, but can see the location of other enemy Spies. Spies that are killed will drop their Intel case and respawn back as a Mercenary.

Once one Spy collects all 3 Intel Cases, he/she becomes the Super Spy and the game enters Sudden Death (no respawns)! As the Super Spy, you’ll have a new mission – and gain access to the M134 Minigun, the M136 Rocket Launcher, and the RMS12 Flamethrower! All other players must work together to take down the ultra-powerful Super Spy before he/she can upload the stolen intel at the Spy Transmitter.

For more details on this game mode, click here.

Elite Moderator

Want the experience of hosting your own private Combat Arms “server” where you make all the rules? Now you can, with the new Elite Moderator NX item! Being an Elite Moderator (EM) allows you to immediately kick any abusive player from a game that you are moderating.

With this power comes the responsibility to use this kick ability to improve the game experience for all players. Whenever an EM kicks a player, all other players will be able to vote on whether they agreed with the kick; this vote will permanently affect the EM’s rating as a moderator. Players will be able to see which game rooms are moderated by Elite Moderators by the “E” bubble icon next to each room number. A green “E” means that players have agreed with this Elite Moderator’s kick actions; a red “E” means that this moderator has made some unpopular decisions.

Gifting Function

‘Tis the season for giving, and Combat Arms has added a gifting feature just for the occasion! Now you can send any Black Market item as a gift to a friend – simply click on the item, and choose “Gift” rather than “Buy”! Enter your friend’s character name to complete the transaction and your gift will appear in the recipient’s inbox. Please note that Gifts can only be purchased with Prepaid NX (NX charged from Prepaid Nexon Game Cards).

From now until the end of the year, you’ll also have a chance to be rewarded for your holiday generosity! Every gift you send will earn you a chance to gain the same item for yourself.

New Female (and Hidden) Base Characters

Need a change of face for a change of pace? We’ve added four new base character models for you to play as – two available upon character creation, and two “hidden” characters!

Now when you create a character, you’ll be able to choose from 6 base characters: the 4 original male soldiers, and 2 new female soldiers!

The other two new characters (one male, one female) are only available through the Base Character Change or Gender Change NX items.

New GP Gear!

-- Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle (Rank Staff Sergeant 1)

New NX Items & Gear

-- Kamara -- Female Heavy Merc
-- Dragunov Black (Rank Staff Sergeant 1)
-- L96A1 Arctic Wolf
-- G36E Valkyrie
-- SCAR-L Trispear
-- M60 Steel
-- Tiger Stripe Camo Uniform
-- Santa Beanie (Rank Private)
-- Xmas Backpack

Other New NX Items

-- Elite Moderator
-- Gender Change
-- Base Character Change (Updated with new characters)

Other Updates

-- Waverider map glitch has been fixed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Combat Arms Tool

Combat Tools is a tool made for Combat Arms fans. It has many features like stats on performance, weapon usage, gear, and rank history. It has nifty things like a screen shot database for your in-game shots, a cheater reporter that collects the names of cheaters into a large database of other people who also reported the suspected cheater. It displays news from the official Nexon website. It supports English and Portuguese.

Click here to visit the official site!

Combat Arms Dynamic Signature

Combatarms.us is offering free dynamic signatures that show your name,kills,clan,and kill/death ratio. This cool little thing allows you to advertise your stats on forums,your blog,your emails,or anywhere else you would like to have it shown.

Click Here For Combat Arms Dynamic
Signature Creator


I have received word of a new version of the signature generator in the works with some interesting new features, I will update when more information is made available to the public.

Monday, December 15, 2008


If you would like to contact me to submit content or link exchange, my email is admin@combatarmsblog.com

CAB is looking for all Combat Arms material, you may submit news,events,league information,videos,strategy guides,or anything you think we could use.

aTastyCookie's Combat Arms Video

Video of this guy destroying shit, very nice. Props to aTastyCookie!

Combat Arms Weapon Guide

Found this over at youtube. Some guys personal experiences with some different guns. Video for the combat arms weapon guide is below. Gives some great information...

My Tips

Combat Arms Tips

These are my recommendations for winning in combat arms, just some basic strategy. They belong to this website, please do not post them at any other website without my specific permission.

  • 1. AIM, point and shoot is pretty basic but I find most people do not aim correctly. Try as much as you can to keep your crosshair on your target.

  • 2. Use cover, hide behind things like barrels and boxes or whatever is around you. As you reload try to dodge enemy fire by going behind stuff.

  • 3. Strafe, don't stand still because you just make an easier target. Try to move around as much as possible while still keeping your aim steady on the target. Keep your movements random to confuse the enemy so that they cant predict your movements and kill you easier.

  • 4. Frag grenades and mines are way better then the nerve gas and incendiary grenade. Hope that when you buy that supply case you don't get that lame nerve gas grenade. What a waste of GP!

  • 5. On large maps, use your primary weapon along with a secondary sniper rifle. Use the weapon that fits the situation. To pick off people from afar, use the sniper rifle. If your near someone, use your primary weapon.

  • 6. Learn how to time your pistol shots correctly and you could be firing a semi-auto pistol like its an automatic. This takes a little time to get used too, but after you master it you will notice the difference. When playing pistol game only games, remember that pistols don't have much ammo at all. Buy a better backpack so you can carry more pistols to use whenever one runs out of ammo. The G23 and K5 are my top 2 pistols because they have very high fire rates.

  • 7. Grenades can be thrown to bounce off walls, over objects, at your feet as people chase you, around the flag, in common places people camp, in suicide missions when your out of ammo and see a group of people... get creative with grenades as they are very useful.

  • 8. Record yourself playing with video recording software like fraps, go back and study the video to look for improvements you can make in your skill.

  • 9. Study maps, get used to the ends and outs. Explore the map until you remember it very well so that you can run backward while jumping over obstacles, tossing grenades and getting headshots.

  • 10. Try out different guns and find the ones that work best for you and your playstyle. Find the best ways to make fast GP so you can buy weapons and stuff.

What Is This?

What is this Blog about?
This is a fan blog dedicated to Combat Arms that started around December 2008.

What is Combat Arms?
Combat Arms is a free online shooter game similar to warlock but a lot better in my opinion. It is made by the Nexon Corporation. Click here to sign up and play.

From the official website:

Prepare to drop into an ever-changing theater of conflict, where you are in control of your gameplay- from your fully customizable character, to your lethal arsenal of weapons to the scenarios you want to experience. Experience fierce battles online with up to 15 of your friends (and enemies) in dense jungles,frozen tundras, industrial wastelands, and more!

Grab your gear and get ready for battle...

If you forget to bring it with you onto the battlefield, you've only got yourself to blame! Over 30 real word guns, from assault rifles, SMGs, to shotguns, are all at your soldier's disposal, along with secondary weapons such as different grenades, LAW rockets, and mines. In addition to weapons, your soldier can be tricked out with various camouflages, helmets, vests, and cosmetic items such as berets, bandanas and sunglasses. Every month new items will be added that can give you a new tactical advantage on the battlefield - so keep your eyes out for them!

All weapons can be additionally outfitted with attachments such as silencers, scopes, and extended magazines. Custom tailor your gun according to the needs of your mission!

Just because you're a soldier of fortune doesn't mean you have to go it alone! All the tools you'll need to build a top squad are at your disposal in-game, from managing applicants to putting up notices for your members. You'll also be able to easily find matches with other player clans through our Clan Match system, and battle to become the top mercenary outfit!

COMBAT ARMS is a live, constantly evolving game. Every month will bring new weapons and gear, new game modes, and new maps. Even after the game launches, we'll be listening to player feedback on what new content you'd like us to add. We'll also be hosting live events where you can win in-game items and other offline prizes.

Best of all, COMBAT ARMS is Free to Play. What does this mean? It means you'll never have to pay a cent unless you want to. What you get at game launch will always be available for free, and new free content will be added as well!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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